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February 12th, 2019, 09:25 AM
Good morning,

"Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning." We are expecting a dump of snow later this aft into Wednesday. 12-16" of snow with strong winds. People are taking it seriously. Quilter's are also. They cancelled to ight's guild meeting.

I'm off to my GF to quilt charity quilts this morning before the storm starts. I don't want to be on country roads later. Yesterday I finished the musical quilt for a friend. It was panels and borders. A quick one, didn't want to overthink this one. I will quilt it later.

Sending warm wishes and positive vibes to Barb and others, and pets having health issues. Stay warm. Stay dry. Stay off the roads as we brace for a nasty one.


February 12th, 2019, 09:30 AM
Suzanne, we were posting at the same time!

Good Morning!

February 12th, 2019, 09:41 AM
Dang! Oh well.

February 12th, 2019, 10:14 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ Much milder this a.m. at 28 deg. It's supposed to be sunny & 50. Maybe close to 60 tomorrow. Oh, Suzanne, that is a LOT of snow you're expecting. I'd be taking it seriously, too.

Tonight is our guild meeting, too. We'll be at the new location, which is clear up on the opposite end of town from me. It will add to the commute time. New instructions are no food, only water in containers. That will cramp the style of many who usually bring a quick fast food supper or snack. Maybe I can suck on some hard candy or something to get me through the eve. I don't like to eat supper before going; it's too early & not my usual supper time. DH already is nervous about my being further away. He doesn't like to be left alone in the eve., even though he's in bed. Guild is the only time I go out in the eve.

Well, DH is waiting for his breakfast, so on with my day.

Ginny B
February 12th, 2019, 10:40 AM
Good morning all. It's grey here today so far and we are expecting some snow to begin shortly. Not expecting much in accumulation. Maybe 2" or so around here. But there will be sleet and ice on top of that and that is what is prompting some schools and organizations to cancel for today. It will be bad on the roads this afternoon. Unfortunately, Henry's school is not one of those that opted to close so I will probably need to go over to sit with Tessa while Kathryn picks him up. They haven't used any of their snow days yet this winter so I think that they could have used a day and kept people off the roads this afternoon.

Be safe and warm all those in the path of nasty weather.

February 12th, 2019, 11:02 AM
Good morning. We are dealing with a little sleet and later rain. My DH shoveled before he left for the
hospital. Not much on my schedule today. I have a massage later and then will find some time to sew.

Have a good day and stay warm and safe