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May 10th, 2012, 06:43 AM

Rise and shine Folksies, it is Thursday! After a rainy day yesterday, this morning is cool and just fine for me! I spent most of the day with my Sis, painting a junky old wardrobe we pulled out of a barn several years back. A nice way to spend a wet afternoon. We had a ball.

What do y'all do for Mother's Day? By now I am certain you know that we love to gather and eat. I don't think this weekend will be much different. On the local morning show they were asking women what they wanted for Mother's Day and all were saying "just to see my kids". In the gift dept, no appliances please; flowers are nice so are spa days. I will take one of each, I'd even take a new appliance. I sure need a new toaster or good coffee maker. lol.

Have a wonderful day, friends!

May 10th, 2012, 08:19 AM
Blondie's picture for today shows what I'm thinking. I was out of town in meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday and now it's like...where has the week gone! I suspect Mother's Day will be just another day here.

Both my mom and DH's mom are deceased. DS usually sends me a card and will probably call and DH will ignore the whole thing. He's an "ole stick-in-the-mud" who doesn't do holidays or special occasions of any kind, not even a card, so I don't expect Mother's Day this year being any different. I told him if he should get in the notion to get me something for Mother's Day, I'd like a couple more ferns for my porch, but I'm not holding my breath.

May 10th, 2012, 08:20 AM

Good Morning!

It's almost beyond cool here this morning....in the low 40's. My winter robe and slippers feel real good right now!

I have to tackle my sewing room today for real! Yesterday I sold my daybed and the new owners are picking it up tomorrow. In the meantime I have to dig it out!! This bed has sat in my last three sewing rooms holding my works in progress, stacks of new fabric, random old quilts and a stuffed bunny, sock monkeys and my one surviving doll from my childhood. This is a job for Superwoman. What's under the bed is my concern....miscellaneous quilts, fabric, small sewing machines, etc. It will all find a temporary resting place in our spare room. This makes it real....I'll soon be getting cabinets for my tiny sewing room and maybe I can get at least semi organized.

Sarah's quilt came out so darling.....great job girls!

I need to get myself moving...many steps to take before I ccan sit and sew today...if that will happen at all is a mystery at this point.

My flowers are beginning to look good....here's my purple petunia....Hugs all around, Barb

Jean Sewing Machine
May 10th, 2012, 09:42 AM
I'm saying TGITH because, if I get my grades posted today, I'LL BE DONE FOR THE SUMMER! I stayed up til one this morning power grading and giving the old calculator a run for its money, but I'm ready to meet my students today to discuss grades. Whooppee, let the quilt making begin!

May 10th, 2012, 09:51 AM
Good Morning all.

My Mother's Day will be just like any day. My daughters never send cards and since DH never had children and I am not HIS mother, he never thinks about it. I do get a little depressed but usually Gator or TarButt will snuggle up to me and make me feel great!
Ava has become a very affectionate cat. I heard her meowing loudly this morning and went to see if something was wrong and there she was with a nice fat chipmunk for me. EWWWWWWW. She placed it in her food dish and I told her she was a good girl and she was happy. Then she ate it. No sharing with Chester or Hondo! That is the third chipmunk in three days!

DH spent all day yesterday in the hay field. Working on the hay mower and mowing. I got quite a bit done around the house. Not enough to satisfy me but today is another day. But I got some laundry folded, my dishes done and changed the bedding. And made a batch of Spaghetti Sauce. DH was glad of that when he got home. He was starved and loves spaghetti.

Barb; Love those flowers. I feel so lazy because I didn't even plant one tomato plant this year. I may yet. It is still pretty cool at night so it's not to late to plant things.

I just looked at my calendar that gives holidays and celebrations around the world and today is DIA DEL LAS MADRES in Mexico..
so Happy Mother's Day!

Sandy Navas
May 10th, 2012, 10:19 AM
Good Morning - typical Thursday here. Wish I was with Barb and could help her clean out and get organized. That's my fun thing to do. See that Blondie is in her shabby chic mode and having fun. I have a couple pieces I should ship to her for her magic touch.

I'm like Donna - don't expect much of anything on Mother's Day. Al has always told me that I'm not his mother - but he's not much on taking notice or celebrating anything. DD certainly has her hands full with seven girls, so I'll just plan on another quiet day.

Yesterday was a bummer day for me. I keep wavering between feeling wonderful and feeling like a wet sponge. Hope this passes quickly because I sure don't like it. Today I'm off to take Amanda to work and then will visit Mom and take a run through my favorite thrift store.

Hope the day is full of sunshine and white fluffy clouds for everyone. Prayers for those in need, broad shoulders to cry on, hugs to support you, and I hope everyone wins the lottery.

May 10th, 2012, 10:37 AM
Not sure how Mother's day will turn out this year. We usually get together at my MIL but she came down with Shingles this week and the doctor told her not to be around small children and any one that is pregnant. She has five great grandchildren under the age of 6. Hopefully I will see my son and his family not real sure. My daughter lives with me so I see her and her two boys everyday so nothing different there. Other than that not planning on anything special.

Hope to get some sewing done (I've been saying that for the last two or three weeks so this weekend I think I may make myself do it.)

Sandy I hope your days get better and you get over your blah days.

Barb your flowers are very pretty.

Hope everyone has a great day.


May 10th, 2012, 11:25 AM
I'm looking forward to Mother's Day this year. It's the one day of the year I KNOW I won't be cooking! The kids are doing a bar-be-que and I will be relaxing (or at least trying to while I watch them make a mess). I'm going to sit outside while the they cook and work on some applique.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

May 10th, 2012, 11:30 AM
Hi all.

Barb, love the petunias; they brightened my dreary rainy day (3rd one in a row). Yesterday was my first day of work after DH's surgery on Monday. The shoulder repair went very well but Tuesday was the day of swelling, he was in a great deal of pain and there was really nothing I could do for him. He's still sleeping in the livingroom splitting his time between the recliner and the couch. DS was his nursemaid yesterday and today he's on his own. But each day is a little better for him and he's had some visitors which cheers him up (he's quite the social butterfly, unlike me who would make a great hermit).

Mom's day usually gets me a shopping spree at the garden store. But this year I'm not that interested in the gardens. I need some annuals for a couple planters but I don't really "want" them - if you know what I mean. Probably because I'm totally hooked on quilting and would rather have quilty stuff or gift certificates. We'll see!

Oh, and I agree, Sarah's quilt turned out fabulous. You ladies did an awesome job.

Have a great day,

Claire Hallman
May 10th, 2012, 12:30 PM
Don't know what my mother's day might be like. I have a DH that also thinks I am not his mother and I do agree. My son and new DIL gave me a bracelet last weekend and a card so that is taken care of. I will probably just do the regular
Sunday stuff.
Your flowers are so pretty, I am missing having ferns on the porch and flowers in pots but we are heading out for three weeks at the end of the month and don't have anyone to care for them, maybe when we get back I will plant some annuals.

May 10th, 2012, 01:06 PM
Hey everybody!

Well I am not a mother but not sure what our plans are with my Mom. Might cookout hopefully have the pool going but its not going to be warm enough to get in lol. It will be her day though so whatever she wants to do we will do! I just hope it isn't working on her flower bed lol.

I am getting so excited for Relay and can not believe that it is a week from Friday! I will be glad when it is over though and I won't be so busy haha!

My quilt still isn't finished so I have to get it done this weekend which means i have to pick out my borders and backing ahhhhh!!!!! I will have to take it with me thought to do that. I see lots of sewing this weekend and it starts tonight! I think I will bring it with me to work on tomorrow as well I will be by myself in the lab with really nothing to do!

Any who I need to send a few emails, get ready to run an errand and pick up lunch and finish what I was working on this morning haha!

Have a fabulous day!!!!

May 10th, 2012, 07:47 PM
I know I am late signing in, but things have happened. NOT TO ME!! My SIL fell through a rotten board on her deck yesterday. Her ankle is shattered and requires surgery, which is till pending as the time of this writing. Hubby is with her and I don't know when he will be back.

SIL is now in surgery. Will update tomorrow.