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  1. Thanks for your note...I love the forum so much...am learning everyday and I love to see what everyone is making...I bookmarked your blog...I will read it later today...I see that you had eye surgery a while back...hope everything is going well with it...looking forward to hearing from you again! Carol
  2. Hello, Sewbizzy!
    I just read your note to me on my COLOR BURST Dresden quilt front. Thank you. It is one of my favorites, and I cannot wait to QUILT it for my daughter. I love anything I can do with needle and thread, so my box of projects is overflowing. I seem to dabble from one to another depending on my mood for sewing machine or hand work. You may enjoy my blog where I try to keep up with the project in hand. Address site is: http://debi-peacebypiece.blogspot.com/ My latest post shows a SATIN sham made from scraps from my daughter's wedding dress fabric. I love how it glows in the light as I hand stitch it.
    Anyway, thank you for your note. It made my day!
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