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  1. Trish, I'm praying for Katie and I'll pray for your husband not to get Mono. So sorry to hear they are sick. I'll also pray for you, so you will have energy to cope. Love, Hugs, and Prayers, Jan
  2. Love your new photos! Hugs, Jan
  3. Thanks for being my friend. I saw the binding tool tutorial from Jenny. Looks much easier or at least it makes sense to me now.
  4. I have to send you a 2nd message because they only allow 1000 words in 1 msg. Guess I talk alot!
    Anyways, there are lots of charts out there to help convert quilt math problems. Sometimes they are inside of magazines - one magazine ran a whole series of math calculations month to month, but can't remember which one that was.

    If you run into a problem and can wait for a reply, you could ask on here. I'm sure someone would figure it out for you.
    Hope you get to sew today!

    quilting trish
  5. Of course I'll be your friend! I haven't figured out yet how to ask for friends. If I do have any, I don't remember how I did that!
    The binding tool looks like it will be helpful. In the meantime, when I do put my binding on, I leave an area at the beginning (when I start sewing it down) open so when I get to the end, I can tuck the end into the beginning to overlap it. At the very beginning of the binding, though, make sure you fold the ends in so you don 't have a raw edge on the outside when you do fold the end into the beginning. Hope that made sense.

    I saw your post about if you have to be good at math to do quilting. I don't think so, at least I hope not. I've been quilting since 1995 and still learning. I am an Aide at the middle school here and help with 3 math classes a day.

    quilting trish
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