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February 23rd, 2019, 10:26 AM
Good Morning All,

I didn't see a post for Sat. AM, so here goes.

Yesterday was busy! No kids, can't get out of the driveway because the next door neighbors are putting on a new roof busy. At least with the new windows, the noise wasn't bad at all!

I wasn't planning to go out anyway, so I wasn't worried about their truck blocking my car...not that I could drive it anyway.

I worked on Nana and Nandy's Garden Star yesterday. All of the half square triangles are done, squared up and clipped together in sets. All of the center four patches are done. The corner four patches (white and color) are partially done. The goal is to finish them this morning and get everything pressed nice and flat. Then the sorting of blocks, I don't want them to get too dark or too light. I'm hoping to get the sashings cut today as it's another no kids day. I've missed piecing!

I'm down to the last 10 hexies to make into flowers! I'm excited. Hopefully next week I can start adding to the rows! Even more hopefully, it won't be in the upper 80s while I'm working with all of that on my lap!

Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

February 23rd, 2019, 10:53 AM
Good morning Katrina and all to follow. You are so busy all the time. I slept in this morning and it sure felt good. We were expecting rain all day today, so we called off this week's Saturday walk. 3 of us will walk tomorrow instead. Went to see the musical Mama Mia last night with a friend. Met 2 of her other friends for dinner and the show also. It was fun but man was I tired when I plopped into bed after midnight.

Work has been very busy, juggling a few projects. I finally told the boss she can make me an offer for full time instead of contract work. You could see the stress released when I did. She had asked a few times before and I said no. They have excellent benefits, so it will be a good thing in the end. The team has opened up and realize that my focus is to help and to teach, and so now they seem to be eager to pick my brain.

On the home front, I have been cutting squares for the matching patchwork quilts I need to make for a client. Hope to finish today and get them spread out on the floor. Then historically it takes me several days of moving them around before I settle on a layout. After that, I hope to be busy with chain piecing. Next Saturday is a local guild's quilt show I will attend with a friend.

Prayers for all those in need. There are so many. Praying the Lord will help all and bring peace, healing and strength. Love you all and I miss you during the week when i'm not on here.

February 23rd, 2019, 10:54 AM
Good morning Katrina and all who follow,

I figured I'm not up early enough to post first. You are getting lots done on your quilts. I am impressed with all your energy, teaching and babysitting GKs, and your progress on the Hexies quilt. I know that I am not there yet in my quilt journey to take on this type of project. I would be upset if someone blocked me out of our driveway, but like you said, you're not going anywhere.

I was feeling overwhelmed yesterday. I picked up food for tonight's party, and have it all planned. Why do I think I am the organizer of great parties like I could before the concussions. I also picked up most of the food for the farewell dinner at the retreat. Just one more item to pick up and I can start cooking it Sunday. I made the dessert for tonight's meal, and Ohhh, I will have to share it later. It is really good, light and tasty.

I had to make large detour to get to mom's place as there was a big accident at a major intersection, involving multiple cars and rescue trucks and ambulances. When I got to her room, I found mom was confused and the curtains drawn. She said she was hungry, but said she went to the store and bought balogna to make a sandwich. I reminded her of where she was and opened the curtains. They should have had her in the dining room since it was lunchtime. When I found staff to move her with the lift to her chair, she was laying in a open diaper. I lost it. Then I noticed that she has lost weight. Her cough is not improving like it was last week, but not surprising as she was laying flat down. I suspect bronchitis, but I know that her regular doctor is away and staff turn the other way unless you are there every day. I will set up a meeting, again, with head staff, but they are always in. I get frustrated and spread thin but feel I am loosing the battle as there is no one else to advocate for her. Elaine will visit her next week and send me updates. Hopefully, I will have cell phone access. Apparently many do not.

Off to get the day started. DH is still sleeping, but if I make enough noise, he gets up. He's up, so I'm off and running. ,

Have a good day. Stay warm. Stay dry. Be safe from nature's wrath.

February 23rd, 2019, 12:10 PM
Suzanne you certainly have your hands full with your mom. I hope the staff will realize how neglectful they have been. Hope fully you can think about your party more and just put your troubles behind you for a few days.
Katrina, I agree that you must be the busiest amongst us.
Karen, the job sounds good although I can't imagine giving up my retirement. But it is always nice to feel needed.
Raining here AGAIN, but at least not snow. Feels cold and damp this morning but when I say thisIthink about you folks us there in north of me. I saw the highs in the upper Midwest in the 30's. Oh my. I count my blessings.
Can't get little Cohen off my mind and I'm not sleeping. I put together a quilt for him yesterday and after looking at it sandwiched think maybe it is too babyish. 5 going on 6 seems like a baby to me but I'm sure he wants to feellike a big boy.
DH mashed his finger which is very arthritic and now its infected. He asked if we have any antibiotics. He won't go to a doctor. DS gave me some antibiotics he got in Mexico on a trip because he knows we won't go to a doctor. I hope they help.

February 23rd, 2019, 02:03 PM
157795 One down... 35 more to go.

February 23rd, 2019, 03:37 PM
Good Morning ~ I'm just now getting here. I've been doing laundry, making DH's salads for the next 2 days, & then had a phone call from a quilting friend, so that took up almost an hour. It was good to chat with her. She grew up in PA in Amish country.

I think I have a very small opening in my hand incision. It stings & hurts mores. Yest. eve. I started putting antibiotic oint. on it. I keep it covered with a band aide & wear a glove when I do the dishes, etc. I'll baby it a few more days & see how it does. I have a follow-up appt. in March.

My SIL was kept another day in the hosp. Yest. she had not been able to stand yet. They ARE going to allow her to have 4 wks. of therapy & rehab., for which I'm very thankful. She needs to be able to get around in their apt. by herself; her dau. has to work part time, & the caregivers are there only part time.

It was cloudy all day yest. Never got above 30 deg. Had a light dusting of snow in the morning, then a steady snowfall in the late afternoon & eve. Everything was white this a.m. Maybe 1-1.5" depth. It was a wet snow, so it clung to the tree limbs & bushes. Very pretty. Our snow angel came & shoveled for us. I heard Denver got 8". It's already up into the 40's, so melting has started. Our driveway is almost dry.

Suzanne ~ Sorry to hear about the issues with your mom. It pays to stay on top of things. Let your voice be heard! If you see any signs of neglect, report them. If she has bronchitis, the head of her bed should be elevated a bit to make it easier for her to breathe. She also needs to be turned & positioned with pillows at least every 2 hrs. Sometimes patients get confused it there is infection going on, esp. a UTI, or electrolytes are out of balance.

Well, time to check on my clothes in the dryer. Have a good week end.

Ginny B
February 23rd, 2019, 07:34 PM
Good evening all. It's been a busy day. Got the pantry cleaned out and reorganized, kitchen cleaned, lists made and hubby went and got the grocery shopping done. He is going to be cooking dinner so I don't need to head into the kitchen again until it's time to eat. :) He is making me chicken marsala. Yum.

Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear about the issues with your mom. Are there any other options for her? Katrina, Nana and Nandy are going to love the quilt. Joy, my sister-in-law sent me pictures of the snow they got . They live in Denver. It looked so pretty. Karen, good luck with the matching quilts. Terry, I am sure Cohen will love the quilt.

Looks like we will be having a quick visit from sons 1 and 2 tomorrow. I still had some things up at their place from when everyone was here earlier in the month. They figured they would come down for a visit and bring everything to me. It will be nice to have them here even if it is only for a few hours. We decided on having a nice soup and sandwich lunch with them instead of a large dinner since they want to get back on the road home by late afternoon. Of course, I will also bake them some cookies.

I hope everyone had good day today and will have an enjoyable evening. Prayers for all those in need.

Navy Wife
February 23rd, 2019, 08:20 PM
We have had 4 inches of rain since 2 AM. Add that to the nearly 7 we have had just this month, and another 2 or 3 expected tonight. We are all trying to keep our heads above water! We live on a big hill, so we are safe, but DH is considering getting out some boat plans! So far, no one has been injured or drowned, but some of the idiots are doing their best. I'm glad it isn't snow!