View Full Version : Friday Trivia: Beauty Contest?

Star lover
March 8th, 2019, 09:01 AM
In the beauty pageants at the Al Dhafra Festival in Abu Dhabi and the King Abdulaziz Festival in Saudi Arabia, judges look for contestants with soulful eyes framed by lush eyelashes, a long neck, big feet, sturdy legs and, of course, a well-placed hump.

That's because the pageants are for camels. With big prize money at stake in these competitions, controversies can arise. At the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in 2018, a handful of contestants were disqualified for plumping their lips with Botox injections.


March 8th, 2019, 09:14 AM
:icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_ rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl:

Aren't they adorable! At least in pictures.

March 8th, 2019, 09:49 AM
Like a halter class at a horse show.

March 8th, 2019, 04:00 PM

We have the same sense of humor, lol. Are we sisters?