View Full Version : Tuesday Trivia: Phlyarology???

Star lover
October 16th, 2018, 06:45 AM
Toss around words such as "phlyarology" and people may think you're talking nonsense, which, in a way, you are.

From the Greek phluaros ("silly talk"), phlyarology does indeed mean "talking nonsense" and a phlyarologist is a person who engages in phlyarology.

Though the practice is widespread, the word itself is uncommon. It seems to have been coined in an article about a meeting of clergymen that was published in an English periodical in 1867, possibly never to be used again.

Im a phlyarologist, and proud of it! Hee hee....:icon_hihi:

October 16th, 2018, 06:49 AM
Thanks for the giggle Anita - just what I needed you silly girl!!!!!