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  1. doesn't surprise me that you bought some the same.... now i have to get another set the same for the other half of under the quilt frame before the are discontinued...
  2. HA.... this about the only6 2 spots that are done..LOL
    I'm getting a new hip Oct. 3.... so i wanted to get started,,, but the standing is an issue for me...
    I end up sitting in the recliner at night,,cranking out stuff instead...but i am determinded to get this done at some point before i die!!!
  3. thanks for the comments CA... i love this and i've gotten comfortable with it,, but need to step out of the box and get better... one of the problems is that i didn't get the "stitch regulator" when i got the machine... i think perhaps this year i am going to giv myself yet another "gift"... hey, i'm worth it!!!
    this quilt was made in half a day... it's whole cloth, but used up the whole piece... it was for charity, but they they didn't need it.. heck,,, it will just go on my table at the Oakpoint craft fair...BTW it is March 31, open to all... it's kinda fun,,, i think it's 10 to 2 or around that... if your interested... my sis shares a table with me... she has fabulous potholders/hotpads, that she sells very cheap in 3pk gift sets...
  4. Suffice to say you have been one busy lady.... i've got more to look at... but your album covers show awsome stuff...
  5. Hello, Barbara!
    We said we would adopt Lexi when called by the Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue & told of her circumstances. She was the only survivor of a litter. It took the rescuers took 3 months to nurse her back to health.
    P.S. Judy is the friend that made the purse & wallet for our Molly.
  6. You've done it again ..... another beautiful tote !
    I asked & you delivered in less than 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey CA.. i'm so confused with all this friend, convo,visitor... yikes.... but i "hooked you up"...not doing too much,,, i've somehow got a block about sewing,, lots of crochet and knit at night during TV with Bill... gotta get cracking... i've been looking around the serwing room.. picking up a pice of fabric... then just maing something... made a tote of christmas boucle,, with trim.. will take a picture and post...
  8. Hello, kiddo !
    So tell me, what is your latest project besides the fabulous tote your keeping for yourself ?
  9. Hi, Barbara !
    Haven't heard from you lately. What'cha doin' ?
  10. hey CA... i don't check this part too often...Are you still looking for Jenny's tuts??? They are linked on the daily deal page... but i like them on YouTube... let me know if you need link... will get it to you (send reg. e-mail... that i check all the time)... actually "too much time""" LOL...
    Tell Chris i said "Happy Father's Day"...............they all deserve it. these guys of ours.... hugs B
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