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October 8th, 2018, 08:31 AM
Good morning dear friends. We had a wonderful day yesterday. I was up early to make buns so I could take them to Ashley and Greg's. Les got help getting a lovely but heavy side board into the van so we could take that to Greg's too. I stopped to give my brother some things I had for him, so it was a nice short visit.

So I got to spend the better part of the day with my family as well as Ashley's family. Little Olivia (3) was there and it didn't take long for her to warm up to me. I took her out for a walk and we found the play park. I think she had fun.

We had such a lovely time, the men folk spent the time down in the man cave watching sports, hahaha. A lovely meal was prepared and much enjoyed by all.

Les has to work today so I get the whole day to myself. Where to start, I am not so sure.

Tomorrow is Guild so I need to prepare some things to take there.

Have a wonderful day friends.

Star lover
October 8th, 2018, 08:42 AM
Mornin Monique and....everyone!

It's good.....no great, to be back! Sure missed y'all! My, it took me a looooong time to catch up and I'm sure I missed tons.....so forgive me, if I didn't respond to your posts.

I've learned something.....I'm retired and lovin it! When DH retires I will be back to work and with OT. Not at a job, but at home! Whew! Made it into my sewing room 2 times...yup, and only for a short time. Played my Dulcimer a couple times......mostly kept tuning it, as the weather kept changing.

Rain, oh my.....we've had so much I'm getting moldy.

We were going to visit my mom in NC, but Florence had other plans. She got 17" of rain, no flooding right where she was, but the grocery stores were low on stock and we had made other plans when we couldn't go to moms.

We were going to put a roof on the house.....DH got sick and it rained....so no roof. Finally DH agreed to have it done.....so now we wait......cause of rain.......think I'm gonna see how to build a boat....an ark maybe.....

My y'all have been busy, creating and with life! I've seen some posts that mention needs for prayer. I'll be praying, just won't be getting to them all on your posts....

Have a wonderful dry (if ya can swing it) day......full of joy, peace and sunshine!

October 8th, 2018, 08:59 AM
Good Morning Everyone...Our friends, Cathy and Barry, have left to continue on their trip to Chicago to visit with Cathy's sister. We miss them immensely. Cathy and I talked for countless hours and shared and shared, finding we have much more in common than we thought. We did a little shopping and creating together and ate out a little. We even had an adventure. We got caught in torrential rain and lightning on our way home from dinner Saturday night. We looked like four drowned rats when we got home and had to put on robes and dry our clothes. We got 4 inches of rain in a little over an hour. Our yard is a mud pit.

All three Girls love Cathy and Barry, even Dottie the persnickety one! Dottie knows that when I care for someone it's okay for her to accept them, too. Jeff and Barry had a great time together...Jeff is a huge talker and I suspect Barry did a lot of listening. So, dear friends, you are missed. We will travel to you next time. I will post pictures later. We are having computer issues since the storm and our home phones were hit by lightning. Cathy has some good pictures that she can share here. For some reason the pictures that were sent to my email didn't make it.

Jeff and I did a quilt showing for Cathy and Barry and here is the aftermath...155451

Jeff is off work today for Columbus Day. Monique, it sounds like you had a great day with your family.

Be blessed friends.....

October 8th, 2018, 09:04 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ Raining here, too. It's 42 deg. The news said we could get a rain/snow mix if the temp. drops lower. The snow level has dropped to ~6,000 ft. Yest. it was cloudy all day. A light mist started about 3 p.m., then switched to light rain. Everything outside still is wet. In spite of the rain, I ran the sprinkler system one last time. It gets blown out today.

Yest. morning was church. The first Sun. of each month we have Communion. On the way home I stopped at the groc. store; I was low on a few things. In the afternoon I cooked up more apples for sauce.

Today is my grt. gr. son's 2nd birthday. They live in TX, so I'll have to be satisfied with pics after the fact.

It will be the usual Mon. laundry. I have Anasazi beans sorted & ready to cook this a.m.

Cathy F
October 8th, 2018, 09:16 AM
Morning all
We are on the road again heading to Chicago. My heart felt heavy this morning knowing we were leaving, I'm not good at good byes so it was very hard.

We had such a wonderful time with. Barb and Jeff, two of the kindest sweetest people, and I just loved the girls! Can't post pics till we get home cause I can't resize them with my tablet and they are too large to load. This was such a blessing to be able to make this trip.

October 8th, 2018, 09:20 AM
Morning all
We are on the road again heading to Chicago. My heart felt heavy this morning knowing we were leaving, I'm not good at good byes so it was very hard.

We had such a wonderful time with. Barb and Jeff, two of the kindest sweetest people, and I just loved the girls! Can't post pics till we get home cause I can't resize them with my tablet and they are too large to load. This was such a blessing to be able to make this trip.

Be safe on the road and have a great time with your Sister. Hugs....

October 8th, 2018, 10:01 AM

What a morning! Run, run, run. I had to get Halona up very early to show up at step-daughter, Jennifer's house in order to drop off the four year old grandson at daycare. Jennifer sometimes has an early shift at the hospital where she works as a pharmacist. I arrived at her house at 5:47 AM and no lights are on in her house. OOPS! They have over-slept and I called to wake Jennifer up! What a way to start my bday! So, after dropping off the four year old, I take Halona to Dunkin Donuts and school. Exchange vehicles with Jennifer at the hospital; then, go grocery shopping (we were totally out of toilet paper at the new place)!


And, I had banking business to do; arrived at the bank to realize it's Columbus Day and the bank is closed! All of this before 8 AM!!!!
I have to put in 4 hours today at work, then step-daughter is fixing dinner tonight.....all I know is my tired body will be ready for bed tonight! You know what would have been perfect for today? My sewing room unpacked and set-up to sew! I miss my being in my perfect place!

October 8th, 2018, 10:38 AM
Good morning ladies. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and Happy Columbus Day to my American friends. It's all good.

Yesterday, my GF Pat and I had brunch with my mom. She wasn't in the lobby or restaurant when we got there. We went to her room, not there. She was sitting at her table in dining room. She Forgot. Saturday she called me and said she would be ready and wait downstairs. She didn't remember that I told her that we were hosting the kids and grandkids. She has sharp moments, then she seems lost. She has been having dizzy spells, and they have been checking her, but nothing. I remember this happening before she had some TIAs. It's been 7 years since her last sibling died at 95.

Michael had planned to go gliding, but he wasn't feeling great, never does after we have lots of company. So he just did stuff around the house. I wanted to do yardwork, but I was just wiped and rested instead. Today Michael's youngest will come for meal. I'm not planning much today either, as this week is packed with activities, appointments, events with my DD.

Shermur - did I read correctly. Happy birthday.

Have a good day. Safe travels for everyone on the road today. (Prayers for families of the horrific limo accident in northern NY. 20 dead. So sad). Stay dry. Stay warm. Be safe.

October 8th, 2018, 10:46 AM
Woke up to a crisp sweet breeze coming in our front windows, too bad rain was coming in with it. We're been enjoying our new living room leather couch and recliner, not too puffy and still very comfortable. Sherri, I also forgot that today is a holiday, guess that list of phone calls will have to wait until tomorrow.

Monique so happy to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Barb & Cathy so glad you found your long lost twin sister, LOL!. Joy we also have to attend our GGkid's Bdays with photos after the fact as all of the 8 GGBoys and their families live in different states and now 2 are in Amerstradam. Got to get to post office tomorrow to mail them some Halloween coloring books.

Ahh, Just finished a good cup of coffee so it's time for another cup while I get busy with today's agenda. No PT clinic as therapist released me last week. I have edema in my lower legs and the wraps she ordered for me help a lot to keep leg swelling down.

Simply Quilting
October 8th, 2018, 11:57 AM
Good Morning! We have had lots of rain, too. A friend asked on fb "Can a county be a federal disaster for a drought and a flood in the same year?" Because that seems to be where some of the farmers are right now - drought destroyed almost all the crops and the rain is finishing off what is left.

On to some great news, the charity quilt top is finally finished. Dh's first words when he seen it was "It is huge." Yes, it is a very good size quilt. I have a committee meeting later this month then it will go to the quilter for custom quilting. I want the committee to see the quilt and there is not enough time to get the quilt quilted before the meeting.

Have a wonderful day everyone :)

October 8th, 2018, 12:08 PM
Good morning all. Grey and humid here. I worked out earlier this am. I need to go to the store . I was so tired yesterday that I did not make it there. I decided to go shopping for long pants. We are heading to the Midwest to hunt and visit with friends. I have to put my shorts away soon. I hope to get some sewing done this afternoon.
Sherri— Happy Birthday. How do you like your new place?.

Have a good day.

October 8th, 2018, 12:22 PM
Good morning!
I've been checking in, but now that school is back in session and work is in full swing, I haven't been posting too much.
We have the day off for Columbus Day/ Indigenous Peoples Day. I had high hopes of getting all sorts of stuff done this weekend. Not so.
I had a back molar break and Friday I had it removed. No heavy lifting, no activities that cause my head to be below my heart. (Hoof trimming = out. Barn cleaning = out. Moving the doelings to the big barn = out. House cleaning = out.) I did have a training for work on Saturday, but that was mostly parked on my bum.
Yesterday I tidied up the kitchen and packed up the quadruple batch of stuffed cabbage soup for the freezer. Today I want to spend some time in the sewing room while finishing laundry. Emily has had to help, as I couldnt reach into the bottom of the washer the first couple days. It's better today.
I shall top off the coffee and go shorten my new pants and hopefully find something more exciting to sew!
Have a great day Quilty friends!

October 8th, 2018, 01:14 PM
Good Afternoon everyone.

It sounds like everyone had a great weekend. It's always nice when friends and family come together.

This morning was busy. I was putting the turkey breast into the crock pot when the kids came in this morning. They decided on green beans, carrots, and mashed potatoes to go with it. Of course there will be cookies and the two that were here already know they have to clean their plates (depending how much Mom or Dad puts on them, that is).

Zeke told Nandy to come to supper when he came to pick them up. lol, I had to laugh! I guess he's looking forward to dinner tonight.

I'm getting ready to clean up the kitchen then head into the sewing room. I'm putting the Christmas quilt aside for a bit. Melinda sent me a box filled with holiday fabrics. There were two pieces of Halloween prints so I think there will be a tote bags or little baskets for the grandkids. I'll have to see what's calling to me when I get in there!

Prayers for those in need, prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

October 8th, 2018, 01:14 PM
Sherri— Happy Birthday. How do you like your new place?.

Have a good day.

Beth....thanks for the bday wish...the new place still needs a lot of unpacking and organizing. I told hubby we're having one heck of a yard sale next spring!

October 8th, 2018, 01:30 PM
Good morning all. Guess that 2nd cup of coffee hadn't mentally kicked all the way in... I made a trip to post office to mail a pkg and lo-n-behold it is columbus day. Yep Sherri - I read your post and it just didn't click. And I know federal means banks and post offices are closed. So back tomorrow I shall go after the appt in the morning with plumber. Water heater HAS to be replaced, it served a long life and no longer has control of its belly!

Happy Birthday Sherri...

Ginny B
October 8th, 2018, 02:43 PM
Good afternoon everyone. Looks like we all were a bit confused by the holiday. We put the trash out last night even though I knew it was Columbus Day since I didn't have to pick Henry up today since school is closed and his daddy is home. Just didn't put the two things together. LOL

Sounds like everyone had a pretty nice weekend. We did too. It was busy for sure. DH said to me yesterday that he really didn't want to go to work today. I think he is ready to join me in retirement.

Time to get some lunch and then back to my sewing room. Before we left on vacation, I received an order for two hooded towels with names on them so I worked on them this morning along with some laundry and dinner prep. After lunch it will some organizing in the sewing room.

Enjoy the day everyone. Prayers for those in need and prayers that the new Hurricane doesn't cause too much damage down south. My son is ready to go if he has to but he thinks it will just be a lot of rain and a bit of wind by the time it hits them.