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September 25th, 2018, 09:01 AM
Good morning dear friends. Well it is a very wet Tuesday morning here. It is not going to be good for all those people cleaning up from the devastation caused by the tornadoes last week. I just can't imagine what they are going through and am so grateful that we were spared here. All I can say is WOW!! Greg had a Tornado Day at work (that is what he called it). All Government workers were told to stay home. I just read that 3 tornadoes touched down last Friday.

The sleeping bags were washed and hung outside to dry. I fixed a broken drawer and cleaned one out while I was at it. The soap dispenser on the washing machine was disgusting so that came out for a good wash. My neighbour asked me to fix her bras as she can't afford to buy new ones. They needed to be taken in, so that job is done.

Today I am supposed to go to guild with Bonnie. On the way home I am to pick up a quilt from Victoria's Quilts for a friend. I will deliver it next week as she lives across the road from the Post Office. There may be a strike coming as early as tomorrow but the P/O will remain open nonetheless. I better take lots of quilting with me.

So that is it in a nutshell friends. Wishing every one of you a wonderful day no matter what you do.

September 25th, 2018, 09:51 AM
Good morning Monique and all that follow,

I cannot imagine all that people are having to deal with, rebuilding their lives. It is amazing that only a few people remain in hospital, only 1 person is critical. . This is not a good time to look for real estate in the area, as there was already housing bidding wars, houses selling in days for $50k+ above listing price. On the weekend a neighbour stopped by while I was doing yardwork, and mentioned they would love to buy our home, even if down the road - to keep in mind. The layout is perfect for aging couples and families with adult children and I agree. This was the reason we jumped on the house when it came up for sale. We could stay here forever, with assistance if needed of course.

Yesterday my GF Dorothy and I were supposed to be trained using a Janome 1600p on a Gracie wooden frame. The lady from VictorIa quilt who was to train us couldn't come as she was without power since the tornado. So we tried our hand at it. We got the layers loaded, and tried the machine. We had to familiarize ourselves with it, settings, issues with threading it, bobbin & top tension issues, thread breaks, bunching in bobbin area, oil was on several scrap pieces. After fiddling with it almost all day, all we got done was the basting at the top of the quilt. Then one, then 2 needle breaks. It was time to quit. We will get together again either Thursday or Friday. We will persevere. We're hoping the trainer can come in the next few weeks. We have watched numerous videos on the machine and frame. Some are very helpful, and then we realize we need more hands-on info. I have looked on the forum and older posts do provide some links to similar set up. The control box on the handle is different, although a Grace one, it has a dial, with no explanation. If anyone has info on this, it would be appreciated.

This morning I have a massage. I am looking forward to it as my legs/quads are pretty sore from this weekend's yardwork. Then a bit of housework and quilting later. Funny, I asked DH to throw in a few loads of laundry while I was gone, do cat litter and a few other chores. When I got home, he said he couldn't understand why he had no energy. That's when I realize that this is just what I do in morning before I shower.

Have a good day. My thoughts are with the families in NC as more have been told to leave their homes as waters are still rising. Strength, courage and prayers for all impacted by Mother Nature's fury. Be safe. Stay dry. Stay warm.

September 25th, 2018, 10:02 AM
Good morning. Another cloudy and rain day here too. I was suppose to go tutor my Japanese ladies, but one has a sick child. Later today I am going for an injection into my lower back to see if that helps relieve my pain. I plan on sewing more setting triangles on my quilt . We are suppose to go to a dinner tonight,but my husband has a lot of OR cases. I never get dressed until he calls and says that he is on his way home.
Have a good day !

Ginny B
September 25th, 2018, 10:19 AM
Good morning everyone. It's a rainy one here today. I have lots to do but can't seem to get myself moving this morning. Need to get the suitcases out and start the packing. I was supposed to head over to my sister's this morning just to check on her mail, etc. but I may put that off until tomorrow when it's not raining. My sis and bil will finally be on their way home tomorrow. They are driving home from the Atlanta area so it will take them a few days since Larry can't sit in the car for more than about 5 hours at a time because of back issues. It will be good for them to be home permanently. It has been a rough year and they haven't been home much since Larry's brother Scott got his cancer diagnosis. It has been hard for Larry dealing with settling his brother's affairs and now leaving his house for the last time. They have a realtor and the house will go on the market this week. Scott was his only sibling and he is feeling the loss deeply.

I am going to go have lunch with my friend Ceil today and probably stop by to see my other former co-workers for a few minutes. As far as sewing-related things go, I want to make up a few microwave cozies for my brother and sister-in-law and also cut some Farmer's Wife blocks to take with me on the trip.

Having said that, I better get myself up and moving. Have a good day everyone. Prayers going out there for all those dealing with the aftermath of the tornadoes and the hurricane.

September 25th, 2018, 10:52 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ I didn't have time to post at 6 a.m. It is crisp & clear here this a.m. Only 48 deg. The full moon was bright as it was setting in the west this a.m. Our temps. are trending cooler, so DH mustered up the energy to go in the attic this a.m. & remove the 20" box fan we use as an attic fan in our hall ceiling. Years ago he cut an opening there to fit a 20" box fan. It works great during the summer months. But it's time to prep. for fall & winter. One of these days while the weather still is nice, I need to clean all the house fans. I also need to schedule the fall service & shut-down of the swamp cooler. I hope to wait a couple weeks to have the sprinkler system blown out.

I e-m'd M* this a.m. to see if something has changed with the chat Forum format re: posting pics. The last 2 times I tried to post pics, I got a msg. that said my files were too big. I haven't done anything different. Still using the same camera. My computer has the Shrink Pictures program on it which always downsizes the pics. I'll wait to hear from them.

Needless to say, after all the painting yest. I have some sore muscles today. I was starting to feel it by bedtime last night. I just had a massage last week. I might consider getting another one to iron out the kinks.

Today is my dental appt. to seat the latest crown. I haven't been able to chew on that side since the prep work was done. I need to run to the bank & the groc. store after that.

Good news! DS#1 called yest. p.m. on his commute home. My DIL has a new job! Thank you, Lord. She was let go from her last job (company cut-backs) in July. It's an HR job in the benefits dept. for the county. She will be part of an HR team, so it should be less stressful than when she was the mgr. & the only HR person. It will be less pay than what she was getting, but it will be a much closer, easier commute. It's not always about the money.

Today it's supposed to be only in the 60's. It's definitely feeling like Fall.

September 25th, 2018, 12:23 PM
Good Morning....Call me as slow as molasses today. A little later I have to go for a haircut and a pedi. I sure am behind with my pedicures and I should do better taking care of my feet since I'm diabetic.

It's going to warm up this afternoon but we have a real cold snap headed our way. I put a heavier quilt on our bed yesterday and it felt good last night. The Girls are napping but I need to wake Dottie so she can have her meds. She had a restless night and that ensured that I had one too.

Our leaves are beginning to turn a little. Sumac is bright red right now and our large maple is turning a bit on the top.

Not sure what to make for our dinner tonight. Pork chops sound rather good. We had leftover meatloaf last night.

I need to get my wiggle on. Wishing everyone a great day.....

September 25th, 2018, 01:11 PM
Good Afternoon All,

Nandy picked up the little ones. Esther is having a rough day. Daddy made the mistake of saying she was acting like a baby when he dropped them off and she lived up to it... 4 under wear changes today, even after going being taken to the bathroom! Frustrating, and to get the final dig in, we'd just been to the potty not even 5 minutes before Nandy came and she was poopy when he picked her up! Merciful heavens! Zeke at 2 only had two diaper changes during their stay.

This afternoon, I've got to get something done, besides the floors! I'm going to start in my sewing room, cleaning up and perhaps finishing the pillow cases for Hope's quilt. Then I need to start pulling batting for the 10" squares for the bowl cozies. I have one more quilt on my list to make. I pulled the fabric and boxes out to get started on that. I wish I remembered which pattern I wanted to do!

I hope everyone has a great day! Prayers for those in need, for healing, strength, comfort and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

September 25th, 2018, 07:03 PM
Oh I am back. I didn't accomplish much after my massage. I was really sore from recent yardwork, GKs at the park and trying to work a LA. I picked up milk at the store and headed home. I made a stir fry with vegetables and the sirloin steaks we were going to have on the BBQ last night. DH doesn't like to BBQ, so this was a good option. Tonight we will have left overs. Lots of choices, salmon casserole, ribs, and spaghetti sauce, and WINE. Did I mentioned I ordered wine from one of our favorite wineries 3 hours away. It arrived 2 days later. Bonus. No delivery fee.

Then I layed down on the sofa and slept for 3 hours. Feel very rested now.

My M* order of 14/9 has started moving north. Maybe next week?