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October 2nd, 2018, 08:48 PM
Who went to the Birthday Bash....and what did you think? Let me preface this by saying I know many of the Doans personally, and love them all...so this is not a rip on them.
Personally I was disappointed that the FQ's were not advertised for sale, and I didn't even hear about them until Saturday. (They are usually at the front of the main shop...and highly advertised) There were no big sales on anything, as there had been at previous birthday bashes. (They had tables full of sales stuff)
I was also disappointed that there was not a lot of representation from the Doan family, and the owners unless you went to the paid events. I managed to run into Ron in the main shop one day, and saw Jenny on the patio before her scheduled appearances. Saw Josh there too on Saturday during the last cake walk.
The vendor booths were underwhelming to say the least. They weren't doing the fun things they did last year, and weren't "giving" away anything....like they did last year. I guess maybe I just had higher expectations for their 10th anniversary bash, than what the previous birthday bashes were like. Will I go back for another one...hmm...not sure.
Won't stop loving M* or the Doan family though, and I will be at the next forum retreat for sure...(good Lord willing and the creek don't rise)

October 2nd, 2018, 09:34 PM
I only went on Saturday. Had never been before, but based on all the comments last year, I thought I'd drive in a day early and check it out. To me, it was like going to my annual church bazaar. I had nothing personally to compare it to, but I probably wouldn't go back again. I will give them credit for having enough parking available. It was easy to get to and easy to get out.

Judy, USMC
October 2nd, 2018, 11:05 PM
Couldn't make it to this one but spoke with a couple of quilters who attended. Compared to past years this one definitely appears to have lacked the enthusiasm of the past. Marilyn, they also mentioned the lack of the fun fabric company booths, M*'s usually great sales and family/founder sightings. Speculation is maybe they dialed it back expecting huge crowds OR MAYBE handing the reigns over to a board of directors has removed "personality" from the event. Either way most agreed this was "nothing special" compared to other years.

Now that's not to say it wasn't special to those who came for the first time ... just different for those who have gone to them in the past.

BJ, Meg and Misty (on YT) seems to be the ones who provided the sparkle to the events you didn't have to pay to attend.

October 3rd, 2018, 10:02 AM
That is sad to hear that the personal touch is being lost. It seems the pricing is going up and the fan appreciation is going away. Jenny is the only reason I stay true to Missouri Star. I am not a fan of anyone else M* presents. It sounds like next year's event should be more appealing to the fans and patrons of M*....it could effect next year's event quite a bit.

Nana Kerr
October 7th, 2018, 12:05 AM
We flew to Missouri from Canada last year for the Birthday Bash. We had so much fun we decided to drive down this year. Last year Jeannie said at the supper the 10th year birthday bash was going to be bigger and better than last. We we all disappointed! First the supper went up in price and we felt last years swag was much bigger than this years. We paid for the pre registration. They advertised a water cup which we never got. When we asked we were told there was a drought. Fair enough but we paid for the cup! They were given out free water but by 2 there wasn’t any left. There were less give always, less sightings of the Doan family. The vendors packed up by 3 on Friday, less vendors, no real sales and not many fat quarters like last year.
We were very disappointed and probably won’t go again.

October 8th, 2018, 03:02 AM
I had heard it wasn't as exciting as previous years either. Did anyone see Al and his wife and baby?

K. McEuen
October 8th, 2018, 04:10 AM
I had heard it wasn't as exciting as previous years either. Did anyone see Al and his wife and baby?

Al was at Harvard during the bash and retreat time.

Simply Quilting
October 8th, 2018, 04:43 PM
Although Al was gone, I did see his wife and their baby.