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  1. Welll...I sort of am in charge of a big world wide ornament exchange. It's gaining memberships!! Please say you'll exchange some of those ornaments you described, please?? I haven't posted on the forum because I don't want to beg buy maybe I should? I don't know.
    But, this link explains it.

    I need to work on everything! I need to make stockings and an advent calendar and we have no ornaments, (but I'm hoping the above link will help with that). So much to do!!

    As for me and baby, baby had a much better day today. He still is running fevers, but not so high. He has been a tough baby. We had him 'later' in life, and he drains us. LOL poor kid.
  2. Glad to see your hubby got his job!!! Hope baby and you both are feeling better soon!
  3. Hi! You asked what I am working on for Christmas. Well let me list them LOL Quilts for both grandsons rubber glamour rubber gloves and aprons for the girls, mittens and scraf for oldest grandson, pillows for many others and ornaments that I love. I saw them on another site. You put a white feather and some glitter inside the ornament and make a poem to go with it. This is an angel feather sent from God above, to serve as a reminder of his gracious love. It's from your guardian angel, that God assigned to you, and fell out in his struggles,as he protected you. Each time you almost stumble, Each time you nearly fall,Remember to, Thank God and his angels, for answering your call. Isn't that sweet? It makes a prety gift. I have already given four of them away. How about you what are you working on for Christmas?
  4. Hey, no this is the first I've really been able to get on as my baby was a sick little guy. But, he's feeling better this evening. I'll go look at your blocks soon. No quilt police here! Do you know I have NEVER joined a class or a guild because of my fear of that?!

    My tute will always be there at the top of the blog. Another to come soon as I can muster up the time and energy!

    What are you working on for Christmas?
  5. Hey Hillbilly! Love the placemats especially the birthday one! Love your site too and will be using your quilt along tut after Christmas. I hope it will still be there. Got to much to do now before Christmas to follow along now but will later as I said already(LOL) Did you see my Christmas blocks yet? I hope the quilt police don't see them. They are my first ones ever.
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