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  1. Thank you for the nice comment on the bags!
  2. Cathy I just had to tell you that those bags are just lovely. You do such beautiful work. Thanks for sharing. Allie
  3. Hi Cathy, So glad you did not have any heavy damage from those storms. I can't imagine 13 inches of rain in one hour! My friend e mailed that she should have had some warning and built another Ark! My son who lives in Garden City was fine, as was my SIL in Wantagh. I think the storm was more east and north. Happy to hear you are OK . I feel so bad for those people who are flooded. If they don't have flood insurance they are out of luck. My DD returns home to North Providence R.I. today, she hopes her basement is OK. She suffered much damage with a similar storm up there about three or four years ago. Keep her in your prayers. Alvina
  4. Thanks for the PM on the quilts in Bellport, I did see it in the paper I haven't had a chance to get there yet, keeping fingers crossed!
  5. I wish I had known you were here would have loved to meet you. Patchogue has had many changes this past year or so, my daughter also worked at Swezeys part time when she was in high school. Seems strange to drive through town and not see it there anymore. Hope you had a good visit!
  6. Cathy, we were just in Patchogue the week of the 9th . We met old friends and they took us around. I can't believe the changes, all for the better. I see the old Swezey building is down all the way back. I loved that store in it's hey day. My daughter worked there also as a teenager, she also worked in Blum's which I see is still there! All the restaurants and new buildings. I was impressed. We had lunch at our "old haunt" which is Two Morrows Pub. Then went to the Starbucks on Sunrise Hwy for coffee. Just loved the visit. I miss my little (not so little!) seaside village. Your quilts are just lovely. I'm trying to get back in the "groove" since we returned home, not having any luck. LOL. Take care - Alvina
  7. Thanks for the nice comments on my quilt!
  8. Would love to have a former Patchogue resident as a friend!
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