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  1. Hi Vicki, I've been MIA for some time too, and I'm sorry. Changes in life, but things are calm these days. I'm back to quilting, and am trying to get some of my UFO's finished. Several quilts just need quilted; I'd love to have them machine quilted, but it is too expensive for my purse, so I'm going to quilt them on my home machine. In the future I think I'll make smaller projects, they're easier to quilt on my home machine.

    How are you doing these days? Lots of quilting in Badger, IA? We folks in Perry were saddened by the closing of the Hotel Pattee, we don't need to loose any more businesses. I was glad a new bike shop opened up in town recently, I don't buy much there, but they are good at fixing my flat tires
  2. I am so sorry to hear about the tea room. We did not know. We talked to them about it and they said if it didn't sell, then they would close it up. So sad. Loved that place. And, the gift shop----ooooohhhhhh!! I even have the tulip dishes they used to use there. Found them in CA. years ago. I still love them. Do you remember those plates and bowls? They had a house built in Ames, right? She didn't want to leave Iowa.
    I am glad we are friends and again, thank you for your prayers for my dear mom. She is having a tough time acclimating to being home. Piece and blessings, Vicki
  3. Hi Vicki, I added you Sad news about the Perry tea room, it closed about a year ago. My girls and I used to have such fun going there when they were little - it was always 'special'. I pray for your family while you are there for your Mom.
  4. Hi Lin,
    Thank you for your kind note. I love the tea room in Perry. As a coincidence, my husband went to school with her husband way, way back in California. Isn't that something? I thought it very funny. I added you as a friend and was hoping you would do the same. Thank you about the kind words about my mom. She will be greatly missed as we didn't expect this to happen so suddenly. Have you lived in Iowa all your life? Piece and blessings, Vicki
  5. Hi Vicki, I'm from central Iowa (Perry) and have been quilting for a while. I joined the Perry Piecemakers qult guild and have so much fun learning and making quilting friends with the 'girls'. The ladies are generous with their help and never ever critical of any one elses work - just like the girls on the forum!
    Blessings and hugs as you go through some challenging times,
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