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October 16th, 2018, 08:22 PM
I got a call from my GF Heather today. They are back home. Her DH and her left for their winter sojourn in Florida last Monday. I have been trying to contact her since Wednesday, hoping they were taking alternate route or delay their arrival because of hurricane Michael.

Well, day 2 they had a bad accident. Their SUV and camper were totalled in Virginia. She is somehat ok, bruised and crushed by the airbags but in one piece. They rolled several times and ended up in the middle median of the highway. They were travelling with their pets, and the cat ran out and is now posted for lost pets. She is chipped. She will send me a photo to post. The 3 dogs were scared but they did not run away. She spent a few days in hospital and they got a rental to get back home. She had to let me go, as she was going to her doctor this afternoon.

I am worried about her. She was always a nervous passenger, and even more nervous driver. I will call her tomorrow, as I think they have given her pain meds.

October 16th, 2018, 08:41 PM
Great to hear GF is home, so sorry to hear about her accident. Prayers for a speedy recovery!!!

October 16th, 2018, 08:54 PM
I'm glad you heard from her. I hate to hear about the accident. Lifting prayers for a speedy recovery, both for her health and recovery of her cat.

October 16th, 2018, 09:56 PM
Prayers for your friend.

Judy, USMC
October 17th, 2018, 04:57 AM
Glad to hear they are OK. I know there were some icy patches in Virginia. Crashes can be so scary ... especially roll-overs. Hope this doesn't affect their future travel plans.

October 17th, 2018, 08:25 AM
Oh Suzanne I am so sorry for your friend but it could have been so much worse. I hope the healing inside and out goes well.

Star lover
October 17th, 2018, 09:09 AM
Oh my, prayers for recovery, healing and peace of mind for all concerned. Thankful they are doing as good as they can be under the circumstances. So scary....

October 17th, 2018, 10:58 AM
Glad your friend, Dad and dogs are OK and their cat is found. Hope you hear encouraging news when you call her later. I'm in a similar situation as my BFF is visiting her doctor today, she's developed a bad cold and fever after her 16 day trip to Italy. I was happy she made it through the trip as she's not in the best of health but it was her long planned trip to Italy and especially to visit the town where her mother was born. Not much left of the old town as an earthquake pretty much leveled it years ago but it has been rebuilt beautifully. Tell Heather we're all hoping she's feeling better soon.