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March 16th, 2019, 08:04 AM

Well good morning. I have been up since dark forty, geezwhiz. Today is our last day with Maizyn. We had a wonderful girl's day yesterday. We went to the sugar bush and then later when to a movie. It rained in the morning but stopped thankfully.

With all this rain, I had a leaky ceiling in our bedroom last night. UGH!! Will have to get that looked at but I am not going up there to fix it. I don't think it is supposed to rain today.

Les and I are going to have our own adventures today. He wants to stop at a couple of antique stores along the way. I have accepted to work Monday and Tuesday is VQ day.

Busy busy.

Enjoy your Saturday friends.

March 16th, 2019, 09:13 AM
Good Morning, Monique & Everyone ~ I had a busy day yest. Our senior fellowship at church was good. The speakers were from a local mortuary; they did a presentation on pre-planning. Lunch was lasagna. So nice to eat food which someone else prepared & have good conversation. Made a stop to turn in the signed papers to the CPA so she can send in our taxes electronically & paid her. A stop at the bank, the post office, Vit. Cot., & the LQS. I didn't need anything except some retail therapy. It's always fun to look even if you don't buy. She had some lovely charm packs of 150 squares by Jenny Byer, but the price was too high for me. I did buy the end of a discontinued bolt for 50% off -- only 1.3 yds. I was home before my 3 p.m. deadline, when DH takes his shower. I pretty much run my life around DH's daily schedule. It's very frustrating at times, but it's the reality of life when one is a caregiver.

I put on some really big beets to cook at 4 p.m. They were done by the time DH went to bed --6 p.m. So I worked in the kitchen for 2 hrs. before eating my supper, which I usually fix at 8 p.m. I know, not your usual schedule. I'm still sort of on my swing shift hrs. when it comes to meals. I have a snack while watching the eve. news which holds me over till supper.

My plans today are to change DH's bed, air the pillows outside in the sun, do laundry, do some vac.'g, & hopefully make it to the sewing room some time today.

March 16th, 2019, 10:18 AM
Good morning. We landed in Philly last night at 11:30. We were home and in bed around 1 am. It is unpacking and catching up day around here. The animals were glad to see us. I was able to stop at a quilt shop in Rapid and found some patterns. It is easy to pack those,. I hope to get my sewing mojo back since it has been a week or 2 since I sewed.

Have a good day

March 16th, 2019, 10:24 AM
Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Temps will be in the mid to upper 30's today, with a slight chance of snow. Such a difference from Thursday, when we had temps near 70 and rain.

I took Thursday off to meet with a roofer at Mom's house. The company sent me five emails and one text confirming the appointment, and the guy was a no-show! Now the hunt is on for a new roofer. My city belongs to a heritage home program, I'm pretty sure Mom's house meets the criteria. I'm going to contact them and see if they can recommend a reputable company. Maybe it is fate...the letter about the program arrived the same day as the botched appointment.

One of my workmates persuaded me to make our boss a pillow for her birthday. I made a wallhanging with our new mascot on it, and the boss liked it so much, she said she would like one as a pillow for her new office. My co-worker will pay for the materials and I will do the sewing. I think I can wait until May to start, but I will have to move-up my timetable on another project to do it. Fortunately, we have a great boss, so she is worth it.

Enjoy your weekend!

March 16th, 2019, 10:32 AM
Good morning All.

6 am for me here. I’ve been up a couple of times through the night and will hopefully fall asleep for a morning nap before I get up-up.
Got my secret Santa name from Carly . Oh goodie, goodie, let the sleuthing begin.

I called to check on my court case yesterday and found out that opposing council had filed their brief (instead of the extension we were expecting) and my case went under advisement with the judge on the 11th. In 4-6 month this years long ordeal will be decided. Either yae ,Nay, or remand for another hearing. It’s amazing to me how long these cases can drag out. I heard of a new precedent set recently, that says any ruling not made by an appointed administrative law judge, if denied or dismissed before such and such date, can be reheard. A lot of cases fall into that category so now the already year + backlog is going to get much worse.

In the sewing room I’m making my red,white, & blue sunbonnet sues, I really love sunbonnet Sue. I added the overall Sam die to my wishlist yesterday, I’d like to make a quilt using both of them someday, it’s on the bucket list. Today though, I’m going to finish my current project with her so I can get back to my other projects.

March 16th, 2019, 10:40 AM
Morning quilty friends!

The new job seems to be going well! I am learning so much being a Product/Marketing Specialist in the retail world!

My daughter Halona has been in a one act melo-drama play at school called Curse You, Jack Dalton. Halona plays the matriarch mother to Jack Dalton. She seemed so "refined" in her role and it is a major step in her theatrical troupe performances at the high school level. I was proud as punch for her last night. Today, she is competing with her group in northern Vermont today and the troupe will be performing at the major theater here in Rutland in a week and a half.

Today and tomorrow I am off work and will be organizing my sewing stash for things to donate to the quilt guild I belong to; preparing for our annual guild auction. So many decisions to make regarding the "declutter: of the stash! Planning what to keep and trying to organize the creations I hope to accomplish the rest of this year. So many UFOs!

Hubby is considering a new career change in the next couple of weeks; he may have an opportunity to get a job closer to home and cut out many, many miles of commute should he get to embark on a new career. I have high hopes and everyone cross their fingers for DH!

I hope everyone has an accomplished weekend and creates to their heart's content!

March 16th, 2019, 10:43 AM
Good Morning All,

Yesterday was fun. It was nice to visit with the ladies at Palm Tree again. They're going up on their prices, but that's to be expected. One of their ladies retired and they've hired someone new. They oooooooo'ed and ahhhhhhhhh'ed over Irish Friends. Then when Hex-a-lot came out of the bag, they really were wowed. I chose a pretty purple for the hexie and Carolina blue for Irish Friends. lol, don't tell my son that went to NC State!

A trip next door to Cinnamon's was next. I bought fabric to work on Gracie's Phoebe's Flower box and a dark blue contrast for the Garden Rose I'm going to make for Dot's friends. That should keep me out of trouble for a while, anyway.

We stopped for lunch, after that I was ready to go home! I was pleasantly stuffed and it was starting to get hot.

After a rest, I was ready to get back to work. I vacuumed the great room and straightened up the dining area. I still have a couple of stacks of school stuff to figure out where they need to be stored. I'm beginning to wonder if I should go ahead and insulate and dry wall the garage so I can use it for school stuff storage... but then I'd have to figure out what to do with the stuff that's out there!

I refreshed my memory on Phoebe's Flower Box after our 'ice cream dinner' and sewed all of the strips together. I pressed them and hung them on the ironing board. That was it, I was done for the day. There are so many dark strips in the jelly roll I bought, I'm wondering if I should use the rhubarb blender I bought for the sashing for the blocks. I'll cut them out shortly and see how I feel about it. I have a bluish, dark gray that I had bought for it... but seeing the strips out, I'm questioning myself.

Whelp. The nose twitch thing Samantha did, still doesn't work for me. Time to get busy.

Prayers for those in need, there are so many. Prayers of praise for Carol's surgery yesterday, and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

Claire Hallman
March 16th, 2019, 10:58 AM
Happy National Quilting day friends!
I hope to finish up the bindings on two quilts [one almost done hand sewing to the back, one to be machine wavy stitched] then perhaps finish the walking foot quilting on a small throw before starting anything new.
I am itching to start a new to me project. I bought a "kit" from a friend in Jan. have pulled more fabric from my stash to add and want to make it bigger than the pattern calls for.:icon_heh: It will be set on point so how to make it bigger??? perhaps make another diagonal row of blocks, maybe two rows???:0

March 16th, 2019, 11:31 AM
The sun is shining, and it's going to be another mild day. Snow is melting off the roof fast and the side pergola has a 5' frozen wall of ice that we expect will fall off today. Luckily the streets are not too flooded. This weather is perfect for flowing of sap from maple trees, and many sugar bushes are starting to open. Monique, that's always a fun visit with GKs.

Yesterday was a cooking day at my DD. I cut up all the veggies, fruits, cooked the beef, chicken and pulled pork. It will be an assemble-it-yourself tortilla wrap. She also made ice cream cup cakes and the birthday cake. Her MIL kept the older 2 busy. Thank God she is deaf from one ear, and patient. I would have sat them down long before. Birthday is at 3 today.

SCREAM MOMENT: We invited DH's family to drop by for lunch before the party. We wanted to give baby Michael the elephant quilt we made for him. As I was wrapping it, I noticed a pink glow around one of the elephants. I ran out of the white glue when I was doing the applique, so I used the SewLine brand of fabric glue. It is light magenta. So I am madly soaking and spraying with OxiClean-clean spray and clothes soap, in the hopes it comes out, and doesn't come back. I also have the Fons & Porter sticks which are blue and now wondering whether this will appear. Has this happened to anyone?

It's seems this is a busy time for everyone. I think this is another sign of spring. Enjoy your day. Be safe. Stay warm and stay dry.

Ginny B
March 16th, 2019, 12:14 PM
Good morning all. Happy National Quilting Day. A good portion of my day will be spent in the kitchen. I'll be getting our Shepherd's Pie for tomorrow's dinner put together and I will probably make the soda bread today so we can have it with breakfast tomorrow. <br>
Yesterday was a busy day with laundry, a trip back to the local nursery to pick up some hyacinth plants (plus a few other things, lol), an eye doctor appointment and a hunt to find the prescription he ordered. We went to my usual pharmacy but they said they didn't have anything ready for me even though I received a text saying it was ready. She checked and said it was at one of their other stores in the other side of town. So off we headed and, nope, they didn't have it either. The lady checks on the computer and says, no, it is at another one of their stores one town over. So we were about to trek over there when the pharmacist heard what was going on and came out and said that he would transfer to their system and fill it. So, why didn't the first one do that? Sheesh. Anyway, got the drops and hopefully they will help. Seems I have a blocked oil bland in my upper eyelid and that's what is causing the runny, itchy eye and blurring. He numbed my eye and worked on trying to unclog it and said he did make some progress. It was weird seeing him putting a small instrument into my eye. He didn't want to change my script for my glasses because he wants to see if there is still a change after this clears up. My other eye had virtually no change. I am hoping the drops work because if not, the next step involves a specialist and a needle. <img src="images/smilies/purplesmilieset/icon_scared.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Icon Scared" smilieid="89" class="inlineimg"><br>
Sherri, I am glad to hear you are enjoying your new job and hope your dh gets to make the career move he wants. <br>
Looks like everyone has a lot of projects on their lists and in the works. Here's to a productive weekend in the sewing room. Have a good day everyone.

March 16th, 2019, 12:41 PM
Oh happy day everyone! Looks like everyone is busy today. Work was extremely busy this past week, but got it all done and did not need to go in today. Yay for that. Walking group was four of us this morning for 5 miles. Although the arthritis was bothering me, was still able to do the full 5. progress! This was followed by breakfast and chit chat, before all heading home for the rest of our weekends. I'm about to hit the sewing room in a bit, before meeting another friend for lunch. Heard about this BBQ place nearby that is supposed to be ranked 6 in the state. Hopefully thee line is not to long. They open at 11:30 and close when they run out. Hopefully they still have some when we get there at 1. If not, we'll head to another place a block away and get crawfish.

Julie, finding decent contractors is so frustrating. Good luck.

Sherrie, glad to hear the new job is going good. Prayers that your DH gets the new one he's hoping for and congrats to your DD.

Katrina, I can understand why the ladies were wowed by both of your quilts.

Suzanne, hope your efforts can get that glue out. That would be a scream moment for me too. Have fun at the party.

Joy, you are always so busy. DH is lucky to have you there to take care of him. You reminded me I need to change bed sheets today, and check one more thing on my taxes. I always do mine and other family member's using TurboTax. Mailed off Mom and my brother theirs yesterday. Mom doesn't want hers to be electronically filed, so I always need to print it and mail to her and wait for her questions.

Well, time to get busy folks. Have a good day.

March 16th, 2019, 04:37 PM
I'm taking a break now. I'm glad to sit down after the morning's bed change, vacuuming, dusting, 2 loads of laundry, etc. Changing DH's bed always is a chore because he has the head of the bed elevated 6" on a platform that he built because of his reflux issues. The sunny day is nice; so far the temp. is up to 57 deg. I had a snack & I'm ready to fix a c. of coffee & hit the recliner for a while.

I was just going through my Thrift Books shipping e-m's. All 14 books shipped yest. from various places: Portland, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Reno, & St. Louis. They'll start showing up in a few days. Lots of good reading ahead!

Today I got an e-m from the Lyons Quilt Store; Kaffe Fassett is coming in Sept. The owner there stocks a wide selection of KF fabrics. Some of the women in my guild teach classes there on a regular basis. It's a great shop. I haven't been there is a couple yrs. I've really been trying to use from my stash.