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  1. Hey Linda, The Paducah quilt show was great. Me,Jean and my BIL had a great time.It was nice going with someone who appreciates all the hard work that goes into quilting as much as we do.Last year going with my sister was like dragging a ball and chain.ha ha She wasn't interested at all. Did you enjoy your visit too? What did you think of the winning quilt?
    Good talking to you.
  2. I got the urge to whip one up this past weekend by following a Youtube video but it didn't turn out exactly like I expected. It's a little "funny" looking lol! I decided to leave it home and find another use for it! You can see the pics in my album here: http://forum.missouriquiltco.com/alb...chmentid=19713
  3. I forgot to ask you if you made you another tote for this quilt show?? I haven't had time this year.
  4. Thanks Rhonda! I'm packing my bag tonight and getting to bed early. Have to be up by 4:30, leave the house at 5:15 and catch the bus at 5:45! I'm looking forward to seeing all those beautiful quilts and checking out the vendors. I hope you and Jean have a great visit on Friday! We will compare notes when we get back!
  5. Have a great time tomorrow!!! Save some goodies for me to buy!!Have a safe trip.
  6. Hi Rhonda! I will be going down on the bus again this year with Shelley (SewSumi) and another friend but we are going on Wed the 25th. Its the only day all 3 of us could go. You should send a message to Jean Sewing Machine because she is planning on being there on Friday like you. Maybe the 2 of you could stick together for the day! I hope your wisdom teeth behave and you get to enjoy the show this year too! Maybe next year we can all try to go on the same day. If we get more MSQC girls going to Paducah each year that would be great! Have fun! We will have to compare notes when we get back.
  7. Hey Linda I was wondering if you were going to be at the quilt show in Paducah this time? I will probably be alone this year(if my wisdom teeth don't knock me out of it) so I can actually have time to get to know some people from here who are going. I will be taking off work Friday the 27th to go. I hope you are.Just drop me a line and let me know.
  8. Hello Sewbee,I have been reading some of your post and would like to be friends. You sound to me to be a person I would like to chat quilting with.
    Thanks Rhonda
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