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  1. Never mind. Just found your block for Josefine's quilt. It was stuck to the back of another larger envelope! We are good to go!
  2. You are in the Secret Buddy Group, Megan. I received your questionairre. You should be able to post in the group anytime. Names will be given out the end of this month.
  3. Do I have a buddy? Did you get my email? Still don't know if I am in the Secret Santa Group or not. Can you tell me, Miss Blondie, please?
  4. Thanks for letting me know it arrived. Yes, my first pin cushion! Not great, but it works. Thanks for getting me addicted to a new craft. hahaha
  5. Hey Megan
    Yes, the card arrived; sorry I didn't post to you that it did. I just felt so funky over the weekend. Glad my head is a bit clearer. And thanks once again for such a cutie patootie pinnie.

  6. I just joined!!!
  7. Megan, this swap is a one on one. You only need to make one.
  8. Hi there, how many pin cushions do we make? I can't make 25 at the moment, but want to join in. Hugs, M
  9. Hey, there girl! Do you know how to get hold of Heaven's mom? The quilt is done but I need to know where to send it. I emailed her here on the forum, but she is obviously busy and hasn't replied.
  10. Thanks for letting me know, Megan. I am forever more using a tracking system. Whoever gets the other blocks, I hope they use them, if they ever show up at your house, enjoy them! Blessings to you.
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