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October 12th, 2018, 07:57 AM
Good morning friends. I hope all of you affected by Michael are all safe.

I had a busy day yesterday. I made 32 jars of salsa. Greg wanted his chunky so I had to cut everything. We like ours smooth so my batch went into the food processor. It did take most of the day but I am glad to have that done. I worked on finishing the baby quilt last night, just about done.

I am not sure what today will bring just yet. Our warmer temps are GONE (boohoo) so it will be much cooler and more 'seasonal'. I have the baby shower tomorrow and also a goodbye gathering for a local greenhouse closing. I am so sad to see her go. So I will pop in tomorrow to wish her well.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Star lover
October 12th, 2018, 08:11 AM
Mornin Monique and all.....
Happy Friday! Yum, love salsa. Had some on my scrabbled eggs this am and so many other dishes it's good for, besides tortilla chips.
I like any way I can get it!

We've had a couple greenhouses and nurseries close the last couple years.....so sad.....

Fall has arrived with vengeance. 40 this am and windy.....brrrrr. Ah well. Hoping and praying that all are safe in Florida, Georgia and NC and WV are safe. Thankful it was a fast mover.

Hope y'all have a safe, pleasant weekend! Hugs to all.

Ginny B
October 12th, 2018, 08:44 AM
Good morning everyone. Happy Friday. We didn't get to can any salsa or marinara sauce this year. The optimum time to do it was around the time we had gotten so much rain and damp weather around here and the crop just was not good at all at the farm we usually get them from. We were leaving for Colorado so we didn't have the time to go around to other places to find some. But we at least did get a great crop of kirby pickles and were able to can our bread and butter pickles.

I've been watching the coverage of the hurricane and the devastation is heartbreaking. My son's area in GA only received the outer bands. He said it sounded like small animals running across his roof all night. The only damage he had at his house were some downed branches and they didn't damage the house. So grateful for that. I will continue to keep all the rest of the areas affected by this monster of a storm in my prayers.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time in my sewing room. Unfortunately I wasn't doing any sewing. The afternoon before I was sitting downstairs watching tv when I heard a loud crash from somewhere in the house. I originally thought it was in the garage but all was well out there. I headed upstairs and oh my goodness! A shelf holding my magazines had pulled away from the wall and were all over the floor. I was only able to pile them up before I had to leave to go pick Henry up. So yesterday I went in there to completely re-do that closet's storage. I now have some cubes in there instead of shelves which entailed rearranging a lot of my fabric storage. I have come to the conclusion that I have WAY too many magazines and craft/sewing/quilting books. I am going to have to start going through them and see about thinning things out a bit.

Today my son is coming down to take a desk we are not using any longer and that will make room for some new cabinets we are putting in the living room for cd's and some books. I am also going to finish up with the fall decorating. It didn't get finished yesterday because I had to spend so much time reorganizing.

It is going to start feeling a bit more like fall today. The rain is moving out and cooler weather is coming in behind it. I am ready for some fall weather.

Have a good day all.

October 12th, 2018, 08:48 AM
Rain stopped about 5 pm yesterday and we are officially having fall weather. Wet leaves covering the driveway. 50 degrees this morning. Got pretty nippy last night. High 60's today thru Sunday. I dread seeing winter arrive. I know I should just enjoy fall but I know whats behind it.
Got my machine packed and in the truck along with a sandwiched quilt to have my dd start me on the embroider process. Must take MIL to doctor this am and lunch and hopefully we will get finished in time. I have to leave Asheville by 2 in order to get to Winston salem before 6 when the shop will close.
My walking stick is doing beautifully. I'll work on more oil treatments when I get back on Sunday then I'll post a picture.

October 12th, 2018, 09:04 AM
Good Morning, All ~ Terry, glad your rain has stopped. DS#1 in the D.C. area was getting a lot of rain from Michael. The pics & video of Mexico Beach, Panama City & some of those areas that took a direct hit show such devastation. So sad. Ginny, if you don't want to keep all your magazines, maybe you could donate some of them to your local guild. At our mtg. last week I noticed quite a few quilting mag. on the free table.

Well, the sun broke out late yest. p.m. Our high got up to almost 50. It's supposed to be close to 60 today. I think I'll change the sheets & hang the pillows outside to air in the sun. On Sun. Denver is supposed to get 3-6" of snow; it looks like the Broncos will play in the snow & temps. in the 20's. We might get 2-3" here.

I did 2 - 30 min. sessions of FMQ yest. Slowly making progress. I learned the first of 2 baby showers at church is coming up on the 27th. All those moms are having girls, so I have enough finished quilts in my stash for 3 of the moms. The other mom had wanted a bunnies theme. I ordered fabric from M*, but it hasn't come yet. I'll have to give her an IOU.

No more time now. Have a great day.

October 12th, 2018, 09:09 AM
Good morning everyone,
Oh, it's colder this morning. I guess that I will have to empty the flower pots and start winterizing the yard this weekend. The cats were huddling together on the coffee table. They really enjoy the wreath.

Yesterday, we went to our CA and then to the LQS. I don't need fabric, but I did purchase a purse pattern and sign up for the class in Nov. I also booked the LA for 2 days. The bottom of the purse is separate, and you can remove & reverse it for a different look. I have the perfect fabric for that.

When we came home, I made a big batch of veggie soup, and my chicken & mushroom casserole. My son came for dinner, so I gave him half the soup and remainder of casserole for quick meals. He is looking forward to the weekend, to rest and recover from this week's of training.

This morning, I am going to my GF to quilt on the LA for Victoria quilts. This aft I will go to a kids' clothing sale this aft.

Sending prayers to all who have been affected by hurricane Michael. It is heartbreaking. I am hoping that my GF is safe. I still have not heard from her.

Have a good day. Be safe.

October 12th, 2018, 09:37 AM
Good Morning...Jeff worked a double shift last night and he has to go to the apts this morning and tomorrow. I will say at home with the Girls.

Monique, glad you got your salsa made. There's nothing like homemade.

I will still be working on Jeff's closet today. I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. It's also a crisp Fall day and I think a big pot of chili is in order. My prayers are with everyone affected by hurricane Michael. I hope you are all safe.

Blessings and safe keepings to everyone.

Navy Wife
October 12th, 2018, 09:38 AM
It's a gorgeous day in east TN. The mountains are clearing up as they do in the fall and winter. Warm weather makes the pollution in the air cover them up. Fall has finally come. I hope it is not too late for the leaves to turn. I'm afraid they will just turn brown and fall off the trees.

I still haven't heard from my friend in GA, but getting the power back on is a big problem after these storms. Not just lines down, but poles as well. Sometimes they have to cut their way through trees and poles that have fallen before they can start to work on lines. Funny thing is the crews in Thomasville are from Tennessee.

My kitchen cabinets are going in and they are beautiful. Most of the uppers are in. Today they will put the ceiling trim on and start on the lowers. The house is a disaster! I think I will organize my sewing room today, then need to get my closet cleaned out. I have 3 sizes of clothes there, and need to get rid of the ones that don't fit. Have a good day all!

Simply Quilting
October 12th, 2018, 11:53 AM
Good Morning! Not much going on around here. It is cold and rainy. Perfect weather for staying inside and quilting. With the weather being up and down, little one has upper respiratory issues. So it is breathing treatments for him. He has been my little snuggle bug at night. I have started an I Spy quilt for him.

Dh had a dr appointment yesterday. They have decided to try a different medication. I tried not to choke when they said the price tag of $11,000 per month (no, that is not a typo). If insurance will cover it, the price will just be of our co-pay. If insurance doesn't cover it, he will not be using it. What gets me, is it takes just a few dollars to make it (this is even what the doctor stated) and it is not a new medication, yet they charge sky high prices.

Prayers for all of those who have been affected by Hurricane Michael.

Have a good weekend everyone :)

October 12th, 2018, 12:05 PM
Good Morning All,

I'm moving slowly this morning. Nothing wrong with me, just enjoying the quiet with no one saying 'Grandma' every two minutes. I've got to get back into my sewing room and finish figuring out where to put the fabric Melinda sent me. Having it plopped on the floor in front of the closet is driving me nuts. I'm thinking I'll shift the printer into the kids room on top of file cabinet, or move the file cabinet into my sewing room. I just don't know! What I do know it's too hot to work in there right now with the sun blaring in that window, so it will have to wait until afternoon!

Hopefully the mail will bring the samples from Backside Fabrics so that I can finish up my Christmas quilt. It seems like I'm in a holding pattern waiting to find something to finish that quilt up.

Pictures of devastation of Michael's track through the southeast is heart breaking. We were blessed to miss his visit on our side of the state.

Tomorrow is Jax Makes at the library down town. Mike and I are planning on going. Next weekend is The Southern Women's Show, and Morgan has tickets. It's going to be a girls' day out. It's been a long time since I've had one of those! I used to go with coworkers after school. I enjoy the show and spotlights that they have.

Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

October 12th, 2018, 12:41 PM
TGIF with cool fall weather to enjoy this weekend. 155532

Been scanning quilt patters for small quits for kids that my guild donates to a local senior center. They gift them with a doll or teddy bear to their town's Head Start kids when they graduate in May. A great way to do something for our community while using up our ever increasing stash of fabric and batting scraps. Most guild members tend to make girly quilts so I make boy and child oriented ones. As a mother of 3 sons, 1 grandson and 8 great grandson I'm an old hand of making boy quilts.

October 12th, 2018, 02:50 PM
Good afternoon. I finally have a minute to sit down and post. I had a number of appts. This morn. We had a lot of rain and wind last night. Today is sunny & cool. I have started to piece and sew my x- mas quilt. I am not really happy with one of the colors , but it will have to do . One last appt this afternoon— getting my hair colored and cut.

Miss May — if you need others to make quilts to donate pls let me know. I would like to do it.