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September 4th, 2019, 09:07 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ Today's the day for mattress delivery. I spent much of yest. getting ready. I stripped the guest bed and did deep cleaning in that room. The couch is piled high with bedding. I will strip my bed this a.m. & move a few items out of the way. My current box springs & mattress rest on a wood drawer unit, which may originally have been designed for a water bed. I'll have the vac. ready in hopes that I quickly can clean once the box springs & matt. are removed & before they put the new matt. & foundation on. So, a new comfy bed to sleep on tonight. The guys are supposed to deliver between 9 & 11 a.m., so I'll have a busy morning.

The power company worked much of the day next door yest. They had one of those ditch witch units for tunneling cable underground. They're still not done. The temp. cable still is laying on top of the ground. We had no loss of power yest. I think they'll be back today to finish up.

Yest. p.m. when I went out to collect my laundry off the clothes line, I discovered a LOT of wasps on the side of our metal shed. I'm used to seeing 1 or 2 going in & out, but not a bunch like that. Every year they build a nest in that shed. So I grabbed the can of bug spray & murdered several wasps.

I'm still hoping & praying for the best for folks on the east coast as Dorian slowly makes its way north.

September 4th, 2019, 09:23 AM
Good morning,

I woke up early with the rain pounding on our metal roof., but luckily fell back asleep. It's supposed to be a wet day and weekend. That won't be great for driving. It is what is is.

Yesterday I dropped off items at VV, and plastic tubs of cottage cheese/sour cream and yogurt to a friend who volunteers at a food bank. I finished quilting another VQC quilt and started sewing the binding by hand. I hope to have it finished before we go. I pulled out suitcases. I'm not taking a chance this time, packing gloves, headband and warm jacket. The house is clean before we go.

Not planned in my day was bringing Sox to the vet. He was fine in the morning, then DH was petting him and one of his eyes was covered in a white/pink membrane. I freaked, called the vet and got appointment. She said it was probably his third eyelid showing.
What? I've had cats forever and never had this happen. By the time I brought him, the eyelid only covered half his eye. Vet froze eye, added liquids to dilate and flush. HIs eye was not scratched so most likely a conjunctivitis. We have to apply an ointment twice a day for 7-10 days which should clear anything. My GF will have extra duty when we are gone. Luckily this cat is pretty passive.

Today I'm getting my hair and nails done. Then we are going to see Eric and family to drop off pictures from his gliding flight.

Enjoy your day. Stay dry, stay warm and be safe as Dorian is still a destructive force along the coast.

September 4th, 2019, 09:27 AM
Good morning all,

Joy, enjoy that new mattress....I hope you sleep like a baby tonight!

Today is a work day for me and so is tomorrow. Yesterday DIL and 2 GKs watched oldest GS play his first Jr. High football game. It was interesting to watch. Seems like yesterday that my own boys were playing, and I had quite the feeling of nostalgia when my son was giving GS a pep talk on the sidelines.

It was 40 degrees when I woke up this morning, but it's supposed to reach 72 later today. I turned the furnace on to get the chill out .

I hope everyone has a blessed day.

September 4th, 2019, 09:53 AM
Good Morning Everyone....Joy, a new mattress is a good thing. We need one but Jeff is too heavy for the one I wanted to buy. He weighs 260 and the mattress can support up to 225 pounds. Darn!

I have to take Sugar for grooming this morning. Maggie looks so cute and bright white. She got into a scuffle with another dog and they said she definitely won the bout. Terriers don't ever back down from a challenge even when they are small. The other pup only got his pride bruised a little.

I saw that Dorian is slamming Florida on it's way to the Carolinas.

I need to get going for the day....have a good one friends and stay safe.

September 4th, 2019, 10:05 AM
Good Morning All,

Watching Dorian news, St. Augustine is breathing a sigh of relief for low tides this morning. They'll have high tides around 2. Hopefully, Dorian will be long gone from there. We're getting bands of rain, and some gusts. They haven't been bad yet, the bridges are still open.

Steve's funeral is today. I hate that I will miss the family time, but it is what it is.

Finished up the top for Morgan's quilt. I found backing that I like, but I'll need to find border fabric first. I think I'll take it to have it quilted once I've done that.

Coffee pot is finished time to have a cup or three.

Claire Hallman
September 4th, 2019, 10:18 AM
Glad to hear that so far it is gusty rain and wind, not destruction. Keep being safe.
I would love a new mattress but don't want one of those crazy thick ones. Our bed is high enough without several more inches of mattress plus lifting the corners while making the bed sounds like murder on my back.
I started cutting out squares for flying geese yesterday, I need more fabric but that is easily taken care of, lol. A trip to Hobby Lobby today and a fabric store on Friday should solve that problem.:D