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  1. Doris, can't wait to see your quilt! My email address is edandjeanheck@sbcglobal.net. Happy anniversary! Jean
  2. Jean,
    I finally finished my Patternista quilt for my husband. (our anniversary is in July). I would love to show it to you, but my PC is sick and I can't post photos to the forum from my iPad. If you send me your email I would be glad to email it to you. Doris
  3. Doris, I thought the same thing, and I thought about it for over two years. I went back and forth on putting my sewing machine on a frame and going that route, when I first thought about this, I hadn't even made one full size quilt top. So, since I've been able to produce some nice tops lately, and it cost me $200 to have it done at the MSQC, i rationalize it from that point of view. Contact Denis on the forum, he has a lot of experience and has owned a variety of machines, and is very knowledgeable, he might be able to steer you in the right direction.
  4. Jean, thanks so much for your input on the quilting machines. I don't really know what I'm looking for, or even if I'm looking. Space is not so much an issue as $. And even that is what could I justify as realistic to my needs. Right now I rent a long arm at my local quilt shop. $25 an hour, maybe $50 range for most quilts. But they are becoming very busy and are double booking 3-4 weeks out. I'm just trying to determin if another option makes sense for me.
  5. About Stars Aligned, if you watch the jelly rolls tut, Jenny mentions it during the presentation.
  6. Dois, I used "Stars Aligned" pattern. I thought I could figure it out from looking at Jenny's tutorial on jelly roll stars, but 30 of the stars are made in blocks, and the 20 intertwined stars are made as part of the sashing. I couldn't figure that out on my own, so I had to purchase the pattern. That explained it all. It isn't that difficult, but you have to lay it out and sew your sashing together by carefully matching your colors. Or your stars won't align!
  7. Hey Jean congrats on the long arm!!
    I have a question for you. What pattern did you use for your Patternista? I really want some of this fabric before its "gone". I need to have a pattern in my mind so I don't just buy random yardage. I would appreciate your thoughts! Thanks.
  8. No, Doris, it is still at MSQC for long arm quilting. I have the pillows on the bed already in anticipation of getting it back. I will surely post pictures when I get it back. I'm longing to see it finished. The girls at MSQC are going to take a picture ofit on the frame while they quilt it, so I can have pictures of it at all stages of its creation. Hope you get to use this very pretty line of fabric
  9. Did you ever get your Patternista star quilt done? I would LOVE to see it! I am lovng that fabric every time I see it.
  10. Doris, thank you for your kind and thoughtful message! So far it has been a very good day. Kitty and I are headed for the quilt and the bed for a little snuggle time!
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