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May 5th, 2012, 08:01 AM

Hello Folksies!

Saturday again already. May 5, cinco de mayo - don't know how much it is celebrated where you live; probably a regional bang although we sure get lots of ads for restaurants and party type bars right now. I used to be a real party girl. Gosh. I must be getting old. I remember saving up money to go do Mardi Gras and would've back in the day been able to dance on a lot of tables on cinco de mayo. I guess I could've been considered the life of the party. Partly because I have never been able to hold liquor, wine, etc. I would get happy and jump on tables and dance. I cannot dance. Another reason I would be the life of the party. Imagine/remember Elaine from Seinfeld doing her dance. Yep. Me, only with a few drinks. A smile a minute. That's me. The scarey part and the final dance for me came when I got so inebriated and drove home at 3 in the morning on a weaving highway. Actually, it was me weaving. This was long before designated drivers became a popular recommendation. I remember so clearly every detail - like not being able to lift my foot off the gas pedal, praying for God to send his angels ~ the highway patrol, to somehow stop me. I was driving as if I were the ball in a pinball machine. I don't know how I made it home safe. Truly. Oy. These days I enjoy a nice glass of wine occasionally but always at home. So if I decide to figure what the heckfire shoot all the hulabaloo about cinco de mayo, I may toast the world this evening with a glass.

Sandy, of course everyone missed you. I remember you saying you would be crazy busy with the kids. My day is always complete when I see you. The folks here are my extended family. Each person has a role and there are some gals who have left the group over the past few years for various reasons that i still miss being here. I know first hand that life doesn't always allow me time to sit and read all the posts, much less get in here every day. I used to feel guilty on the days I couldn't get online. Then when I had the crazies the other week, once I got over the initial withdrawal, I can say that I felt a bit better not being driven to be online. How did we ever live or communicate without emails, internet, MSQC? On another note, I bet they find out your DD has gall bladder issues and hope that is all it is. I suffered for years with various phantom type symptoms until it finally got my attention. Easy surgery and recovery - especially at her age.

Sure wish I had more time to sit and read but I have been at this far too long this morning and I really need to shower and get to the salon. Blessings to each and every one.

May 5th, 2012, 08:47 AM
I missed yesterday's post and feel like I have been away for a week. Geez.

Good morning Blondie and everyone.

I had a very busy day yesterday. I worked all day at the post office. It was crazy busy. But I did manage to get all my Saturday work done too. Hope it is quiet today. My leg and feet were so sore. I went to bed early.

Today after work, we have the "Mark Keller Open". Now Mark is a dear friend of ours. He hosts this golf (if you can call it that) tournament every year. It really is a big drunk for most. We golf in the horse pasture and the bush. Usually a tractor follows with all the beer in the bucket. Really, I am serious. Hopefully I can relax tomorrow.

Another week has flown by. Hello to all my friends I missed yesterday and all of you who come in after me.

Enjoy the sunshine. I know I will.

May 5th, 2012, 08:48 AM
Good morning....

I've been sitting here this morning hand sewing binding to a jelly roll quilt and talking to DH. Need to get dressed and go work on DH's quilt. My day should be a nice, quiet one (I hope).

They celebrate cinco do mayo around here too, though it looks like the celebrations might get rained on. I've never been much of a drinker and now it's even less, once in a while I'll have a glass of wine or a margaritta.

I hope everyone is safe this morning and not hurting too much from their falls.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

May 5th, 2012, 08:51 AM
wow Blondie, I recall doing a similar stunt too. wow.. and good news is i am not a party girl no more...glad to see i have matured..

and i did it i got my hair cut..i will post pictures perhaps tomorrow. as right now it is not cute as i have not showered yet. and it is all over stickying up. but it is easy peasy hair do...

i work today. so i do hope i can style my hair on my own. if not ...love me the way i am...

Debbie MM
May 5th, 2012, 09:47 AM
Hello everyone, Today I will be preparing for the community meal that my church host 4 times a year. We usually serve 40 to 60 people from the neighborhood. This meal is the smaller one because people will be getting their monthly checks soon. We just allow them to stretch their money and food for the month . I too look forward to the posts in the morning. I don't usually have time to post.

May 5th, 2012, 10:44 AM
Ah, dirt day. Throw it, plant it, weed it. The new garden is going in, the old gardens are being cleaned up and the new soil is being distributed. Finally a day without rain! So much for those dry, warm NH days. Where have they gone?

Giant moon tonight - watch for it as it rises. It should be cool.

Sandy Navas
May 5th, 2012, 10:58 AM
See, I rattle everyone's cage once in a while and then I get some extra pats on the head. Love it!!

Oh, life. I always manage to find some time to check in - if the connections are good. And, like Blondie I manage to spend more time than I should on-line. I even make a beeline to the outside mailbox if I think our post-lady has been by - just so I can throw all those ads and the junk mail in the recycle bin. Sometimes it is the only exercise I get.

DD - they finally discharged her from the hospital last night at 8:45. Since DSIL was working overtime Papa went to pick her up - Nana put the seven rug-rats to bed here again. Right now I have one still in bed, three playing Monopoly on the kitchen table, a 3-YO fussing because Thomas the Train is a 'big-girl show', and Amanda (bless her heart) is trying to comfort baby Agnes. Agnes is at the stage where she thinks everyone is a stranger except one or two of the girls. When Rita crawls out of bed and has finished her blueberry waffles then we'll head home with them. Then the big clean up here will begin.

No diagnosis that means anything was made on DD. They did the usual cardiac work up, abdominal ultrasounds including gall bladder, lots and lots of blood work. Nothing alarming - and nothing pointing to what the pain is from. However, she and I are beginning to think she has an esophageal spasm since she had drastically changed her diet and gone off her stomach meds . . . they have been represcribed. We'll just wait and see.

Al's wonderful 89 YO aunt from NYC is flying in on the 16th and he'll accompany her to California on the 19th to see his family. So that means I need to get busy and get the house presentable - I may just open closets and sweep toys inside and give the rest a lick and a spit shine. She is a wonderful, giving, agile and extremely intelligent young lady whom we both adore. That means I'll have 10 days all to myself (?) and I'm looking forward to it. Think I'll send a text message to DD and tell her I'm out of town . . .

The kids had an inspection done on the farm they were going to purchase and the seller showed up and opened his mouth once too often - the basement was damp and he told them it had had 3 foot of water in it and the sump pump wasn't working. The inspector also picked up on this. A couple other little lies came to surface and the kids cancelled the contract. DD said at least they got their current home cleaned up so they could show it and try to sell it. It has also been pulled from the market.

I'll be taking the kids home in a bit - and then I'll probably pull a 'Young Blondie' and get totally wineaux'd out so I can forget all about the past couple of days. The kids completely wear me out, drive me up the wall with the noise (each one has to talk louder and louder for their words to be heard - talking over one another), and can't pick up a thing without being told and having it pointed out specifically. I don't know how DD stands it day after day. My hand would be worn out from spankings. And yet each one has that warm, endearing quality that makes you want to love on them all the time.

If anyone is interested, I have started another Group called "Cancer Warrior" with a request from another forum member for blocks to make a quilt for a neighbor. Take a look at "Sew Together, Far Apart" if you are interested in another charity quilt project. We may need to make this a permanent 'GROUP'.

Uplifting prayers for all in need, comforting hugs and broad shoulders for tears to be shed, arms for support to help you along your way, and lots of sunshine inside and outside to brighten your day.

May 5th, 2012, 11:17 AM
happy happy weekend!! clearing off the back porch of years worth of stacked up junk - need to make room for my mom and daughters and gbaby to come over next sunday for Mothers Day lunch!!! I am so excited to have them coming - it really means SO MUCH !!! YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!

Jenny posted a new tutorial yesterday, Magic Square, and of course crazy sanguine me had to jump right in with both feet so now i have a new project underway! hahahahahaha :)

Hello ms gina - i bet your haircut is super cute! someone please come and cut mine or the scissors just may find their own way to the back of my head!! so tired of this pony tail! hahahaha it always just grows back anyway - right?? i recall cutting my hair as a child - how many of us did that - right? my mom beat my butt!! ahhhh those were the days...... ;)

yes ms sandy you were missed!! Joned the Cancer Warrior group and will make a couple Jacobs Ladders and get sent out with monday's mailing. no real news from my eye dr vsit last week - going along day to day and waiting..... i am praying for everyones happy and healthy and wise today and everyday. God is Good , Amen

Will certainly be watching for the moon to rise tonight - planting today too if i can find the shovel..... so much to do !! love it :D

May 5th, 2012, 11:56 PM
Late in here again. At least I made it. LOL!

The BEAST is done!! Since DH can't download photos right now, it's on my Flickr photostream (see link below my name here). It is the Tree of Life Biblical Blocks quilt - 8th one down on the left hand side. What you see there is the center top finished. I made this about 15 years ago when I started to quilt. It has traveled on my UFO list ever since. Today, it comes off the list. Some blocks have 50-60 pieces in it. Our quilting teacher thought that after teaching us to make a small 4 block easy wall hanging and a pillow cover, that we should try more complicated blocks. It took about 2 years to complete with us meeting once a month. I finally put it on the willgetdonethisyearorelse list and it came up as a March project. So, I added 2 very wide sides to it and a very large bottom to it - want it to fit our bed without DH taking all the covers when he rolls over and leaves me nothing. Since there were lots of mistakes in the blocks (much to my quilting teachers dismay - we made the pieces fit), I decided it would be faster to tye the quilt. That took 3 trips to the church to put in 540 tyes. The sides and bottom are with the tyes up and the center is with the tyes on the back. Really didn't want to ruin the quilt totally by putting tyes all over the central part.
Now comes the binding. At this point, I want it done. So decide to pull the backing over to the front and sew it down by machine. In some places I didn't quite have enough backing so had to cut a little of the sides off.
I mumbled to myself that this quilt will never leave the bedroom for anyone to see - even when I am dead- except to get washed and dried. It is the worst quilt I have ever done. A friend of my sons is over to visit and he says 'don't you quilters put those label thingies on the backs of your quilts?' Yes.... so he says 'just put someone else's name on it that you don't like'. Hmmmm.
Better make sure that I like ya'all out there in cyberland!! LOL!

Still fighting with this bite or whatever it is I got on my neck. Can't see a central bite mark and I am beginning to think it is something else. It doesn't itch but it is blistery and only hurts if something rubs by it. My sister is coming over tomorrow to see if I should go to my Dad's. I am supposed to go on a field trip on Monday with the 7th graders but if it is worse tomorrow yet when I wake up, I will probably call the teacher in charge and tell her that I need to go see the doctor on Monday instead.

Speaking of school - this might be my last year there. I am very disappointed in a principal believing a student over what I had reported a student to say and the principal called me a liar. It's not the first time. And found out that he does the same thing to the teachers. Next week I will be making a trip into the district office to see what my options are for 'retiring' now. I have 7 years in, only need 5 for retirement benefits, so need to find out how much I'd get and when I'd get it before I make a final decision. Thought I would stay another 6 years to get to the age of 60 when my Army retirement kicks in, but I honestly don't know if I can wait that long. I am also going to the Superintendent about what the principal wrote. There is a huge problem with harrassment right now - cyber, sexual, bullying, etc - and they even gave an hour assembly to all the students separately by grade level last week and now this. Next time, I will fill out a special form and add student witness' names to it. I was trying to keep the other kids that heard him out of it, but no more.
Anyways .... waiting up to see the Super Moon tonight. It's supposed to be awesome! Then I will hit the sack.
Have a great evening everyone!!!!

May 6th, 2012, 05:49 PM
Love your quilts Trish!!!! Sorry about the principal. You deserve better. Saying prayers for your bite.
Sandy, saying prayers for your DD and for you. You sound whooped! Rest on your mini vaca from everyone.
Suzi, saying prayers for you too! Hang in there Honey!
Gina, can't wait to see your haircut. I bet it's great.
Blondie, thank you for all you do everyday. Hugs, Jan L.