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April 1st, 2019, 07:45 AM
Well good morning friends. It has been a great weekend. Friday morning hubby says "Want to go for a ride?" Well go for a ride we did. We headed to Barrie, Ontario for some antiqueing. It was nice to get away. We didn't buy anything and I did get to a quilt store. All I bought there were binding clips, no fabric.

March came in like a lamb and she sure did go out like a lion. We did get snow where we were but the roads home were good. Saturday it rained all day. This better be the end of it.

So needless to say I didn't get started on the butterfly quilt yet so I guess that is what I will do today. I still feel crappy from the cold but I will survive (just barely)..

Anywho, have a great day friends. Katrina, I hope you heal quickly.

April 1st, 2019, 08:22 AM
Good Morning,

It's change of plans Monday. Jim over slept, Nana called and woke him up. She picked up the kids and is going to keep them today. So. I'll call ortho and get an appt. for sometime this week.

Not a lot going on here until dinner, I guess.

Have a great day!

April 1st, 2019, 08:36 AM
Good Morning,

It's change of plans Monday. Jim over slept, Nana called and woke him up. She picked up the kids and is going to keep them today. So. I'll call ortho and get an appt. for sometime this week.

Not a lot going on here until dinner, I guess.

Have a great day!

Take it easy today.

April 1st, 2019, 08:46 AM
Good morning,

I'm glad that you got away Monique. I am so ready for some road tripping.

This weekend's plans turned like the weather. No shopping trip on Saturday, so I quilted. Yesterday I helped my DD after lunch, cutting up veggies and folding laundry and picking up while 2 GKs were at oldest GD birthday. They are cleaning out storage in basement, so I kept the youngest one busy.

I finished the binding on two quilts, and all that is needed is for DH to make the labels. Today is VQC and we are short of a cutter and person to iron blocks, so DH is coming along. I may make a new large pressing cloth as the one they have is pretty flimsy. No other plans as that will be enough.

Don't be fooled -today. I sent an email to M* re my 2 missing undelivered orders. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Enjoy your day.

Star lover
April 1st, 2019, 08:53 AM
Good Morning to all!!!

I’m back.....tired.....exhausted, but here. Gonna take some time to get through all the posts I’ve missed.

Monique, sounds like a wonderful weekend!
Katrina, I saw that you broke your wrist. Wow! Scary, take good care of yourself. Hugs....gentle, painless hugs!
Saw that Sugar is back! Yippee! I’ve often thought of her and hope she continues feeling better all the time.

Got to see my mother. I hadn’t seen her in over 2x1/2 years. We talk at least twice a week, but nothing beats being with someone. I miss her already.

Well, I’m off....boat load of laundry, lots of cathing up, errands.......guess there’s not going to be too much resting....

Hope y’all have a wonderful day.....Trivia will come maybe tomorrow.......nomtime right now.


April 1st, 2019, 09:09 AM
Good Morning ~ Hard to believe it's April already. We're supposed to have sunshine today & close to 60 deg.

I did some practice FMQ yesterday! Finally! No apparent aggravation to my L. hand, which is good. I had 2 sample blocks that I practiced on. They were the Japanese Cross & Plus pattern. I did 1 entire block & part of another.

Today DH has a routine dr. appt. (every 4 mos.); the dr. checks his sodium level. He has chronic Hyponatremia (low sodium level in the blood). He is on a fluid restriction & takes salt tabs. every day. I'm sure he'll have to take the salt tabs. the rest of his life. They're over the counter, but not everyone carries them. Walmart orders them in for us; their price is more reasonable than Walgreen's or Amazon.

Yest. I took advantage of a free shipping Easter sale from Christian Book Distributors to order more boxed greeting cards & 3 Amish fiction books.

Time to get DH's breakfast & get the laundry going.

April 1st, 2019, 09:25 AM
I ordered my first "payfor:" embroider design yesterday. Downloaded it successfully (yeah) and then looked at the number of stitches (52000). Not sure if this is really the one I need. That will take almost 2 hours to make and I will need 24 to make this quilt I'm doing. Maybe I'll just put this one in the center and do some simpler ones around it. Oh, the quilt is the rick rack quilt but you will all be surprised with my color way. Can't wait to show ;you.
//bitter cold wind yesterday and I doubt today will improve much. 5

Simply Quilting
April 1st, 2019, 09:48 AM
Good Morning! First off, the MSQC Fall Forum Retreat Registration is up. Please go to https://forum.missouriquiltco.com/showthread.php?t=80418 for information and the registration link. Once you get registered, please send me a PM so we can get you into the Fall Forum Retreat group.

It was a good weekend. Middle son had his final bowling weekend for this spring. Last weekend he had bowled a 200 game which was his all time high and high for the teens this session. Then we went up to the in-laws to watch the local college team play in the national championship. They won the game and didn't lose a game all season so the record is 38-0 which is the only 5th time in NCAA history of a team having a perfect season record.

There is the usual Monday morning activities that will probably be put on the back burner as little one is sick - fever and stuffy nose. He has not been sleeping well and you can just tell that he does not feel good. So lots and lots of cuddles for him today. Also planning on picking up the dog from the vet today. She has been sick - loosing a lot of weight. Thankfully, the problem was found and she is on the mend. Needless to say with everything going on, it is doubtful that I get to the sewing room anytime soon.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone :)

MissMay in Jersey
April 1st, 2019, 09:52 AM
Rest that wrist Katrina. Welcome back Anita.

March did go out like a lamb with a light rain before afternoon sunshine and now I'm looking forward to some flowers and greening of lawns. Woke up and everything is moving without too much effort so I'm looking forward to a good day to sew, hope you all have a good one also.

April 1st, 2019, 11:33 AM
Good morning. I had to put my winter coat back on this morn. It will be a sunny, cold, and windy day. Went to the gym, so now I can do some sewing. I also want to plan some dinners for the week.
Good to see Anita is back. Katrina— take care of your wrist.

April 1st, 2019, 11:36 AM
That was nice.. The ER called to follow up and they helped get the appt set up for me. Friday at 3:10. Jim will be off so he can go,too. I went back to bed after Nana let me know she was keeping the kids. I'm resting with my wrist propped up on a sofa pillow watching tv...I know why I stay busy!

April 1st, 2019, 02:59 PM
Anita, glad to see you back. Katrina, ouch on your wrist ; not your dominant hand was it? Hope all who has pain today has an easier afternoon & week. Finishing up a quilt from he double hockey sticks. It has been a challenge.

Be safe, be well & take care of each other.


April 1st, 2019, 05:43 PM
Good afternoon All.

Rainy, gloomy day here. I feel like Eyore. It’s been a struggle to get going on anything today. I finished my month 2 on my fig tree wool bom yesterday and have been researching wool and wool projects on the internet since. It seems primitive gatherings has a wool subscription box (there is a subscription box for everything now a days). I might call when there open tomorrow and ask for a recommendation for a beginner project. I have been working on my SS project and am a little discouraged that it’s not going together as nice as I would like. I feel like since it’s going to be a gift, I want it to be my best work, and I want my best work to be better than it is!

April 1st, 2019, 09:20 PM
Gina, unfortunately it is my right, dominant hand. You should see me pouring the water into the coffeemaker with my left hand! So far I've hit the reservoir without making too much of a mess.