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  1. Thanks Suzi for everything!! You are the best! I hope that you have a very wonderful Christmas!! You deserve it!!
  2. hi tonya - stars are on the way back to you tomorrow - hope you are well and looking forward to a wonderful fun filled Christmas
  3. Oh, you bet I do!!

    I just really need the money, and I haven't taken the time to really learn the thing. I bought it, then about a month later got married, then two months after that got told we had to move 350 miles, then had a surprise baby, then had to move 350 miles again...and it's been a crazy 3 years since I bought the thing.

    It is a Brother Innovis 2500D. That's a combo embroider and sewing. I also bought the $800 embroidery design software...never took the time for that either. And I have several hundred purchased designs burned to cd's. I paid $4000 for the machine and PE7 software.

    The machine did have some trouble when I was sewing denim purses but never with embroidery. They fixed that part. Now the automatic threader is broke. I can see the wire. Probably just a few bucks to fix.

    The lowest I'll go is $1600...and that is because I need to move it. I am going to list it on Craigslist this weekend for $1900.
  4. hi tonya, tell me about your machine for sale - come on you know you wanna..............
  5. Wonderful!! and yes - your favorite block anything goes as long as it is floral focus - 12" finished (so 12.5 when sent for swapping) mail date is August 15
    sign up by clicking the groups tab above and join the swap group.
    Love it!
  6. So...how do I join the group? I've picked out my block. It is paper pieced. Keeping the actual block a *secret*. Do colors/styles not matter? Anything goes as long as floral focus fabric?
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