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October 31st, 2018, 05:54 AM
Good morning everyone.


I had a good day yesterday. I picked up some groceries and supplies in the morning on my way to the city. Got to stop at Sew Inspired and spent money there, haha, retail therapy. Also stopped at the dollar store and got a few Halloween things.

Picked up Rachel and then back home. Bonnie has been moved to Palliative Care. Rachel said she was confused yesterday after the move. She is hoping to meet with Doctors today and will spend time with her mom. Tomorrow she is going to the city to get her brother. I, on the other hand, am coming down with something, scratchy throat, and I had a sinus headache yesterday, so I will stay away from Bonnie for the time being.

So today I will prepare for Halloween and hopefully get some sewing done.

Have a great day everyone.

October 31st, 2018, 06:31 AM
Good morning everyone. Monique, sorry to hear you're coming down with something, and sorry for Bonnie's downward spiral. Prayers for her family and friends. Well yesterday I finished another top at quilt group. It was a panel with just a few borders, so nothing biggie. Called and got my mamo appt. for mid November. Now I need to make appt. for new hearing aids. I can tell my hearing is getting worse. Maybe they can just adjust the ones I have. Hope to spend some time with DD today. Hope everyone has a safe Halloween, for those who celebrate.

Star lover
October 31st, 2018, 06:53 AM
Good morning all......

So sad for Bonnie. Will continue to pray for her and that the docs can help. Awwwww, so sad, you're not feeling good. I hope you get better soon! Hugs.

Karen, I hope,your hearing aides can be adjusted......then you don't have to spend $ on new ones!

Oh my it sure is pouring out there. And from the "experts" we're to have rain the next 10 days........I hope they're way off! Ah well, maybe I'll get to spend some more time in the sewing room.

Have a wonderful day everyone, love and hugs to all!

October 31st, 2018, 08:01 AM
Good Morning All,

I was thrilled when I finished the bowl cozies yesterday, but not thrilled enough to go in my sewing room to clean it up. Right now, it's over whelming. I think I'm going to have a dump party and dump all the things in my closet and resort/ fold, then pack it back up. I'm thinking I may get a few more of the smaller containers to reorganize the thread shelf. Melinda gave me tons of serger thread that her mom had bought. How do you know if it's any good, the cones on a lot of them are just disintegrating. Who knows how old they are!

Anita, enjoy your new Block. I keep looking to see when the set for the year is available. The box for this years blocks are already available. It's a cute box!

Monique, I hope you feel better. I'll keep Bonnie close in my prayers.

Karen, I hope they'll have a solution for your hearing aids that don't involve getting new ones. It made me think of my MIL. She's deaf in one ear thanks to being on the telephone in a thunderstorm and her last visit they kept trying to sell her two hearing aids. She wasn't having anything to do with that!

Prayers for those in need, for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

Don't eat too much of the Halloween candy! I've put the bowl on top of the refrigerator to keep my hands out of it!

October 31st, 2018, 08:05 AM
Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Prayers for Bonnie and her family. Monique: I hope you feel better soon!

We're having a big event at work today, unfortunately it is not in my building. There is no place to secure a purse, so I'm trying to figure out the bare minimum to take (driver's license, insurance, etc). It's times like this I wish my work clothes had pockets!

Have a great day!

October 31st, 2018, 08:11 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

I'm so sorry to hear about Bonnie, Monique. Hopefully they will be able to keep her comfortable from here on. She is in our prayers.

I had an extended visit with my dermatologist yesterday and had a few things removed...not the way I would choose to spend a morning! I feel prickly all over today. Be glad if you don't have Irish skin to deal with.

It's raining this morning and I have to drive Dot to see the vet. She needs a new supply of her meds and it's time for her heart to be checked. It's Halloween but we are so remote we don't get any kids wanting treats. The weather is almost always yucky for Halloween.

Monique, don't let that bug catch you.

Hugs All Around.....

October 31st, 2018, 09:06 AM
Good Morning ~ Looked out the window - no snow! Yay! I will keep my dr. appt. The snow went S. of us & in the foothills & mountains. Yest. eve. it was raining steadily, but by 2 a.m. the street was dry. It's 40 deg. here, but only in the 30's other places, so I'll keep a sharp eye out for black ice. Hopefully the roads have been pre-treated.

I cleaned the frig. last eve. One more item ticked off the list. I needed to do it before mopping the floor. Also did some dusting. Little by little I'll get these jobs done.

No more time now. Have a good hump day.

October 31st, 2018, 09:49 AM
Happy Halloween! — we have a sunny day again. I spent 4 hrs at the vet hospital. We now have a game plan to see why she has so much mucous. Today I plan on catching up around the house and meeting a friend for lunch. I also want to get some more done on my DS’s quilt.


Ginny B
October 31st, 2018, 10:17 AM
Good morning all. It's been a slow morning for me today. I woke up feeling all tired and achy so after dh went to work I took my cup of tea into the living room and lay down on the couch for a bit. Well, "a bit" turned in to falling asleep for 2 hours. I am feeling better now. I think I was just exhausted from yesterday. I accomplished a lot yesterday -- 3 loads of laundry washed, dried and put away, finished two more tablerunner tops for the craft fair, got dinner prepped cleaned out/reorganized a closet shelf and then after picking Henry up at school, I got him into his costume and went over to one of his cousin's high schools where they were having a safe trick or treating event. We met up 6 other of his cousins and off we went. It was nice to see all the H.S. kids dressed up and interacting with the little kids. They had all the hallways decorated in different themes and the costumes the high schoolers wore in that area went with the theme. It was a very nice event but very crowded, hot and it took a long time to walk through the school. I was beat by the time I got home.

Today I think I will spend some time at my embroidery machine and maybe do a little hand stitching on a Secret Santa gift. I don't need to go anywhere until it's pick up time for Henry. I do actually need to go to Hobby Lobby but I think I will put that off until tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone. Happy Halloween.

October 31st, 2018, 11:49 AM
Good morning ladies,

It's been raining since last night, and there is a freezing rain warning just north of us.

Monique - I am sorry to hear about Bonnie. You have been a very good friend and you will miss her. You keep her close to your heart with good memories and fun times shared. She is no longer suffering.

Yesterday,I worked on the advent calendars, and the cleaning lady was here in the afternoon. I did go to Value Village, and picked up some great bargains at seniors' 30% off. New CDs for my sewing room, 4 yards of Timeless Treasure kid fabric, and cute small toys for GKs Halloween bag. We will probably drop it off on our way to the restaurant tonight. We also wrapped up the patio furniture and awning over the patio door.

Happy Halloween. Be safe. Stay dry.

October 31st, 2018, 12:59 PM
It's my daughter's 40th birthday today so she took the day off work. We did a little shopping this morning and came away with stock fillers for Christmas.

After lunch at home I took her for coffee and cake at a lovely tea room, it's filled with memorabilia for the 40's and 50's and everything is served on mismatched China plates and cups. It's a little expensive but a lovely treat and she has never been there before. We thoroughly enjoyed it. She is stopping for tea (dinner in the US) with DSIL and DGS. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday tea and she replied, one of your roast dinners with all the trimmings. So that's what I'll be making.

Monique, just read your post about your friend, I am so sorry to hear your news and send my best wishes to you and her family.