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  1. Happy Birthday form the heart
    Cause that's where all great wishes start

  2. Those HST's. Didn't know that's what they are called. Those blocks except the rectangles, were actually left over blocks from a challenge I did for a friend.
    The pattern from the Pinwheel Silouette actually told you how to cut your block pieces so you would get the leftover blocks.
    Wish I could show you how to do that quilters knot in person. Once someone sat down with me to show me, I got it. Do you wrap the thread around 3 times TOWARD you and then pull the thread through with your fingernail? That's how I do it. Are you right handed? Hold the needle in your right hand, wrap the thread on your needle 3 times toward you with your left, use your thumb nail and middle finger on your right hand to slide the thread down the needle and length of thread kind of tightly. Did it work? Do let me know.
    Hugs, Trish
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