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April 24th, 2012, 06:58 AM

Happy Day Folksies

It won't reach the temps here today that Pam felt in Las Vegas yesterday. The heat will be here soon enough. I don't care how chilly it is as long as it doesn't bite my babies that hubs and I finally got in the ground. They should be hardened off enough by now. If not, we will have to get some more. We get a lot of satisfaction out of growing from seed. Especially when it is seed from our heirloom varieties.

Yesterday was another piddly day in the basement, sitting at the machine. What I am feeling the need for is to make up some paper mache and play with the clay. Perhaps I will do that soon. In the back of my mind I know that I need to keep some hand stitching projects in the "ready to go out the door tote". Dr appts tomorrow and thursday for Mom and then more running in the next few weeks.

Cathy, the "moment" that you shared with us yesterday is something I know each one here can say ditto to - I know we ALL have had those moments. Feels good to let it out.

Everyone have a wonderful day! Smile.

April 24th, 2012, 07:03 AM
Good morning friends.

The weather sucked the big banana yesterday. Just rain today. I have awake since about 3. Hubby is leaving this morning for his golf trip to Maryland, USA.

I on the other hand have many plans this week. There is a thread going around about organizing your stash. Well that is all I have been thinking about all week. Maybe that is why I can't sleep. So I would like to get started on that.

LOTS of quilting things should be done and might get done this week.

This gal may need a nap this afternoon.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone.

April 24th, 2012, 07:23 AM
Good morning! Monique, I've been up since 3 am too. I could take a nap now but am loading up on caffeine instead. It's daybreak here and still pretty dark...must be cloudy this morning.

Blondie, what do you make with clay? I've never tried working with clay or paper mache', I don't think I'd be very good with either.

Time for another cup of coffee. Blondie's sign is right on...Keep Laughing Everyone!

April 24th, 2012, 07:31 AM
good morning everyone. Yep it's Tuesday. Just 4 more of these suckers and I am out for the summer.Can't wait.Going to the quilt show Friday and gonna meet up with Jean.I just found out last night my BIL wants to come with me.My sister called and said he had said he really wanted to go but didn't want to ask me so I will be calling him today and inviting him to go with me.Must be nice to be retired and bored! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Here's a pic of the ugliest little chicken I have ever seen. I hatched this one out last week.

April 24th, 2012, 07:38 AM
Rhonda, that little guy or gal is so ugly that's it's cute!

April 24th, 2012, 08:01 AM
Awww - he/she IS cute!

Still in my pj's sippin' on my coffee. I know eventually (soon) I must put my clothes on and skidaddle to school. We are counting down the days - only 26 to go. They are going fast though. Katie starts cyber school today. She has to finish up 5 credits - only a quarters worth - so she'll be done in no time and have that diploma in hand.

Not doing much quilting, but am working on my applique. I keep telling myself to have a project or two ready to grab and go, but never seem to have it all together. So, this week I am going to make up a little bag with everything I'll need for one of my BOM blocks. Heavens, I am about 10 blocks behind on that little project. Good idea Blondie - thanks for putting that out there to get my butt in gear. If I had it ready to go, I could probably have finished an entire block while sitting at the hospital on Good Friday from 9-9.

Ok - best get moving. The school bells certainly don't wait for me!!

Have a great day and make sure you laugh at something today.

Jean Sewing Machine
April 24th, 2012, 08:09 AM
good morning everyone. Yep it's Tuesday. Just 4 more of these suckers and I am out for the summer.Can't wait.Going to the quilt show Friday and gonna meet up with Jean.I just found out last night my BIL wants to come with me.My sister called and said he had said he really wanted to go but didn't want to ask me so I will be calling him today and inviting him to go with me.Must be nice to be retired and bored! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Here's a pic of the ugliest little chicken I have ever seen. I hatched this one out last week.
What a cutie! Except for the crepy neck like mine he has the most glorious set of baby feathers.

Granny Judy
April 24th, 2012, 08:25 AM
It's so good to stop in and catch up with everyone here. I see ya all have been busy and stayin out of trouble..(well, most of ya have) Hugs to each and everyone..and prayers sent out to all in need.

I finally have finished DD#1's Graduating Nursing school Quilt. I still have photos to take before packing it up and sending it to Florida.. (I'm in Illinois) It feels so good to finish another project so soon. I do have the binding to put on another quilt.."without Sunbonnet Sue". She thinks that is the one she is getting.. LOL.

I can now try to play catch up with my Blocks of the Month!! But Wait. The package came in yesterday for a NEW quilt I want to get started on. Blocks of ?? with Generals' Wives by Moda Fabrics... It's for ME!! I'm a sucker for Civil war fabrics and themes.

If we get some warm weather this week, I can get outside to snap a few pictures of the tops I have finished. Got to get my quilt album up to date.. If it is nasty then I can stay inside and create MORE. And like someone said before me.. I am thinking of getting organized with those comic book boards.. that really inspired me to check out my stash!! It keeps spilling out of the current storage unit. I'll have to add some shelfs in the closet first........ eekkks. better grab another cuppa and re think this idea..

Trish.. your blog don't like my open id comments/link to my blog at wordpress, but know I see you and read your blog.

April 24th, 2012, 08:41 AM
Good Morning!

Just got DH off to work and gave Miss Molly her breakfast and a few biscuits. She's settling into her morning nap. I have an appointment in town so I don't have time to enjoy the morning as usual. Our weather is making a big change...yesterday in the 50s and today nearly 90! I need to buy flowers for our big pots.

I'm still sewing binding on the Prayer Flag quilt and should be able to get it done today. I'm getting the itch to make another flag quilt. Monique, I'm in the organizing mode also....just waiting for my comic book boards to get here. I bought them on eBay but the service has been super slow.

DH is leaving Thursday for his hunting trip and I'm staying close to home with Molly and doing some marathon sewing! I hope everyone has a good Tuesday...prayers for all our special ones....Hugs, Barb

April 24th, 2012, 08:51 AM
granny Judy you cracked me up... yep better rethink that. and the frightening chick freaks me out...

DD is sick had fever school says "no return to school till fever is gone for 24 hours...so she will stay home again today. alas i have to work..8:45 to 11:30pm... good to have family to help me out. sadly i didn't sleep all that great...but perhaps i could nap after work.

after todays shift, i will have 8 days in a row off...are they trying to tell me something?

April 24th, 2012, 08:57 AM
Good Morning ladies, what an unusual baby chick! My DS is the farm girl in our family, don't recall ever seeing one of those little birds running around her hen house! SIL and I are doing a big bike ride this summer, so my fanny is on the bike quite a bit rather than in my sewing chair....I have mixed emotions about the whole deal. Hope to work on BOMs this evening.


April 24th, 2012, 09:06 AM
Good Morning all. Looks like many of you are up early and starting your day. I love that DH is off on his trip and I can just lounge around until I feel like getting out of bed. I brought the laptop into the bed and am sitting here with my coffee watching the Create channel and it's making me hungry! LOL.
Blondie: I have always wanted to work with clay. I haven't done paper mache' since I was a kid in school. But that would be fun too. I saw Michelle Breshen of b organic on Create over the weekend and she made some wall plaques using clay to make the molds and then plaster of paris for the plaques. She used leaves and twigs to make the design. I want to do that!

That little chick should be named Lady Gaga. Looks like it is wearing a wild costume. LOL. But I think it is cute.

It is finally suppose to warm back up into the 70s today and 80s tomorrow, so I will get outside and do a bit of the yard work I have been wanting to do. The inside is looking pretty good. (except I haven't done the ceiling above the fan yet).

Have a great day.

Hugs and prayers.

April 24th, 2012, 09:23 AM
Good morning.....

Hope everyone has some fun in whatever you choose to do today. I'm at work and need to file this mountain of paperwork I have on my desk....wonder how much fun I'll have doing that LOL

Got to leave work early yesterday, only because I had a dr appt. My blood pressure was good. Have had some arthritis going on with the weather we've been having - pop some prescription ibuprofen and I'm good to go :)

I've been practicing my Jacob's Ladder block so I can make my mom a quilt. I think I will use my AccuQuilt to cut the strips and blocks so that they are all the same size. I'm going to keep a practice block so I know how to arrange the blocks. I'd like to keep the practice blocks I make for future reference, does anyone have any storage tips for blocks? I thought about a binder the only thing is I would probably have to fold the larger blocks.

I think the baby chick is unique, looks like she has on a coat and hat :)

Well off to do that filing...have a wonderful day everyone!

K. McEuen
April 24th, 2012, 10:28 AM
I like the Silkies, only chicken I know of with feathers on their feet. My sister had several. Even one of the black ones. The hens make good mamas. Hers would sit on the eggs from all the other chickens along with her own.

April 24th, 2012, 10:30 AM
Well I managed to get in here this morning and wow y'all are up and at em early!

Im on the search for some tylenol or ibuprofen as a headache has set in and our first class is not even here yet.

I have been working on some pampered chef stuff this morning. I have two shows for May and had to get all my info down for them. I have a call with my director this afternoon so I have set my goals for May to discuss with her and also go over how close I came to my goals for March and April. I am so excited because I am less than $500 away from my career sales!

Apartment is coming along nicely my laundry room just got bigger! My dad said last night I think it needs to be 8 feet instead of 6. Ok I will take the extra two feet! I am planning on having my craft room in with the laundry room does anyone else have this? I will take before and after pics of the whole place and share. It is not anywhere close to being done but its getting closer!

My friend who sells 31 purses sent me the new catalog for summer and i pulled it out of the envelope and I was like UGH really the knew I was coming! Front cover is of an organized sewing room! There is even a larger pic inside! So you know I am just chopping at the bit to order!!!!But I have to spend on the apartment first! This will have to wait ugh so not fair lol.

I am planning on taking a look at my jacobs ladder blocks again next week and see if I can figure out what the heck is going on. Not giving up on them. Looks like there will not be any sewing for me this week. I will be working during the day, going to the apartment to work after and then home to cook dinner, clean up and get ready to do it all again! At some point there will be sleep in there haha!

Ladies you are certainly a bright spot in my day have a great one! Hugs and prayers to those in need!

Sandy Navas
April 24th, 2012, 11:18 AM
You will catch me standing amongst a bunch of boxes and packing tape. Not for me. I'll be around . . . not sure my muscles will allow me to type much.

SP, WH, BW and LoL.

April 24th, 2012, 11:30 AM
Wow, I seem to be late to the party today!!!

But, I did do the dishes first! Coffee in hand, DH out the door, so I have to unearth the quilt AGAIN and work on the binding. I think I can get the rest bound and get it into the washer today!!! Woo!! Then I will have photos and ONE HUGE TO DO off my list!!!

It is sunny, and not too chilly, hope everyone has a great day..

April 24th, 2012, 03:19 PM
Thankfully the day has started off better than yesterday, at least on the "Stupid Human" front!
It looks like I have to figure out how to re-splint the leg on the baby goat, make a vet appointment, or both. She has slipped her rear leg out of her spiffy-do splint/sling. I can't get off of the farm today to make the trip out to the vet, so I may try to do it myself and then go in tomorrow to have him check my handi-work. I really love our vet, but he's about 2 hours away now. We've been working with the same one for close to 20 years. They know when they see us on the schedule that it's something fun as we do most of our own animal care. By the way, "fun" does not equal cheap.

Well, I have to get back to the reason I can't leave the farm today. I have a Hazardous Materials and a Zoonotic Disease PowerPoint presentation to knock out, post for proofing, and get sent to the printer by tomorrow. YeeHaw!
Wish me luck!

You all have the best day ever!
Hugs, Cathy