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April 2nd, 2019, 09:42 AM
Hi all,
I don't see a thread, so will hopefully not be a double double post.

Yesterday was VQC. Since we were short of a person to press and cut, DH came along to press. He is officially the first man to work at our group, possibly our area. I did double duty pressing, cutting sewn blocks and prepping a kit for next month. We realized that 2 people ironing moves things along a lot faster. I decided to make a new pressing mat to use. In the morning, I went to Fabricland for gray iron board cover fabric and heavy stiff batting, then I dug the stash for quilt related fabric. My mat turned out great and was a good test model. I will make one more for the group and for other people. I think this could be a fun seller at craft show.

Today, cleaning lady comes, so I think I will type the genealogy for my daughter. I may get to the sewing room.

Oh yeah. We officially have a chipmunk between the walls of the sewing rooms in the basement. He was struggling to climb up and possibly out. It must be one the young ones, we saw running around. We have to figure out how he got in. If he does get out, we will call an exterminator.

Enjoy your day.

MissMay in Jersey
April 2nd, 2019, 10:14 AM
Just a quick Good Morning to all. So much to do today, pile of mail to go through, bills to pay, laundry to put away, etc., it really piles up. Also need to plan tonight's dinner as DS#1 will be over after work. Son lives alone so it's time for a good home cooked dinner for him, us too as DH and I have been eating out of the freezer lately. Pork tenderloin with Rib sauce, baked sweet potatoes, green salad should do it and some fresh fruits for dessert. 158435

Claire Hallman
April 2nd, 2019, 10:23 AM
My order that was supposed to arrive yesterday has been delayed, hope it comes today.
Yesterday was too busy to get in the sewing room anyway. I did have to put something in there late yesterday and unbeknownst to me the cat followed me. Luckily DH heard him crying and let him out before he wrecked the place.:D

We went to exercise, changed linens, washed, then put out mulch in the front beds, altogether a good day. I am a bit sore since this was the first zumba after the cataract surgery, it was hard to keep up after 6 weeks away.:( I will go back today and try to work some kinks out.
Anyone have recommendations for an old fashioned looking quilt using 3 layer cakes?

Ginny B
April 2nd, 2019, 11:02 AM
Good morning all. It's a nice sunny morning here even if it isn't quite as warm as it looks. We are pretty much all set and ready to head to CT this morning. We will be there until Friday. Just doing some last minute things before heading out.

Suzanne, how nice that your hubby stepped in to help with the pressing. May, that dinner sounds delish. I am sure your son will love it. Claire, sure looks like you had a busy day yesterday. maybe your order will arrive today and you can get into your sewing room for some sew-time. Watch out for the cat. :icon_happy:

OK, time to get a couple more things done and then pack up the car and off we go. I'll check in and see how you all are doing.
Have a good day and be safe and warm and dry. Looks like some wet weather in a good portion of the country over the next couple of days.

April 2nd, 2019, 01:51 PM
I am late to the party here but my internet had been out since last night.

I am now finished the binding on the butterfly quilt and it is in the washing machine right now. An update on my niece is that her port is now in and it went relatively smooth. She starts chemo in a week from now.

Hopefully this cold will take a hike soon. I have a supper meeting tonight and I will run a few errands while I am out.

Well that is it for me.

Have a great day everyone.

April 2nd, 2019, 04:01 PM
Good Afternoon ~ I popped in briefly at 6 a.m. but didn't have time to start the daily thread. I've been busy in the kitchen all morning mixing up my turkey patties, making DH's salads, & running to the bsmt. to do laundry. It feels good to sit down for a few min.

It's cloudy today & in the 50's. I went out a few min. ago & put out fresh water for the birds. I know for sure it's spring now. The grackles have shown up! Pesky, noisy birds. When we used to have our bird feeders, they could flip out & eat the seeds & empty the feeder in one day. There are many more robins around now, too.

There were 4 rabbits in the back yard this a.m. I still think it must be mating season the way they chase each other around. Later in the a.m. 2 rabbits were in the neighbors' yard. One was up on their deck, right by their sliding glass door. That's the first time I've ever seen one up on the deck. There are several steps to get up there. I'm surprised their dogs didn't see it & come out of the doggie door.

DS#2 worked for a HS buddy yest. & is working for him today. He's still waiting to hear back on the warehouse job.

Later today I hope to do more FMQ practice. I'm still working just on a sample block.

April 2nd, 2019, 05:13 PM
Good afternoon All.

What would a 48x48 quilt be considered? Is that wall or lap quilt size?

Still working on my Ss today, with hubbies help yesterday I was able to get quite a bit done. He is the best at squaring up!

Looks like Nolan will be flying in next Friday and staying until Tuesday. His grandmothers service will be on Saturday.
It will be a good opportunity for me to get the sewing room tidied and cleaned for him to stay in.

I am in love with wool applique! I’ve been researching and discovered the wool box. I signed up for it, it’s 66.00 every other month but if you want a past month it’s 86.00! Why they jack the price by 20.00 I don’t know but I can’t afford to spend an extra 20.00 to get the March box so I will just have to wait until May. In the mean time I’ll look for a more beginner friendly project to do in between quilting projects.

April 2nd, 2019, 09:01 PM
What a day. School w/ J, grocery store, jim cooked dinner and slightly cleaned up, and confirmed my ortho appt. I'm pooped!

April 2nd, 2019, 10:55 PM
Want to let u know Katrina , I am thinking of you.