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  1. Thanks Cynthia, granddaughter is awesome. She is special alright!!
  2. Hi, Monique! Glad you like it.....which one is it? I sent in 2, one to be kept by Blondie. How is everything going with your granddaughter? Aren't they special? I understand...........we have been blessed with 2!
    Keep on my quilting, my friend!
  3. Thank you for the beautiful pin cushion. It arrived today. I love it and will treasure it always.
  4. Thanks. Yes the wedding was local here, and we had a lot of out of town guests. Now things are back to normal after a hectic time. My granddaughter is the apple of our eyes for sure.
  5. Good luck with the wedding, Monique. Are you hosting? Such a pretty little granddaughter!
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