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October 10th, 2018, 05:52 AM
It is an extremely hot and muggy morning so far. I had a great day yesterday. I did a little grocery shopping and then it was Guild. Today's weather is going to be a repeat of yesterday and then the normal cooler temperatures will be back.

This morning I am playing mouscapades. I thought I heard a trap go off earlier. Couldn't sleep so I am up, check my trap, and yup caught a mouse. Come out to the kitchen and am pretty sure I saw a mouse. I HATE MICE!! So I set a new trap not far from me and minutes later SNAP!! Scared the s** out of me. Look, no mouse, dang. Reset the trap. I am keeping an eye out and lo and behold a mouse appears from under the washing machine. Not looking very spry. I watch it a bit and realize that it is hurt. So I get up enough nerve to grab my grabby claw and get an empty bucket and I was able to grab the mouse and get it into the bucket. Two saucepans of water and a few minutes later I have put it and me out of our misery. I had to wash the floor, mouse left a trail of blood. UGH!!!!! The other dead one will be thrown out in a little while.

On a brighter note, I am headed to the city today. I need to go to the Parkdale Market (Suzanne will know where this is) and buy a bushel of tomatoes. I want to make salsa. I was given a number for one vendor there but he didn't have any left but there are/is more vendors who have some. I have been in touch with a friend who had a retreat at her house in May. She has a sew day every Wednesday. So I am meeting up with friends for the day. Another dear friend picked up a row by row for me from Nova Scotia and she will bring it along with her. Dear heart doesn't want anything for it. Says she discovered new shops on her travels. Kaye is in her 80's. Years ago, she suffered a stroke that left her right side paralyzed. She learned how to do things with her left hand as she was right handed. Well you should the quilts this woman has made. Just simply amazing. She is an inspiration to say the least. I am so happy that I will see her today. So I will take the baby quilt with me that needs the binding sewed to the back.

So that is what day is shaping up to be. All those in Michael's path stay safe.

October 10th, 2018, 07:06 AM
**UPDATE** caught a 3rd mice.

Star lover
October 10th, 2018, 07:32 AM
Good mornin Mouse Trapper Expert!

Hate them things too....and all their relatives!

What an amazing friend you have......Kaye's an inspiration to all of us who struggle physically at times! Have a wonderful time!

Today is suppose to be the end of summer.....we'll see.....they are usually wrong, but ya never know. I can always hope.

Reached into my sack and out came the choice of background for my blocks on the latest quilt effort. I'm happy with my choice.....very happy. Now to get sewing!

But first maybe cut the lawn. It didn't rain for 2 days now and it's so tall......and starting tonight we're to get a looooong stretch of rain again......sigh..... I know rain is necessary......but I'm sure gettin kinda tired of it.....ah well, end of complaint!

Hope everyone has a wonderful rodent free day! Smiles, love, hugs and prayers for many.....

October 10th, 2018, 07:34 AM
Good Morning Monique,

I guess your little friends are looking for a cool place to stay for the winter. I'm with you, don't like mice but hate bugs more. I have a guy for that and a phone to call him with.

Mike and I shifted the things on the back porch putting the grill and smoker in the corner next to the house and the table and chairs in the garage. The bird feeders are all down and in the garage, too. My spinners from the front yard are in the garage. The house looks. Mike went to help Jim put the canopy down at his house yesterday afternoon. I guess PEP is still having school today, as we're not expecting anything but bands of rain and gusty winds. Tornado watches will go up as the storm hits land.

Watching the pre- Michael news. I hope Chuck hasn't invited him to stay around. Have mercy, it looks like a big mess is on the way. But Saturday morning, looks divine! Starting the day in the mid 50s up to low 80s, wooo hoooo!

I managed to get a little of my sewing room straightened up. All of the fabric Melinda sent is still in a pile on the floor in front of the closet. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with any of it. I do know there's nothing in it that will help me with my next project, so it's got to be put away.... somewhere! I just don't know where!

Prayers of protection for those in Michael's path. Prayers for those in need for healing, comfort, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

October 10th, 2018, 07:43 AM
[QUOTE=KPH;1041045]Good Morning Monique,

I guess your little friends are looking for a cool place to stay for the winter. I'm with you, don't like mice but hate bugs more. I have a guy for that and a phone to call him with.

Katrina, they can go find another place thank you very much. These ones didn't make it very far, LOL!! (No man around at the moment so I have to put on my big girl pants)


October 10th, 2018, 08:15 AM
Morning Everyone....It's raining again today. Our yard is awful...total mud pit. The little Girls are filthy....Dottie has a special place to go when it rains.

Monique, when you have terriers you never have a mouse in your house.

Not sure what I will do today other than work on a project for Jeff. Cathy brought me a Kona Snow LC and I ordered yardage to go with it today. Thanks again, Cathy. Kona White is my favorite white and French Vanilla is my favorite creamy white.

I found out yesterday that my DGS bought an engagement ring for the love of his life. He thinks they will marry next Spring. I believe a wedding quilt is in order. I have the fabric already and I'm thinking about Open Heart or Jenny's Pinwheel Picnic quilt. I may make them both if I can't decide.

For those in the path of hurricane Michael, take care. Jeff's sister is right in the middle of the storm zone. Prayers for everyone.

October 10th, 2018, 08:20 AM
Good morning.
Monique—you have been busy this morn with rodent control. Can you borrow a cat for awhile to patrol your place?
This morn I am going to the gym. I have to go into the city for an ENT appt. I hope to finish cutting out the pieces for my Take 5 x-mas quilt.
Have a good day and stay safe if you are in the path of the hurricane


October 10th, 2018, 08:38 AM
Good morning.
Monique—you have been busy this morn with rodent control. Can you borrow a cat for awhile to patrol your place?
This morn I am going to the gym. I have to go into the city for an ENT appt. I hope to finish cutting out the pieces for my Take 5 x-mas quilt.
Have a good day and stay safe if you are in the path of the hurricane


Apparently Jack Frost (neighbour's cat) is not doing his job! Or his belly was already full? ewwwwww

October 10th, 2018, 08:52 AM
Good morning Monique and all who follow. Sounds like you're having a very interesting morning Monique - happy trapping!!!

I'm meeting with our Pastor this morning to let him know about my upcoming surgery. The surgery is being done at the Washington Hospital Center in DC, which is a little far to ask him to come. But I used to work in the church office and I know he likes to know about things like this....and who better to send up some prayers than a man of the cloth!!

Then I'm off to do a little clothes shopping - which I absolutely hate - but I really do need some everyday tops for the cooler weather coming up. I just really don't like the current styles.

Have a lovely day everyone

October 10th, 2018, 08:59 AM
I woke up this morning and the coffee pot was broken. The nearest fast food with drinkable coffee is 20 minutes away. Hubby is on the way to Walmart for a new one. Waaahhhhhhh......

October 10th, 2018, 09:55 AM
Barbara, I know the feeling. My last coffee pot broke on Thanksgiving Day a few years ago when I was meeting my DD's future in laws for the first time. Well, my ex was there when it happened and quickly made a trip to get a new one. Only the grocery store and drug store were open that morning, but it worked for us.

Monique, I HATE mice. Glad you were able to take care of them.

Barb, congrats on the upcoming engagement and wedding. Sounds like you will be busy,

Well, today is the start of my road trip with DGD. We'll see how well she travels. She was only 2 weeks old the last time my family saw her, so I'm expecting a lot of shyness around them. Oh well, it's time to get on the road. Take care everyone. See ya next week.

Ginny B
October 10th, 2018, 10:03 AM
Good morning all. Another grey start to the day. Tomorrow we should be getting some t-storms and rain throughout the day. I checked on the weather where my son lives in GA and it looks like they will be getting just a bit of rain, etc. but as of right now, Michael won't have a large affect on his area. Prayers for all those in the path of the hurricane.

Got a lot accomplished yesterday. We are getting two new cabinets for the living room to hold our cd's and so I needed to empty the large desk that is currently in the place where they will sit. My eldest son is going to take the desk. He has been looking for one for his den and this one is still in good shape and a good size (too big for us now though). I also found the second bin in the garage with my fall decor. I will finish decorating today and tomorrow. I will also spend some time in my sewing room. Got an order for some burp cloths yesterday and I will just get them made up.

Time to get stuff done. Have a good day everyone. Be safe all those in the path of Michael.

October 10th, 2018, 10:32 AM
Mice! Two nights ago we are watching TV and a little one scurried right thru the living room into the kitchen. Then he bounced back across the rug under the table in the living room, then back down the hall. I dug out the mouse traps and set 4 of them and yesterday morning we had them all full of meeses. Yes, fall is on the way. Earl the cat brought one in last night but he got distracted when we praised him and let it go. Oh dear!! It will be a long winter I'm afraid.
Having a lot of indecision about the sewing machine trade. Seems like a lot of money . And, there really are a lot of other things that could use upgraded. I just need to get the decision made and move on.
Yesterday I began working on my craft project for the Christmas homemade gift exchange. I found a beautiful piece of dried rhododendron stick and DH cut it to length for me. Then I started stripping it and sanding. 6 hours of working on the wood and I have a pretty stick. Now to do the fine sanding and maybe a clear coat and voila … a beautiful walking stick. I thought I would make a hiking sit up on from sunbrella material with a little zipper pocket for a cell phone and money to go along with it.

October 10th, 2018, 11:00 AM
Good morning ladies,

Monique - I'm with you wih mice. A few years ago we had some in the mud room, connected to the garage. We layed out traps, and must have caught 5-6 over a few days. We searched for their entry point, and discovered an area between the gyrprock and cement base, just a small crack, but they can squeeze in smallest area. DH caulked the entire garage at the base. No more issues. Then I could hear scurrying near bedroom window where the window well is located. Then I heard noise between floor joists. It wasn't mice, but rather chipmunks. Got them out, and found a gap between the brick and foundation, so this got fixed. No more critters.
BTW - we have 2 indoor cats. Both woosies. Just hid when they heard noises.
I love the Parkdale market, and went often as I worked at Tunney's Pasture. How nice to get some sewing while visiting friends.

Well it is hot and muggy, and this is our forecast for a few more days. It is so humid, the patio stones, driveways and lawns are wet. After guild meeting, I went out for ice tea with GFs. At 10pm, it was like a beautiful summer's eve. There are 36 people registered for both in-town retreats, a week apart. I am a bit freaked that with so many people, it will be cramped, and power will flicker and go out. They have 4 ironing stations to share, and we cannot bring our own small irons. Since it's my first, I'm not certain if this is for me. I like to press as I sew. I may have to strengthen my nails and do finger pressing like Donna Jordan. BTW - I love how she coordinates her fabric to nail colours.

Today I will pick up my DD at Algonquin College, where she is at a trade show to promote job opportunities with federal govt. We will go for dinner and then drop off off her kids' outgrown clothes and toys at a location for a huge annual kids sale. We will go back on Friday to volunteer a few hours and shop before it is open to public. She usually has her list of items and sizes she is looking for.

Yesterday I attached the binding 420" on my GF's quilt, and have handsewn 2 sides. I also FMQ about 6 more blocks on the blue squares quilt. I am doing each block differently, and it's practice. Also washed the batik quilt, shams and put away. Brought out DH's fall quilt. It's light but warm, Tuscany 100% wool.


Have a good day. Please stay safe and heed the warnings if you are in the path of Michael.

October 10th, 2018, 04:54 PM
Good afternoon! ~ I'm late getting here today. This morning we had our FIRST SNOW! It was 37 deg. The roofs were white, but it wasn't sticking to the grass. There was a light dusting on some of the leaves. The streets are just wet. So far the high temp. is 40 deg. We've had a rain/snow mix coming down all morning. It's supposed to get much colder on the week end. Can you believe it?! A week ago we had a high of 92 deg.! There is a freeze warning for tonight. It seems strange to be bundling up with a warm scarf, ear muffs, winter coat & a furry hat.

Last night was our guild mtg. They mixed things up by having the chairs in circles & did some "mixers" / get acquainted games. The chairs were facing each other. We were given 3 min. with each person we sat across from to get acquainted. They gave us 3 questions to use as conversation starters, but most of us talked about other stuff, too. There was such a buzz of conversations it was hard to hear each other. Then we had to move over 1 chair & meet someone new. The goal was to make it around the whole circle, but there were too many of us in the allotted time to make the full circle. Then we got into groups of 8 & answered some trivia questions about when our guild was started, how many members, etc. Most of us in the group were new within the past 3 yrs., so we didn't do so well. Our guild was started in 2005. We now have way >300 members. We've outgrown our space at the Lutheran Church. The board has been looking for a different place for us to meet. In Feb., we'll meet at the new location. (Jan. is an all-day sew day at the Moose.) The new location is clear on the other side of town from me & along a main, busy hwy. I'm not keen on the traffic there at night. It can be bad in the daytime, too, when visibility is better. I guess the board checked several options. Either they weren't large enough to accommodate us, or they wanted too much rent $. This place is only $20. more a mo.

Judging of quilts for the county fair or other contests: Two of our members told us a list of what judges are looking for when judging quilts. Frequently it might be more quilting (closer together) or smaller, more uniform stitches. The edge of the quilt always needs to fill the binding. The corners need to be tacked down so the judges can't poke their fingers in there. Good mitered, square corners. One statement I thought was good was a quote from Vince Lombardi: "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."

October is breast cancer awareness month. Our guild donated 12 pink quilts to 12 ladies either dealing with cancer now, or who are survivors of cancer. Our guild members nominated names of recipients. Most were relatives or friends of guild members. The makers of the quilts used the same pattern, but the fabrics varied. All fabrics were some shade of pink or rose. Next month there will be a presentation of Quilts of Valor to veterans.

This morning was Bible Study Fellowship. I ran errands on the way home. Got bread from the bakery. Today they had the Colorado Coconut sweet bread, which is one of my favorites. Any time you go in there, they offer a free sample of bread or a dessert. Yummy. I went through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A for chicken strips (eaten today) & the chicken wrap (which I'll have over the next 2 days).

I'm slowly doing the FMQ on the Baby Bargello quilt. I have to limit my time on the Taira LA to 30 min. due to the numbness & tingling in my L. hand. Frustrating.

DS#2 may be coming for a short visit the end of this mo., & DS#1 plans to come mid-Dec. That means doing some extra house work to get ready for company. My lap top is in the guest BR; the bed is covered with papers, books, etc. I use it for an overflow desk. I have print-outs of Angela Walters' FMQ designs, quilt patterns printed from M* tutorials, etc. I'll need to get those organized into a 3-ring binder.

My first M* order came yest. I had ordered the Grunge dots LC (DD) & 2 Grunge stars charm packs. I still have a 2nd order that has shipped, but won't be here for a few days. That was the white LC (DD) & some bunny fabric.

Well, I've chatted long enough. I need to get on with the rest of my day. I hope & pray all those in the path of Hurricane Michael will be safe. It came ashore as a Cat. 4. I guess the only (+) thing we can say about it is that it is a fast mover.