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  1. Megan, just Lin Jacobsen from Iowa perhaps on the blocks? Again, thanks for all of the work you are doing on the quilts for Emily and Heaven.
  2. Hi Lin, thank you so much for the pictures. I did have the correct blocks. I had even noted on my spreadsheet that yours were "all orange". Thanks, now i will jot your name in the corner!! Do you have a preference for this, since I haven't written on them yet? let me know.
  3. The blocks I made were "heavy on orange" colors - and included stars, pumpkins, and even some bright stripes. I'm not sure I was seeing the correct blocks. I put pics of the blocks I made in an album "Emily and Heaven Blocks".

  4. Did you make this block set? (See My Album for Heaven's blocks and let me know if Blocks A or Blocks B are yours). Your name wasn't on them and I wrote them with a pen that disappears when you iron them, so I ironed them and your name disappeared (duh!). Just want to be sure this is yours before I put your name on them.
  5. Hi Lin, that was my first tumbler quilt. I "stole" the design from a gal here on the forum; it was a Xmas present for DD's inlaws. They loved it.
  6. Thank you for being the 'point person' and assesmbling the quilts for the girls. They and their families are blessed beyond measure to have so many prayers be lifted up on their behalf.

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