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February 22nd, 2012, 08:56 AM

Happy Wednesday, folksies! I am happy to be right in the middle of the week with you.

Yesterday I did some sewing. Just a wee bit. I was sewing some charms together - leftovers from previous projects and making plain little HST. I don't know exactly what I will do yet, but, at least they can be used for something in the future. I also fiddled around with making up some paper mache for future projects. I haven't done any clay sculpting or paper mache in quite a few months. I have missed it.

I am so very very very ready for spring. After the snow on Monday, yesterday was in the 50's and should be in the 70's by the weekend before another cool down. As I said in an earlier post, if we aren't going to be having winter, let's just be done with it. LOL. You know, all the years I lived in Southern California and Florida (which was a good chunk of my life), I always missed fall and winter. I always missed the change of seasons. That also included snow.

Barb and all my other Mo. friends, was reading of the earthquake. Very scarey but glad it was in an area sparsely populated.

Aussie friends, the news greeting me from Oz this morning is the resignation of the Foreign PM, Rudd. I only briefly keep up on various world leaders and wondered about this one. Will have to do some more reading. Your PM seems a bit like Margaret Thatcher of years past in that she is quite a lady to be reckoned with. I say good girl!

Down to the studio to make some few coffee - I believe my Sis will be joining me this morning - and she is to bring some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies ! I want to see how many more HST's I can sew before she gets here and then play in paper mache.

Enjoy the day, everyone. Smile! I am eating your share of cookies so you won't have to!

February 22nd, 2012, 09:04 AM
Good morning! Temps are rising here too...at least for the next couple of days. Blondie, how are you coming along with your shop? Do you offer any of your vintage primitives there?

QVC is showing capris this morning...spring shopping is in the air! Happy Hump Day!

February 22nd, 2012, 09:40 AM
Good morning Blondie and Myrna!

We had a little snow last night. Just enough to make everything white again. Today it is supposed to rain. UGH!!

I spoke to my DIL yesterday and asked her what color quilt she wanted. Browns? No. Neutral with colors, she said. ?????, I said. Send me an email with your colors. She had commented about the black and white I had done for the other couple. Told her I would make them one. Said "Moving to Quebec, you need a warm quilt" LOL!

After looking at my stash a little, I think I have decided to do the dresden plate. I have three packages of candy bars to use. All bright colors.

I know have 5 sewing machines. My husband had bought me a Brother Riviera 1681M at an auction sale. I had offered it up for free sometime ago. I had a friend bring it home yesterday. Threaded it and it works fine. Very heavy. I can also use it for FMQ which I tried with no luck. The fabric did not seem to want to slide very well. I will try again. If anyone has a manual, I could use a copy if you would share. I looked on the net and did not find a FREE one. (I am cheap). The other machine is a Singer that I rescued from going to the garbage. I also happen to know who owned it, and she would not have donated it to the Nearly New had it not been working.

I received two calls yesterday from 2 other post offices looking for me to work. My head is spinning. They are going to burn me out. Geez. I know I should not complain, with sooo many out of work, but give me a break please.

Tonight I help at the senior's home with bingo. We do this once a month with our group, Lionettes. The seniors enjoy it soo much and I always come out of there feeling good that we have brightened their day, if only for an hour.

This afternoon, I may try and cut those dresden plates however much I don't want to cut up all those pretty little rectanges.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Spring is coming, I just don't know when exactly.

February 22nd, 2012, 09:50 AM
Good Morning Quilty Friends, I'm at the end of my 'work week', and looking forward to doing some sewing tomorrow. Today, off to work again.
Blondie, I enjoy your pic and of course your very cheery greetings each morning, and Myrna - happy Hump Day to you as well. Monique what a busy lady you are! I am very low key these days, ready for spring to be here for good.

Blessings and prayers for our special ones,

February 22nd, 2012, 09:57 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Just got DH off to work and Molly's meds, so I can sit down for a minute or two and visit! I have to take Miss Molly to the vet today to see if her new food is making a positive change in her blood sugar. It's definitely NOT making an improvement in her temperment. She seems to be starving all the time, so this new stuff is either not satisfying her or I'm not giving her enough.

I'm so happy...I finally got all our tax records in order for the accountant on Saturday....no small job for me! It's a load off!! I've been waiting for Alana to fly down to give me a hand with them, but so far she hasn't knocked on the door...lol!

Blondie, I'm so happy you have your machine back and have some time to work in your studio...yay!!! Say hi to Sis for me and snag me a cookie or two...better yet, just eat them for me.

I have an hour before we have to leave, so I'm going to take advantage of the time and sew, sew, sew!

Monique, Be ever so care cutting out your plates. The closest I ever come to cutting fingers off is when I cut out Dresden blades.

I wish you all a wonderful Wednesday filled with love and stitches.....Talk to you later....Barb :)

February 22nd, 2012, 10:32 AM
Morning All!
WoW yesterday was a busy day and today looks even more so! I guess I will get back to sewing when I can I need to make the binding for the BOM quilt soon!
I hope you have fun in all your sewing adventures today! ((Hugs)) to all!

February 22nd, 2012, 10:48 AM
Morning Everyone!

It's Lent Day.....aka "Ash Wednesday"

1st day that kicks of the starting of Easter.....Wow! It was just Yesterday we had it.

Sorry No Make Up this morning... don't feel like coloring myself today.

I got lots of errands to do today... just popped in to see how you all are doing.
Everything looks GOOD! :)

~Sunshine~ That sounds Like a PLAN! Glad you are enjoying your machine every chance you get
and Yes!! Please You can have My Cookie....OKAyyyy Two Cookies...But that's All!! :) LOL

~Myrna~ HI!!!!

Ohhh! Mrs Sew n Sew Happy belated BREATH-DAY.... sorry I missed the Party.
Hope you enjoyed your day.

~Bobby~ Yes! I Agree Taxes are sooo stressful...I'm Glad I got that Out of the Way.

~Monique~ You Are a Popular Gurl...They can't Git! Enough of you Huhh... ;)
I worked breafly for the POST OFFICE Too!...Ohhh Boyyy That's One Experience I Will NEVER
Want To Do A-G-A-I-N! in Any LIFETIME!
And I know what you mean when they fight for Ya "one Post Office with another To Another"....Oyeee-Veyyyy!

Hope You all Have a Safe and Progressive Day.
Prayers to all that need it...I will light a candle in your NAMES at church today. :)

February 22nd, 2012, 10:48 AM
Off to work shortly, hope to do some stitching tonight, but DH is home so...
The sun is shining, the cats are hovering about waiting for food and meds, I still need to get dressed, but here I sit, wandering around the site, reading about quilts....

Have a great day, all!

Sandy Navas
February 22nd, 2012, 11:05 AM
Popped in here quickly to try to catch up with everyone and Al says to me "when are you leaving" and I looked at the clock. Have to sit with the younger girls this morning as the oldest is having a colonoscopy and Mom is taking her. I spent yesterday afternoon with the five middle rug-rats and they were so silly. I'm hoping that a good night's sleep helped some. How much more of their silliness can I handle . . . and where in the world do they get it? I don't think it comes in boxes at the store . . .

February 22nd, 2012, 11:08 AM
Good morning ladies!!! I made it a priority this morning to come by this morning before things get busy here at work. I am hoping for a slow day lol. I walked out the door this morning and it started lightning and thundering! Supposed to rain off and on today and I think more tomorrow and storm tomorrow night. It is going to be 74 tomorrow? Ummm just curious who kidnapped Old Man Winter?

I got my first Q4K kit in the mail yesterday and you know that I just did my own quilt top for them out of my stash as well with kittens on it. Well, I open up my package to see what I will be sewing and guess what? It is a cat theme haha! I guess it was just meant to be. Just a quick question for anyone who does the Q4K kits do they not send you binding? Also, do we send any leftover fabric back? Oh and its a pattern that I have not done before so I like that!

I am making glazed pork chops for dinner tonight (new recipe from pinterest)! Thinking about sauteeing some mushrooms in the leftover glaze to go with them hummmm. What is everyone else fixing for dinner tonight?

Blondie - I totally agree with you if we are not going to have WINTER = SNOW then the cold temps can go bye bye bye! Did I hear fresh baked choc. chip cookies??? Fresh baked as in this morning? I like my sleep to much to get up early and bake lol. I could however partake in a cookie or two! Choc. Chip Cookies are my downfall. I have a feeling if I were there I would be gaining my 3lbs back that I lost last week lol. Have a fun in the stuido with your sis!

Myrna - Oh Spring I look forward to you! Enjoy your hump day!

Monique - I have not attempted a dresden plate yet but its on my list! You are a popular lady it seems haha!!! Have fun at bingo I am sure they enjoy it as much as you do!

Lin - what ya working on tomorrow?

Barb - Hugs to miss molly!! Ugh, I am working on my taxes right now and I would be finished with them if my hubby would get the rest of his stuff together! Who knew that the dresden plate could be so dangerous!

Michelle - That is one disadvantage to being so busy less time to sew!

Thoughts and prayers to those in need.

Make it a good day!!!!

February 22nd, 2012, 11:19 AM
Man yall are quick! No sooner than I got mine typed, I looked back and 3 more had posted lol.

oldgurl - No make up? That is just normal everyday for me ! I dont wear it that often!

Trish - LOL I know I could find something to keep me busy on here for HOURS!!!! Have a good day at work.

Sandy - how old is she? I am thinking about starting to get mine this year if not then I have to next year anyway. Since my brother had chrones and colon cancer I am at a higher risk of having it. So my Dr. said that by 35 I would need to start getting checked yearly. And since I turn 34 next month I guess that time is getting closer. I really don't know if I should wait till 35 because he was 35 when he passed so that is why I am thinking I will get checked this year. Sorry I guess what was TMI!!! Have fun with the kiddos today!

February 22nd, 2012, 11:39 AM
Good morning Quilties :icon_happy: Hope everyone is having a great Ash Wednesday for those that celebrate it.

I am soooooooooooooooooo sore this morning, I can hardly move. We went and cut a huge load of wood yesterday afternoon. I was even using the splitting maul and splitting some of the wood before loading it into the truck. My hips are screaming at me big time this morning. But today I have to do some laundry and get in on the clothesline and do some housework. DH comes home from a gun show and the place becomes a disaster area with all his gun show stuff everywhere!

My best friend from high school (and that was a long time ago) sent me a package yesterday. I was shocked. Her and I have been talking about needing to lose weight and eat better and things like that. I told her about reading where coconut oil is suppose to be amazing for you. Well she did some research on her on and sent me 2 books, "The Coconut Oil Miracle" by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D. and "The Everything Coconut Diet Cookbook" by Anji Sandage plus along with the books was a 54oz jar of VitaCost extra virgin Coconut Oil! I read some of the book last night. You can use the coconut oil as a lotion on your body. I spooned some into a little cup and then put some on my poor aching dry feet and then put on some cotton socks last night. I think with a few more nights like that it just might make my old tired feet feel smoother. You can also use it on your hair. I think I will try that too. But mainly I will use it in my food. I tasted it last night and it taste like coconut not like oil. I am excited. I can't wait to try some of the recipes. I love coconut anyway so this is going to be easy! Just need to get a few things like coconut milk, and other coconut things like flour, sugar, vinegar... who knew they made a coconut vinegar? So maybe my friend and I will both be nice and slim for the 45th high school reunion this coming summer. I can hope can't I.

Well, I am off to start some housework and to see what I can make with my coconut oil for breakfast!

Have a great day.

February 22nd, 2012, 11:49 AM
Donna I am not a fan of coconut oil but I have started this program called The Diet Solution Program and they have talked about coconut something i will have to look again. I am not a fan of coconut so I think I just skipped right over that lol. Take it easy today and rest your aching body!

Granny Judy
February 22nd, 2012, 12:08 PM
I think ya all are over doin it with those Cookies...ya got my mouth in a turmoil with wants and none available...
No, I refuse to do the "from scratch" thing. I promised to be good and loose weight. I need to do the Detox thing with this ol body.. too much of the "good" life.

I did have a very good day yesterday and got alot accomplished around the house. Now back to a couple UFO.s. binding a large quilt, applique on a top/flimsy. and finish the chair pad covers.. I think that last part will go fast with the serger helping me.

Other wise I'm fighting off that "bug" of Sandy's...urge to clean and purge.

Wally World had 97 cent scrapbooking supplies this week and I bought a bunch of Jolee's stuff to make my Cards.. Yes, I stamp & ink and glue & paste my own.. It takes my mind off cleaning/decluttering the kitchen.

Hugs to all you and prayers going up for all in need.

February 22nd, 2012, 12:12 PM
Hi everyone,

Yesterday I did hardly any quilty things. I washed the fabric I bought in Florida and ironed the pieces I need to make the first BOM block I'm working on from my LQS. Instead of sewing guess what I worked on - SPRING CLEANING! Remember that? I figured if I want spring to come early maybe I can hurry it along with a clean house. I worked all day in the kitchen, then DS#2 and I made chicken and biscuits for 9 last night for supper and guess what my kitchen looked like afterwards? Sewing is so much more rewarding. It doesn't fall apart during the night. It might gain some cat hair from one of my lovies but it's still there in the morning! So, today I will clean the floor where there is still some flour hiding in the corners, scrub that pan that's been soaking all night and then hop to my sewing room to sew some beautiful batiks into a lovely quilt block.

A happy first day of lent to all of you who celebrate Easter. I do and I look forward to saying, "He is Risen!"

And a happy and productive and peace-filled day to all of my wonderful quilty friends here.


February 22nd, 2012, 12:59 PM
Good morning everyone,

I am so ready for spring, it's a nice day here 40 degrees right now and it's still early.

I decided to do some machine embroidery last night and in the process managed to break a needle, stick my finger with another machine needle (had to squeeze it and look at it and squeeze it again - didn't want to bleed all over my fabric - no blood so that was a good thing). I was on the last block too so I guess I'll redo that one tonight.

I see some spring cleaning mentioned...I'm just in the thinking about it stages right now.

Have a wonderful day everyone !!

Divine Daisy
February 22nd, 2012, 01:46 PM
Did someone say that Margaret Thatcher was a good girl?????????? It may take me days to recover my power of speech! 'Thatcher' being the worst swear word we know around here lol

February 22nd, 2012, 03:34 PM
Hi Ladies
I had wanted to visit a bit longer reading posts and responding this morning after my initial good morning. Then the site just refused to allow me to do anything so I finally managed to get it closed down. I do believe that MSQC has server issues from time to time. It has been regretfully slow for quite a while and I recall an instance last year when I had problems with staying on once I got in here. Oh well, that must mean that there is a LOT of traffic here which is good for MSQC.

Cookies are all eaten chased down with fresh hot dunkin donut coffee - both such a treat. Sis is working her way up to a diet and wanting to get all of her fav's out of her system. I should, I know however, I am not ready to tighten my belt just yet.

I should have mentioned Lent but Easter sunrise service is on my mind. How I enjoy that particular tradition. I notice a lot of Mardi Gras stuff as well of course. I went to Mardi Gras back in the 70's and still remember my platform shoes from back then. My DD found them and one of my dresses from back in the day. She couldn't get over that I dressed like a hippie chick back then. hehehe. Yes, I used to be a young thing at one time.

Ms Daisy, not really knowing anything about Ms Thatcher or her politics (it is difficult to keep up with all of our stuff here), I assumed that both of these women didn't shilly shally in their respective positions as PM's. That's about all I know, except that a recent movie was made concerning her, which I haven't seen. I do find it sad that she is suffering from dementia. The only thing I really know of her was her staunch support of the US and vice versa. I believe she has many people here in the states that admire her. If asked, I couldn't even tell you who the current PM in Great Britain is. You can tell I keep the news off for the most part. I can though, discuss my favorite BBC copper/mystery shows, lol. Give me Luther back! How we love our Luther (and Alice).

Britt, I read recently that coconut oil was considered the new panacea. It supposedly helps with the brain in warding off memory loss? Perhaps I should try it, since I am not sure I remember everything it is touted to do.

Off to put some more HST blocks together in groups for hand quilting.

I've decided it is also crock pot dinner since then I can sew and not have to keep my eye on dinner. Whoever invented the crockpot is my current hero of the day.

Blessings to all!

February 22nd, 2012, 03:45 PM
Daisy I did not know that MT was not liked in Britain. I just assumed that she was well regarded shows how much we know huh. Yes the movie about her has not come out yet I dont think let me check fandango and see... well i don't remember what its called lol anyway i have seen previews and I will be going to see it. I like historical type movies like The King's Speech.

Blondi you ate all the cookies??? you didn't save me one? boohoooo i hope you enjoyed them! Yeah I don't like coconut but it seems this coconut oil stuff is better for you than even olive oil so i might have to give it a try.

February 22nd, 2012, 08:08 PM
In bed and using hubs' phone to check in with you guys. Been very busy day, went for lunch with my grandma then took her over to see grandad in his nursing home. Back home, then off to the high school to be presented with wait for it..... 37 quilts(they made in Textile Class) for Project Linus! Had to do a wee speech which I think I fluffed a bit as I was SO overwhelmed at the quilts they have donated. Bless them! I am too excited(<read:emotional!) so I will look at them tomorrow, pics to follow, if anyone would like to see them?

February 22nd, 2012, 08:48 PM
Congrats on picking up those 37, my God, 37 quilts! Of course, we want to see pictures. lol

Clapping like crazy.

Sandy Navas
February 22nd, 2012, 10:04 PM
In bed and using hubs' phone to check in with you guys. Been very busy day, went for lunch with my grandma then took her over to see grandad in his nursing home. Back home, then off to the high school to be presented with wait for it..... 37 quilts(they made in Textile Class) for Project Linus! Had to do a wee speech which I think I fluffed a bit as I was SO overwhelmed at the quilts they have donated. Bless them! I am too excited(<read:emotional!) so I will look at them tomorrow, pics to follow, if anyone would like to see them?

You bet we want to see!!

February 22nd, 2012, 11:13 PM
Heck yeah!!!!! Show those babies off!!!!!

February 23rd, 2012, 12:07 AM
I wanna see too!!! Please show them off.

I've been fussing with myself (I know you all talk to yourselves) about my BOM applique project. For those that don't know, the more I look at this pattern, the more this BOM should be done using a SteamASeam product, all the little and I mean Little pieces ironed down and then stitched down with a sewing machine. Well, I wanted handwork so for the 1st block, I did it all by needle-turning. I love it. Now, it doesn't exactly look like the picture cause they have 40 some pieces just in that 1 little block! I have 14. But, it still looks like a bunny with 2 flowers. So, I fussed in my mind that it will take me a long time to do these blocks or I could just do it faster with the SteamASeam and machine sewing - but that takes the whole purpose of me doing the quilt the way I want to away. So - I made a decision and will just do it all needle-turn and take forever to get it done because I know in the end I will be happier with it.

So nice out today - hit 59! A little windy tonight and to get some showers, but that's okay. I'll take this over snow anyday. I even turned the heat off for a few hours when I got home.

Oh - got to scoot. Helping DH bring up a t.v. from downstairs. That a long bothersome story you really don't want to hear about.

Have a great night everyone!!


February 23rd, 2012, 05:29 AM
In bed and using hubs' phone to check in with you guys. Been very busy day, went for lunch with my grandma then took her over to see grandad in his nursing home. Back home, then off to the high school to be presented with wait for it..... 37 quilts(they made in Textile Class) for Project Linus! Had to do a wee speech which I think I fluffed a bit as I was SO overwhelmed at the quilts they have donated. Bless them! I am too excited(<read:emotional!) so I will look at them tomorrow, pics to follow, if anyone would like to see them?

Would love to see those quilts and maybe get some ideas. Thanks in advance for sharing.

February 23rd, 2012, 08:12 AM
Great I am planning on taking photos today. Thanks everyone!

Beach Cottage Quilter
February 23rd, 2012, 11:01 PM
Hi Sandy,

I'm not sure what the issue is with her for a colonoscopy but, ran across this info today effects of GMO's...10 mins into it...

Sandy Navas
February 23rd, 2012, 11:25 PM
Hi Sandy,

I'm not sure what the issue is with her for a colonoscopy but, ran across this info today effects of GMO's...10 mins into it...

Paula - thank you so much. DGD is 20 and has been on antiemetics for vomiting which has later been discovered to be a severe shellfish allergy. Dr. said she had internal hemorrhoids. However, she had numerous stomach polyps removed when she was young. I think there are so many additives in our foods that it is difficult to even try to pinpoint things that are causing severe health issues.

Beach Cottage Quilter
February 24th, 2012, 12:06 AM
Links to non GMO website and to print off non GMO guides for shopping...

Website: http://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com/

Shopping Guide download: http://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com/download.html

all are in my prayers, God Bless!