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January 28th, 2019, 08:36 AM
Good morning friends. It was a relatively quiet weekend. We did venture to town yesterday as Les is going to be using his sister's car for the next few days. That way I won't have to take him to work for 8 when he starts at 10. The only sewing I did was hem two pairs of pants for my brother-in-law.

My niece has made it public now about her lung cancer. She has Stage 3a non-small cell lung cancer. She sees the surgeon tomorrow to discuss the options available and will have surgery next week I believe. I know you have her in your prayers, thank you.

My friend Sandy continues to improve by leaps and bounds. They call her Super Woman. And thank you once again friends for having Sandy in your prayers too.

Today is a work day, but I work until 6. Dressing warm as it is extremely cold here with more snow coming, 8+ inches. We have enough already, thank you. So I shall continue with the butterfly quilt.

Only 8 sleeps left. I think we will travel to Ottawa on Monday after Les is done working and stay with Greg and Ashley as they live relatively close to the airport. We leave the next day.

And so on that note, have a wonderful day friends. Stay safe and stay warm.

Star lover
January 28th, 2019, 08:45 AM
Good morning quilting friends!

Oh Monique, I will continue to pray for your niece. I’m so thankful Sandy is doing well!
It’s soooo cold here and gonna get colder. By Wednesday the high will be -3, windchill -35! We had 4” of snow Sunday (they said a dusting!) they’re predicting anywhere from 5-8” today. We’ll see.

Monique, one of your suitcases may be a bit heavier than you thought!.......I’d love to stowaway and be somewhere just a bit warmer.


I think you’re vacation timing is perfect!

Prayers for Joy, she’s having carpel tunnel surgery tomorrow. Also love and hugs to her.

Hope y’all are staying warm and safe. Have a snuggly day!

January 28th, 2019, 09:16 AM
Good morning. 28 degrees now but no precipitation . Yesterday I finally finished sewing the last 2 borders onto my quilt. Now to order the wide backing for it. I will have to regroup and then start my new project.
I have time this week to cont. to declutter cabinets and take donations to Goodwill.

Monique— just saw on the news that Havana Cuba was hit with a tornado last night.

Have a good day.


January 28th, 2019, 09:25 AM
Good Morning Everyone...We had some interesting weather yesterday. In the morning it snowed and by early afternoon it was in the high 40s and everything melted off, even most of the layer of ice we have had for weeks. Now we are a huge mud hole. I didn't hear about the tornado in Havana.

I feel good today and I have hopes of doing some more cutting on the wedding quilt. I got the background fabric Saturday. I will buy the border fabric later after I see how the quilt comes together.

Monique, so glad to hear about Sandy and that your niece's treatment will start soon. Yes, they will remain in my prayers.

Have a great day everyone....

January 28th, 2019, 10:09 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's snowing. I peeked outside at 2 a.m., & it wasn't doing anything then. It looks like maybe an inch on the picnic table. This is supposed to be a quick mover, so hopefully we won't get too much. Then bitter cold tonight & in the morning.

I posted late yest. about the day's activities. Today will be more housecleaning & laundry. I need to get my things together to take with me for my carpal tunnel release surgery -- all my OR packet paper work, wrist splint, pain Rx, glasses case, etc. DH is anxious about how we are going to manage, but I think we'll do ok. I have an offer of help from a friend at church if I need it. I'm just hoping I won't have too much pain. I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain. I'll post again later when I know the time of my surgery. I have to call in after 8 a.m.

On with my day.

January 28th, 2019, 10:22 AM
mil is coming home today. We will go have lunch with her.
Joy, things will do great. I know your friends will come thru to help out. Don't stress. God will be with you
Monique, I am envious of your trip and want you to just have a blast. You are so lucky your dh is going to travel with you. Cant wait to share your memories with us.

Simply Quilting
January 28th, 2019, 11:14 AM
Good morning! Joy, try to have ice handy to help with the swelling and pain. I just had a friend who had both wrists done and the nerve in the elbow. She had them done two weeks apart. She has three school aged children at home so the hard part is being told that she is not suppose to do anything - no lifting, no twisting/turning, etc. What got me with the first one was the doctor released her to go back to light duty the day after the surgery. So less than 24 hours after the surgery, she was back to work. With having the second one done, she was allowed two days off.

Last week the public schools were out due to the dangerous road conditions and weather. The local school only had a half day total of school last week and some schools didn't have school at all. This week we are getting ready for a major cold spell here with negative temperatures for highs and dangerous windchills. It sounds like a great time stay inside. Maybe I can get more quilting done as I finished up an "I Spy" quilt for little one and made a jelly roll race for a friend.

Have a great and safe week everyone :)

Navy Wife
January 28th, 2019, 11:24 AM
Sunny and beautiful today, but we're expecting a couple of inches of snow tomorrow, followed by bitter cold. I know it doesn't sound like much to many of you, but in the south 2 inches are like 10 up north. No one knows how to handle cars in the white stuff, but they all think they do! I'll do my running around today and hunker down for the next 2 or 3 days till it melts. Our driveway is steep and faces north so it is the last thing to thaw.

January 28th, 2019, 11:26 AM
Best wishes for a fast and uneventful recovery, Joy.

January 28th, 2019, 11:45 AM
Good morning everyone,

Another furry wake-up alarm today. It's beautiful and sunny but oh so cold -24c. There's a cold weather alert and expecting more snow later today and overnight. We are so done with all is white stuff. DH has been having back pain, even though he uses a snowblower. And I haven't been much help this week. Yesterday I swept the front porch and cleared walkway. He used the snowblower to remove another 6-8" we had overnight.

Since we've had only one car all weekend, I drove DH for a haircut and picked up some groceries. I have noticed that food prices for vegetables are really high and not that good looking. Peppers $5./lb, small brocoli 4.99 and selection is limited. Romaine lettuce was $5 a bunch. I will go to Walmart today to look for undergarments for mom and check out their vegetables. Also picked up two hard case carry-on suitcases at a great price. This is perfect size for carry sewing gear to retreats. I'm planning ahead. I had planned to sew but DH was stitching down his elephants and needed help. I made a large pot of beef stew for tonight and I may freeze some for quick meal.

Today I have a massage at noon. I will need her to be gentle as my back is still twitching. Then we will go pick up Michael's new car. He is like a kid waiting for xmas. This may be our vehicle of choice to barrel through all this snow we have been getting.

Monique - so sorry to hear about your niece. I will pray for her and Sandy. Oh you lucky dog to get away. DH will take troops but not so much to warm beaches.
Joy - I think you have done just about all the preparations you can so for your surgery, recovery and meal planning. A lot of work, but you know you must do it. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I hope your son receives back pay soon and that the issue is resolved.
Michele- how sweet to getting new stair treads. Your colour choice for the railings will be classic. We removed the carpets in the stairs when we moved in our home. What a breeze to keep clean.
Katrina- I hope you don't catch your GKs cold. I would like to run mine through a sanitize cycle before they enter the house. Haha. Please, no more slicing of finger tips.
NavyWife - oh we have driving idiots here. They drive through snow like it was summertime. Some provinces require cars to have snow tires, ours doesn't, although most people do. All season tires are not designed for snow.

Enjoy your day. Stay warm, really warm. Be safe. Thankful for a warm house and plenty of what we need to survive this winter.

Ginny B
January 28th, 2019, 11:50 AM
Good morning all. It is sunny here today but chilly (around 25). We are supposed to get some sort of precipitation tomorrow I believe and then after that the polar vortex. Just in time for the visitors from California. Just about ready for them to arrive. I just need to make a Target run and pick up some pull ups for Zeke.

Today is dh's next to last Monday to work. It is usually the busiest and most stressful day for him. He is off next Monday and then it is his last week the following week. He is excited but I see some anxiousness creeping in there too.

I have been sticking to my new routine of getting things done before going on to the computer. Otherwise I get sucked in and go down bunny trails and things get pushed off. So, I've got dinner in the crockpot, laundry going, lunch made for tomorrow and the kitchen cleaned up. It is break time so I am sitting here with my cup of tea and catching up on all the doings here.

Monique, I heard about the tornado in Cuba this morning too. Not sure if you will be in Havana or how much damage was done. I will continue to keep your niece and Sandy in my prayers. Joy, you are so organized and ready for your post-op recovery. I am sure all will go well. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and your hubby too for less anxiousness on his part.

Looks like a lot of the country will be dealing with some cold and nasty weather this week so stay safe and warm everyone. Stay home and sew. :icon_bigsmile: Have a great Monday all.

January 28th, 2019, 01:45 PM
Good Morning All,

Well, the kids have been here since 7, so I'm one tired grandma. I think we finished up one box of Kleenex and started on the second. I've washed and washed and washed my hands. All of the things the kids played with are lined up and ready for a good spraying of Lysol, along with the sofa and carpets. At least this cold hasn't slowed down their appetites. They ate the entire morning. From sausage, egg and cheese english muffin sandwiches and yogurt that Nana sent, to bowls of oatmeal, carrot chips, cinnamon toast and animal crackers with glasses of juice to go with it all. They don't eat that much when they're well!

I need to go to the grocery store today. Esther wants peas to go with dinner tonight, so I'll make sure I have some peas for her.

I worked on the shamrock yesterday afternoon. It's bordered, but have mercy, I forgot to get something to back it with. I don't know where my brain was.

Monique, I'll keep your niece and friend close and on my prayer list. I do hope you'll have a wonderful trip. I'm envious.

Joy, Someone mentioned ice packs and I thought about some that are easy to make I saw on line. Here's a sight https://www.themakeyourownzone.com/5-ways-to-make-homemade-ice-packs/ that has 5 types of Ziplock ice packs. one thing I'd do, it make it, seal it and then put into a second bag just to make sure there are no leaks.

Take care everyone.
Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom and hope. Prayers for all of our many blessings.

January 28th, 2019, 02:13 PM
Good morning All

The most exciting thing for me today is the mail. I’ve got 4 packages coming in. I ordered some bolt buddies for my mini bolts of fabric which should be here today. I found some Kona Cotton solids for under 3 bucks a yard so ordered a bunch of colors to beef up my stash. I’ll start getting them bolted up once the mail comes.

Hubby chickened out on using the instapot for our roast last night so I’m thinking I might try to make yellow split pea soup in it today.

I’ll say prayers for your surgery Joy, and your niece Monique.

January 28th, 2019, 07:12 PM
SURGERY TIME ~ I called in today. I have to report to the surgery center at 10:30 tomorrow. My ride will be here at 10 a.m. A nurse is supposed to call me this afternoon to let me know how late I can eat or drink anything. It's a long time to fast from supper time to 10:30 a.m. I'm supposed to be NPO after midnight. I think I can have Gatorade up to 4 hrs. before my arrival time.

I finished the vacuuming today & did 2 more loads of laundry. I still have to make DH's salads for the next 3 days. I want to sew together those last 2 rows of the latest quilt. I should have time yet for that.

We keep ice packs in the freezer. They are the gel kind. I'm sure I'll be using them a lot & probably hanging out in my recliner with my arm propped up on pillows. I had offers from the church to bring in meals, but I said to wait till I see how I do. DH would not be able to eat the food due to all his allergies & dietary restrictions. The freezer is stocked, so we should be ok. This a.m. I used the egg beater to prepare his eggs for the next 3 mornings. I'm sure I won't be able to hold the egg beater. He eats 2 scrambled eggs every a.m. for breakfast.

Of course, DH is fretting & anxious about how we're going to manage things. I'm hoping he'll do ok. He gets so stressed out.

Thanks to everyone who said they'd be praying for me tomorrow. I'm not sure when I'll be able to post an update. I might be able to "hunt & peck" with my R. hand.

Everyone I've talked to who has had the carpal tunnel surgery is glad they had it done. I've heard nothing but good reports on my hand surgeon. In the morning I have to scrub my hand & arm with Hibiclens (anti-bacterial) for 5 min. -- and not apply any lotion, etc. Now I'm going to go sew a bit.

January 29th, 2019, 02:37 AM
Joy, good luck with your surgery tomorrow. I am sure everything will go smoothly and as a retired RN you will be the model patient! Your dh won't starve. Sounds like you have thought of everything. Let us know how you are doing when you are able, and don't push yourself!