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  1. Your welcome, well deserved!

    I thought DSM stood for domestic sewing machine, lol. But I could be wrong. So many times I come across abbreviations and wonder why I don't know what they are. I really like the quilting on yours and I was curious if you did your quilting on DSM or had a long arm. I've been considering a Brother 1500 straight stitch machine, they have a larger harp space, and they're not too badly priced. I'm very much a beginner yet.

    I found the little avatar on FB, so I saved his picture. He's just the cutest thing.

    I'm south of the little town of Conneaut, in Monroe township. I could almost through a stone and hit the PA state line. I'm considering the one if Cleveland. I wouldn't mind seeing Bonnie Hunter either! This forum is so much fun! But sometimes I spend more time on here than sewing, lol.

    Enjoy that coffee!


    I must tell you I posted this message on my own site! LMBO (laughing my butt off)
  2. Thank you for the nice comments! On the one quilt you asked about DSM? What is DSM? I'm racking my brain for it, but no answers.....(not uncommon really, Lol.)

    Who is your little Avatar??

    I'm in the Salem/ Lisbon area. I think I saw a forum member who once posted her location as Boardman, Ohio. I've been wondering how many are in the area and whether anyone would be interested in going to a quilt expo or to see Jennie in ERIE....(DARN, I'm still so disappointed i didn't know!) I would LOVE to go see Bonnie Hunter of Quiltsville too!

    Sorry, I'm rambling on here....I just received a Fantastic delivery of coffee beans and I sampled some....LOL

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