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  1. the other 4 can be yur choice of zebra or leopard with pretty colors please - pink - blue - green - yellow - teal - what do you have
    is a check ok? what is your mailing address and how much do you think for the postage in a Tyvek envelope?
  2. The multicolored tote is big enough to put a nook in. Thanks for your comment.
  3. wow that was fast. Any preference of color print for the other 4?
  4. yes please - i will like 5 total - 1 for me in the zebra for sure and the other 4 assorted for my downline jewelryladies perfect rally gift!! YAY!
  5. Hey Suzi,
    I am selling them for $5.00 each. Not making any money but it helps me restock my stash!! Just let me know if you want any and we will set it up.Thanks for asking.
  6. are you going to be selling the Jewelry pouchs? how much - i will order 4 if i can afford it .... lmk hugs, Suzi
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