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January 17th, 2019, 08:24 AM
Happy Thursday? No not today, I have a cold, all stuffed up BUT it is not a man cold (sorry gentlemen). I decided yesterday to keep 'looking' for a pair of glasses I seem to have lost/misplaced or whatever. NO LUCK!! Can't find them, looked in every bag, in every corner, nope, nada. I do have spares but drives me batty when I can't find something. I will keep looking. Then I had the idea that I really don't need all those quilting magazines, do I. I looked through each and everyone of them. Kept some, more to give away. I may wait until they have a sale at guild or something. I haven't even put a dent into the magazine collection, but it is a start. After that was done, I thought I would get a quilt cut out. Well, seems I didn't have enough fabric, one fabric I didn't care for so I got it swapped out with something else and I should be good to go. That may be tomorrow's project.

It is cold here, -22F or -30C and that is COLD! Can't wait to get to Cuba and in the sunshine and warmth. I hope this cold doesn't hang on that long and well if it does, I will bare it.

Well on this bitterly cold day, I shall head out to work later.

Stay warm and have a great day my friends.

Star lover
January 17th, 2019, 08:39 AM
Good morning all!

So sad for you Monique! Thankful, no man cold, but I sure hope you feel better soon. Stay safe and warm while you're out today. I too hate when I can't find something......even if I don't need it! Just knowing that it's "out there," drives me crazy.

And oh baby it's cold outside! I thought we were going to be cold at -1', but wow! You top ......well not the top....the chart!

The massive maple is gone! Took them just over 3 hours. Have no idea how many guys were here. They were all over the place. They ground below grade and all's left is a pile of dirt, which they drove over to smash down. Still a mound, we can deal with it in the spring. They had to drop our phone line (never lost the phone). Wow, they cleaned up really good. Even took a leaf blower and cleaned off the roof of the garage. Guy stood on this kabota tractor, they lifted him up, and he cleaned off the roof! Raked the yard, blew off the patio and drive. I'm a very happy camper!

Got all the sashing in between the rows of the quilt. Maybe today I'll have the chance to put the inner border on. That would be wonderful.....we'll see. Gots lots of chores to do today.

The 8" of white stuff has been pushed to Tuesday. Today we get some, over the weekend a few inches and then the snow Armageddon is to hit Tuesday......if they even know what they're talking about. And cold, very cold for us. Nothing like Monique's temps!

Hope y'all stay safe, warm, happy. Prayers go out to many. Love and hugs to all!

January 17th, 2019, 08:54 AM
Good Morning....Just another day in paradise! Jeff is ready to leave for work and the Girls are napping. I want to try to catch up with the laundry today. If that's all I get done it will be a good day.

Monique, feel better soon! Flying with a head cold isn't fun.

We are really going to get some cold weather for several days and possible snow. We will be okay regardless of what happens.

We all send wishes for a great day.....hugs....

January 17th, 2019, 08:56 AM
Monique, I remember those bitter cold days from Kazakhstan... stay warm!!

It's cold for Atlanta too, but thankfully it is not raining!! I'm not surprised that I haven't been on the forum everyday, I just seriously don't have the time. Working full time and being the only parent in the house is mayhem.... yesterday added to it by having a rock hit my windshield and take a big chunk out of it on the way to work, only to be rewarded with terrible traffic on the way home.... I actually went through a drive through, which I never ever do, and got home only to find out that my Sweet Tea wasn't sweet!! Sigh... then it was eat fast food while kids doing homework before running them up to swim lessons. Thankfully they LOVE the swim lessons and the exercise is good for them. DD is showing a lot of promise, if she can only increase her endurance again then she'll be able to go on the junior team and find some friends in the sport.

Last week I took DD to a sewing class at JoAnn and she absolutely loved it... it was great to have someone else show her some of the basics but I need to get the machine set back up for her. I hope we can make some progress on her doll quilt this evening if she doesn't have too much homework. Sewing will consume the dining room because I have a mountain of laundry to work on tonight ... tomorrow afternoon I have to get my windshield repaired after school and Saturday morning there is a birthday party right before we drive to Columbia, South Carolina to visit DH who is there at a conference for Band Directors.... we'll be crashing his hotel room and enjoying breakfast and dinner with him.

I hope all is well... I DID manage to finish my two tiny quilts that I was working on last week, so I'll start my January project tonight for the finished is better than perfect group!

January 17th, 2019, 09:06 AM
Good morning. Yesterday I met with the oncologist to see about treatment for our pug. I learned a lot about the difference btw animal and human chemo. We decided right now it is more important to treat her lower airway disease.
I have a few appts today and then I will cont to pack and organize my supplies for my weekend away. Luckily I travel in between the storms predicted for our area.

Have a good day and stay warm

January 17th, 2019, 09:12 AM
Good morning all. Just a quick drop in to say hello. Work is occupying a lot of my time, and so is traffic. It took 2 hours last night to get home. Ridiculous! I did get a border sewn on one side of niece's quilt. One more to go and then we'really ready for the longarm.
I have a friend getting a biopsy today. Please keep him in your prayers. Prayers for all of those suffering illnesses and/or stress right now. Love you peeps.

Cathy F
January 17th, 2019, 09:15 AM
Morning all,

The sun is just starting to come up and the sky is a pretty rosy pink color, although it looks pretty I'm sure it's quite cold out there.

Yesterday I got a haircut, changed it up a bit and was very happy with it. We'll see how manageable it is after the first washing.

Not much on my plate today most likely will be staying in. I seem to hibernate in the house during the cold weather. Hubby has been on telephone stand by for jury duty this week and his number was called last night so he has to go in today.

Monique, hope you get some quick relief from your cold. I just finished one thanks to my husband passing his on to me.

Wishing everyone a good day and hoping you keep warm in this cold weather.

Rhonda K
January 17th, 2019, 09:49 AM
Good morning Quilters!

Our weather-man mentioned a cold spell yesterday with highs in the 70's. LOL! Another sunny day here. Leaving soon to attend an event at the LQS this morning. We will learn about fashion sewing and embellishing clothes with Angela Wolf. It should be fun!

Have a wonderful day!

January 17th, 2019, 10:11 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ Lots of early birds here already this morning. It's much warmer this a.m. It was 44 when I got up. DH says the temp. is dropping now. We're supposed to have high 50's today. I'll take advantage of the warm day to change the bed & air the pillows outside on the line. It's probably another "warm before the storm", since it's supposed to snow on Fri.

Yest. was Bible study, the baby shower (I got there before the gift opening), & the groc. store. I bought 3 large filets of salmon, which I cut up into 52 - 1 serving pieces for DH. So he's all set for fish for a while. I'll have to bake bread again & make chicken soup one more time before my surgery. Yest. eve. I read through the surgery pre-op packet & filled out the paper work. I need to take it over to the surgery center. I have to dig out my Living Will so they can have a copy.

Have a good day

January 17th, 2019, 10:57 AM
Good Morning to all. Hectic week and days are a blur right now. Dad scheduled discharge date is 23rd. Days away. Last night when I stopped in at the hospital (days are spent prepping his house) I found out he failed the respiratory dept test. While I was there the Respiratory dept came in and give him a device to breathe into every two hours, 4 times each. I watched and helped coach (he couldn't understand the instructions due to her thick accent). After she left I told him if he didn't do it they could change his discharge date (I think they would still release him with a referral to a specialist), anyway he said NO they won't -they put the date on the wall, see the paper. I said that date was based on your current rate of improvement from the OT and PT peeps and if it continued at the same rate, they predict you will be good to go in a week. Back off now and that date CAN change. When I was leaving he reminded me of how many more minutes until his next 2 hour mark!

Hugs to all and prayers for those in need.

Ginny B
January 17th, 2019, 12:33 PM
Good morning all. I wasn't an early bird here but I was an early bird with my chores. I've gotten laundry done, kitchen cleaned, chicken baking, clothes folded and put away and some vacuuming done. Time for a cup of tea and a break before heading up to the sewing room. I got a lot of things accomplished yesterday including getting gas in the car, a trip to Hobby Lobby and then I headed upstairs for a bit and worked in my sewing room and the spare bedroom. I went through my scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies. Sorted through the drawers with my stamps and punches and a few other miscellaneous items. The things that were unusable (like dried out stamp pads) went in the garbage. I saved the stamps that I wanted and packed up all the rest of them and all the punches (it hurts my hands to use them now) and I will bring them to a friend who is into cardmaking to see if she can use any of them. Once she picks what she wants, I will have my friend Ceil go through them and see if her granddaughters may want some. They are very artistic, creative little girls. One of them actually got a sewing machine recently and I have a pile of supplies for her new endeavor ready to bring to Ceil too.

Monique, sorry to hear about your cold. Feel better. Anita, that's great that they did such a complete job with the tree. I am sure you are feeling very happy now. Barb, don't overdo.

Have a wonderful day all. Prayers for all of you dealing with family and pets going through illnesses. Keep warm everyone. Rhonda, I see you are doing that. :icon_wave:

January 17th, 2019, 12:34 PM
Good morning everyone,
Same weather as Monique - it's colder than a walk-in freezer but it's really sunny. I'm staying in today. No appointments. Really hope I am up to sewing. I must. I must.

I am late getting up and this is usually an indication that I am getting worn out. I've been waking up at 4:55 every morning, but then going back to bed. yesterday I visited mom and she looked good. She is now getting dressed every day, and went to hairdresser yesterday. She even put on some lipstick and blush. You could tell she is feeling better. I spoke to the doctor and they will review her file for physio. Not bad for 95. She's a tough one.


DH brought his car in for servicing. It turned out a screw came off and was causing the rattle. We also put a deposit on new wheels. He will get a service check on his car so we can transfer it to his son with the 3 kids. Their 2nd car is falling apart. Next week we will go in to finalize deal. We were just too wiped to do it then. We then went to Popeye's for lunch/dinner.

Monique - I hope you feel better before flying. My DD and her youngest have ear infections. She is also having hearing loss. They both need to clear this up as the family is flying on Feb 3rd to Dominican Rep for vacation.
Mimi- your dad may be just stubborn enough to follow doctors' orders. Sounds like he wants out. Does he know the changes going on at the house? You might want to brief him so he doesn't have a heart attack. Older people can really get upset when their kids take charge.

I do enjoy catching up on everyone's day. Enjoy your day, whatever you plan. Be safe. Stay warm.

January 17th, 2019, 07:12 PM
Good afternoon everyone. I had to get up and leave right away to take my son shopping for dress clothes. He has an awards ceremony for his work to go to tonight.

The weather here is dreary, wet, and cold...feels like Oregon winter finally! I might have to break out a pair of socks. Brrrr!

I started my sew in love bom yesterday and it’s gonna take a while for this month, good thing the blocks are so pretty. I think I’m a month behind too, so I should do two months and try to get caught up. I love that it has video tutorials for each month.

201 Treadler
January 17th, 2019, 08:18 PM
Hi all
sending get well wishes, warmer weather, many happy sewing stitches, or happily planning projects.

gosh are you sure moms that age, looks more like just retired :D. sending well wishes to you and mom.

hope your son has a amazing awards ceremony, and your block of month goes ok.

update on him self's injury, as suspected he is concussed after he returned last night with a headache that wouldn't go away, his boss rang this morning to check on him, once relayed what had happened boss felt he should rest more. and is doing this as type.
threatened to tie himself with 2 1/2 strips to bed, if he even thought of going to work, after the call. drastic but after he disappeared yesterday while I caught a few zzz a strong suggestion was needed. wouldn't really damage the fabric that be all wrong:0
do have a sense of humour too in these trying days

thankfully the furs decided they should hold him down instead, was great full for their support. they have all slept most of the day, till someone dropped something outside, wow what a bang ' himself rose like a scene in Adams families basement.' and wobbled with aid to lay on sofa, where it was more quiet. then the furs settled on him once more, tee hee.
have a great day,
prayers hugs for those in need

January 17th, 2019, 10:28 PM
Suzanne, your mom looks amazing for her age! 95 is the new 75!

January 18th, 2019, 12:18 AM
Suzanne, you have some good genes from your mom. She looks great!