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April 11th, 2019, 08:42 AM
Good morning. We have a sunny day again today. WOOHOO!! The snow is slowly melting away.

I folded more fabric again yesterday. I make my own fabric boards from foam board and I had used everything so off to town to get some groceries and more foam board. I also bought some mac tac (my mother would be so proud of me) and recovered my little white cabinet. So today I will continue in the sewing room. Oh never cut foam board on a kitchen table with a knife, I cut my tablecloth. In the garbage it went, haha.

I work tomorrow so that will be a nice change. I will take the baby quilt with me to work on. I am not sure what the weekend will bring but we will deal with that when the time comes.

Have a great day friends.

April 11th, 2019, 10:00 AM
Good morning. Hopefully one day I will have my own sewing room. I have fabric stored everywhere. I am off to the vet hospital. With our pug for a check up. I have a busy afternoon. I want to get my hair cut before my surgery. Then I go for a neck massage.i may not have the energy to sew.
Monique — I guess it is cheaper to use foam board instead of comic boards to store fabric. Never thought to make my own.
Have a good day.

Claire Hallman
April 11th, 2019, 10:16 AM
Good morning peeps. There doesn't seem to be much chatter on the forum today and recently, sorry to see the decrease.
We have a gorgeous day in the making, birds are singing, the sun is shining, the world has been washed clean by the recent rains. I am afraid there are storms coming this weekend though.:(
I managed to get my errant quilt blocks back where they were supposed to be, hope to not have to do that again. I want to get cracking on squaring up the 400 2 1/2" hst that I put together on Tuesday. Then I have that many more + yet to do but I think I will ease into that.
I have some plants to get in the ground after exercise so I might or might not get squaring accomplished today. There is always manana.:D

April 11th, 2019, 10:28 AM
Good morning everyone,
I had a busy day yesterday with errands, visiting mom and accompanying DH to bank. He had been and said I had to sign something. It was 'wear pink in support of anti-bullying". Ladies wore pink tops or sweaters, but our manager wore a pink suit and tie. Quite the sight to see. Didn't ned to sign papers, but DH thought I would get a kick out of that.

Today is my son-in-law's birthday. I want to make some freezer meals this morning. Then I'm going for a massage at lunchtime, so I will probably be jello after that. DH has a fleet meeting tonight, so I might go to the sewing room. When I'm crazy busy with life, I tend to step away from the sewing room. I am itching to quilt.

Enjoy your day. Be safe. Stay warm. Stay dry.

Ginny B
April 11th, 2019, 10:54 AM
Good morning all. It's a cloudy one here today but less windy. Yesterday was a busy day. Had my nuclear stress test in the morning. It was a piece of cake. The hard part for me is lying still in the machine for 15 minutes 2x. If course, now I will worry that even though everything seemed fine to me, my appointment with the PA next week will reveal a problem. Sometimes I think I play mind games with myself.......if I don't worry about something, it will go badly but if I am concerned then all will be well . I know that can't be healthy and I've got to work on getting past that mindset.

My son John came down for an overnight visit on Tuesday. He made me a delicious omelet when I got home from the doctor's. We had a nice visit with him. After he left I headed up to my sewing room for a while and then got a text from Kathryn saying it looked like she would be getting out of her appointment late and could we pick Henry up from school? So that was what occupied our afternoon. It's always fun to be with the grands. I was actually in bed by 9 last night. I was so very tired since I hadn't slept well the night before. Was up before 7 today feeling refreshed and ready to go. I've gotten some things accomplished already this morning and now we will head outside for a bit to do some more clean up. I am having lunch with my friend Ceil at 1 so that will be fun.

Monique, I will keep that foam code board idea in mind. What size do you cut them? Beth, hope all goes well at the vet. Wow Claire, that's a lot of squaring up to do. Suzanne, I love having meals all ready in the freezer. We pulled one out just this past Monday.

I need to work on organizing my scraps. I started a couple years ago then went back to putting them all in the same bin. I have a few of Bonnie Hunter's books that I need to pull out and look through again for motivation to get them organized and made into something warm, pretty and useful.

Ok, break time is over. Time to get moving along again. Have a good day everyone.

April 11th, 2019, 11:11 AM
Good Morning, All ~ The snow stopped about bedtime last night. It rained in the morning, then switched to snow about 12:30. It snowed the rest of the day. Technically, this storm did qualify as a bomb cyclone, due to the low drop in the barometric pressure. But thankfully, we did not have a repeat of the blizzard of March 13, which broke a record in CO. Our paper reported 2", but areas around us got 3-9". Some hwys. on the eastern Plains were closed due to blowing snow & visibility issues. The snow mostly is on the grassy areas. The sun already is coming out & it may get up to 40 deg. today.

Woo hoo! I got the Tiara going yest.! I rethreaded the top, thoroughly cleaned the bobbin case, including that piece by where the thread comes out. I remember seeing a demo. on one of Jamie Wallen's YT videos (about cleaning/maintaining your LA) about running a pin under that to remove any collected lint. I hadn't done that for a while, so maybe that's what it needed. Anyway, when I did all that, the needle picked up the bobbin thread & I was good to go. I did a little practicing, then started straight line quilting with the ruler on one of the mini quilts. Doing the happy dance!

I enjoyed one of Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville quotes:

Quilting is not a hobby. It's an obsession, an occupation, a fascination, an addiction, self-expression,
and a way of life.

How true is that! Have a great quilty day!

Simply Quilting
April 11th, 2019, 12:40 PM
Good Morning! Yesterday was a beautiful day. The weather was in the 70s, the grass is green, flowers and trees are blooming. The children have been able to spend a lot of time outside this week. Here is the downside, the temperature started dropping yesterday evening and continues to drop. We are suppose to be in the 30s this weekend - for the moment they have taken snow out of the forecast but added rain. These up and down weather patterns are paying havoc with migraines.

Yesterday a friend and I worked on designing a custom quilt to raffle/auction off (have not decided which). It is going to be an amazing quilt if we can get permission from the college because of the copyrights with logos. I had said that I would not make another college quilt for this year unless the basketball team won the DII championship. Well, not only did they win the championship but they did it being undefeated for the season and the team in the last three years have won 100 out of 105 games. The guys are great players on the court and wonderful, caring individuals off the court. Just a short story - a couple years ago some of the basketball players went to the local swimming pool, several of the children recognized them. The basketball players didn't have to but did spend time talking and playing water games with the children.

Have a great day everyone :)

April 11th, 2019, 02:27 PM
Good Morning, well afternoon!

Home school this morning with J, we made it through all of it and had time to play several rounds of Dominoes. I'm still wondering what the draw of this language curriculum was, it's rather boring in my eyes. So I supplement with language lessons that I know.

I called the company that trimmed the palm trees last year. I was shocked that they will be here before the end of this week. I'm glad! They'll get the blooms before they open up and drive my head nuts!

Nothing much going on around here. Prayers of praise, and prayers for those in need.

April 11th, 2019, 06:35 PM
Back again. I made the freezer meals after my massage. I made 4 shepherds pie. I add mushroom to the ground beef, then cream & frozen fresh corn from last summer and I add chicken broth, real bacon bits and garlic butter to the mashed patatoes. DH is having a bowl, & gives it thumbs up.

I am so happy that I recieved my long-awaited order from M* of March 14. It arrived in Canada last night, and I got it this morning. Total 28 days. So happy, it had the latest Mod Block book which has the pattern for the antique lace quilt. My bedtime reading.