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April 16th, 2019, 07:47 AM
Good morning friends. Yes it is my birthday today. Hubby has given me a free pass to do what I want today. He came home with a beautiful orchid as well last night. I can't think of what I want to do today. Lunch for sure and maybe a little shopping, we will see. There aren't any good movies to go watch. Maybe a trip to the casino?

I did little jobs yesterday. I had a curtain for my bedroom that I had bought some time ago. It was big enough to cut in two. So I did that. Then I decided that I was going to do a 9 patch with all the blocks of pink and grey. I had cut them to the size of a half hexie. I cut them to 2 1/2" blocks instead. I gathered up stuff that I need to take to VQ this morning. So that is on my agenda for today.

It is going to be a sunny day today for a change. We had rain most of the day with snow flurries in the mix. More rain expected this week but today the sun shines.

My thoughts and prayers to the people of France and worldwide on the devastating fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is so sad to see the destruction.

So have a great day friends.

April 16th, 2019, 08:27 AM
Happy Birthday Monique! Hope you have a fun day!

Star lover
April 16th, 2019, 08:30 AM
Good morning all!

Monique, I hope you have a day filled with sunshine and happiness.......just like you! Les is a great hubby.......who wouldn’t love a free pass for the day?!

We had sun yesterday, cold, but sunny. Today and for the next 10 days.....rain!

Spring will come.....maybe in June!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


April 16th, 2019, 09:12 AM
Good Morning ~ A wonderful spring day yest. The temp. got up to 82 with sunshine. I had the windows open in the afternoon to air out the house. More flowers in the yard are opening. In other areas of town where there is radiant heat from the pavement, the trees are starting to leaf out, so we're seeing more & more green.

Yest. I was busy with errands. Had some banking to do. Since DH doesn't feel up to doing any of this, I had to bring paper work home for him to sign, then take it back to the bank. I didn't make it to the sewing room at all, but I did get the laundry done in the a.m. before running my errands.

I'll be cooking up DH's Anasazi beans today & working on my Bible study lesson for tomorrow.

April 16th, 2019, 09:20 AM
Monique - the sun is shining on your birthday. Enjoy your day, whatever you decide to do. Remember, birthdays last longer here.

Yesterday was such a sad day with the loss of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Such a terrible loss of history, architecture and especially during Holy Week. I bawled like a baby watching TV, as I will never see it. Friends of ours are on a European trip of a lifetime, and were there last month and have been sharing their pictures for all to enjoy.

My appt for car service and installation of summer tires did not go well. I store my tires with the dealer, after years of injuring our backs lifting those tires on rims. They could only find 3 of them. So instead of waiting to find the 4th, they installed 3, and I'm driving with 1 winter tire. I overheard staff saying I was the 3rd one that day. New staff? I 'm more than upset as the tires are less than 2 years old, or half that if you figure we switch tires for winter/season. After I got home, I realized that summer winter tires are not the same size, which means that the more I drive, the more my tires will become unbalanced. Frustrating. I have been going there for 20+ years, but noticed a lot of new staff. I need to get this resolved in the next day or so.

I did have fun finding space to store the new china. Well if have undertaken renovations, you start in one place and it slowly spreads. Much like this. I cleaned and reorganized some shelves in kitchen, and set aside items I haven't used in years. I moved items from one buffet to another, and realized this was more efficient. I did make some protectors to place between the dishes. I used some thin micro fleece that I have no plans to use. This will protect from scratches. So in essence, I ended up doing a spring cleaning inthe kitchen.

My heart goes out to everyone who are experiencing floods, tornadoes and generally bad weather. Hugs.

I will visit mom this morning and run errands, groceries. I am hoping that wheni call this morning, they will have found my tire. DH has dental appt and cleaning lady will be here. That's when I usally sew.

Ginny B
April 16th, 2019, 10:21 AM
Good morning all. It's nice and sunny here this morning. I hope to spend a little time outside today but I do have a bunch of things to keep me busy in the sewing room too. I have a dr. Appt. also to go over the results of tests and we may need to pick Henry this afternoon so I guess I will see what I can fit in to the day. I have already been in the sewing room this morning working on a stuffie for Max' Easter basket. I've already done Tessa's and Zeke's.

So sad about Notre Dame cathedral. It was heartbreaking to watch.

Monique, an orchid and a free pass! How wonderful. Whatever you decide to do I hope you have a stupendous day.
Suzanne, they need to give you a free tire if they can't find yours. Actually, no, 2 free tires so that the wear is even on both sides.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

MissMay in Jersey
April 16th, 2019, 10:51 AM
Wow, One day we have temps in the 70's and the next day a windy rainstorm blows in and temps drop low enough for our heat to turn on. It's Spring alright. My DGD and family who are living in Holland right now. they are enjoying the thousands of beautiful tulips blooming all over.

April 16th, 2019, 12:34 PM
Good Morning Everyone.

I've had the 2 little ones today, it's been a long morning. Nana sent waffles and yogurt for their breakfast. You'd think that would be enough, but they had a bowl of oatmeal when they were done. They both must be getting ready for a growth spurt.

I love the DD today, but no need to spend the money on it now. Thurs. I go back to Ortho. hopefully, for my last cast.We'll see.

Have a beautiful day!

April 16th, 2019, 10:09 PM
[QUOTE=Ginny B;1060503
I have a dr. Appt. also to go over the results of tests.

Suzanne, they need to give you a free tire if they can't find yours. Actually, no, 2 free tires so that the wear is even on both sides.

Ginny, I hope that you get some good news from your tests.

The dealer found my tire, so I went in to get it put on. They are dropping storage fees for season. They have also changed their storage. Each customer will have designated storage space for as long as they store their tires. They offered to wash my car, but they did it yesterday. I joked they could do the inside. They vaccumed, cleaned winter mats and interior cleaned. The only thing to prep car for spring will be to get the salt off the rug part. While I was really grouchy yesterday, today, they made things right. I have been a loyal customer for 23+ yrs.

Ginny B
April 16th, 2019, 11:15 PM
Suzanne, I am so glad they found your tire. It sounds like they did the right thing for you. And they vacuumed too!

Yes, the report was good. I was a bit nervous because they wanted the nuclear stress done because of a change they saw on my ekg. But there are no blockages, no irregular beats and bp got up to the level they wanted and back down to where it should be within the right amount of time. :) Just a couple of med adjustments and we are good although they want to check on my levels a bit sooner than in the past (2 months instead of 3), just to make sure the new cholesterol med they put me on doesn't mess with my liver enzymes like the last one did. I have tried 3 so hopefully #4 works better.

Feeling less stressed ... even though I didn't realize I was stressed until I felt the difference after the appointment. LOL