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September 13th, 2018, 09:10 AM
At the risk of a duplicate post, here goes.
Good morning everyone.
I didn't do much yesterday as I had promised DH. He went off to volunteer at the gliding club. There were handicapped adults in rehab who were given rides in the gliders. DH also got 2 lessons in.

I was pretty stiff and sore yesterday, so I called my doctor about my crooked pinkies in pain. Surprisingly I got in. She sent me for blood tests and X-rays. My mom and other relatives have rheumatoid arthritis. I was disgnosed in y 20s with osteo arthritis, but nothing more. I have been having bouts of pain in various joints over the years, but now I am getting nodules in finger joints. I am seeing her again next week and I won't leave until she refers me to a specialist. I think she is taking my various joint inflammations over the years more seriously. My wax treatments are helpful. Drugs not so much.

Today I go for a massage, so even if I want to do anything productive after that, I am usually just too relaxed. It will be time for freezer meal.

Have a good day. For everyone near Florence, praying all are out of her way and safe.

September 13th, 2018, 09:30 AM
Good Morning Suzanne and those that follow.

It's beautiful here this morning. Watching those red bands hitting the coast on NC on the TV. Hurricanes are nothing to mess with, but it sounds like Flo is a rule breaker all the way around. Maybe she's taking her cues from the old sit com, the Jeffersons. That Flo was full of spit and vinegar but not much else. Keeping my fingers crossed she'll make liars out of the weather folks!

I finished the 9 patches and snow balls. So today I'll start on the four patches. I managed to empty several boxes and repack into three of the foot lockers, with Christmas stuff. We brought back more boxes to go through today. They're glass ornaments in one of the larger plastic boxes, but with all of the stuff that's been sitting on that box it's starting to give way.

The kids are on their way back and I'm not done with what I wanted to get finished this week!

I'll get my hair cut this afternoon, so I need to get busy!

Prayers for those in nature's path, be safe and hunker down. Prayers for those in need, for healing, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

September 13th, 2018, 10:06 AM
The hurricane news last night was encouraging.
Last night I was on EBAY and saw a Platinum 715 Husqvarna in "excellent" condition for less than $200. I have one as you recall that I had hoped to get the microprocessor motor replaced but it was going to cost $500. I ordered the ebay machine. This will be a good backup for my computerized Viking. I will feel more secure I think. DH thinks I'm nuts.
FMQ'd a little on Gloriana's quilt top yesterday. Its looking good.
Going into town to lunch with MIL today. We might go to a makeup counter and see if there is a miracle foundation to cover some of these ghastly wrinkles.

September 13th, 2018, 10:19 AM
Good Morning. We are still waiting for a full day of sunshine. It is suppose to get to 80. I have a follow up appt. with the surgeon this afternoon. Hopefully I can start working out again. There is a coffe shop in the hospital that sells a chocolate espresso biscotti that Ii really like to eat for a snack. I tend to stock up when I go there. Hopefully I will get another row of sashing done this afternoon.

Everyone have a great day and those in the path of Florence stay safe.

cv quilter
September 13th, 2018, 10:58 AM
Good morning all. It's getting cool here at night, low 50s. Crisp in the morning.
Terry, glad that you found a machine on EBAY. Let us know how it sews when you get it. Hope it works out really good for you.
Let me know if you find the miracle foundation!! Maybe they sell it in bulk and I can use it on my arms and legs too.
I'll be working in my sewing room today, trying to put all of my Farm Girl Vintage blocks into a top. I washed and pressed three fabrics yesterday to use for sashing and borders.
Sending warm thoughts to all of you, hoping you have a fabulous day.
Prayers for all who need them, I think all of us need them for one reason or another.

September 13th, 2018, 11:12 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ I had no time at 6 a.m. to post. I had to wait 5 min. for some Windows update to download, so that ate up the time I would have used to post. Barely got my e-m checked. I see M* is having free shipping today, but I don't have anything I need. I'm really trying to use from my stash, which is large.

I was glad to hear Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a Cat. 2, but it still will do a lot of damage. I don't think some folks realize the impact of storm surges. Some of those folks who stayed behind are in for a big surprise. Some of them probably will find themselves trapped in attics or sitting on roof tops, assuming the house stays standing.

Our high temp. was 98-99 yest. We're not done yet with summer. It cools off into the 50's at night, but heats up during the day. We have wide fluctuations in our temps. here due to the thinner atmosphere at this altitude (just under a mile high).

Activity in the neighborhood yest.: At the big house next door where they've been painting, laying carpet, etc., a clean-up crew came in to clean windows, the door/window tracks & whatever. In all the years the most recent owner lived there, I never saw her clean a window except once. She cleaned the back sliding glass doors just before they had a party. They had 4 dogs; there were paw prints all over those glass doors. Previous owners also had dogs; one bred her golden retrievers. Sometimes the litter would be as many as 6-12 puppies! At the empty house across the street, a carpet layer came. He used the street to roll out the carpet & cut the sections.

I made progress yest. afternoon & eve. on the Baby Bargello quilt (Donna Jordan's -- the non-matching seams). All the strips are sewn together, cut apart & repositioned & sewn together. The main section is done. I just need to decide on borders' fabric. I've laid out 3 dif. fabrics. Haven't made a final decision on them.

This p.m. I have an annual appt. with the dermatologist for skin checks. One can't be too careful; the sun/UV exposure at this altitude is greater. DH has had 2 cancer surgeries (ear & nose). DS#1 (age 52) has had 2 surgeries on his cheek (same area) & is being followed by the dermatologist. He has to be religious about sunscreen application. Also he's bald (had a fringe, but shaves his head) so he has to protect his head whenever he's outside. Those wonderful tans we liked to get when we were younger can come back years later to bite us in the backside.

Terry, I sure hope that used Viking will be an asset to your sewing. The price certainly sounds good. I really have been very satisfied with my H. Viking Opal 670 which I bought 5 yrs. ago. I did a lot of FMQ on it before I bought the Tiara. My first Viking was the Emerald (I forget the no.) I had it >5 yrs. The mother board went out just under 5 yrs. & my dealer replaced it free. I think there was a minimal labor cost. The main reason I traded it in was because I needed a larger harp space for FMQ.

Thoughts & prayers for those in the hurricane's path.

Cathy F
September 13th, 2018, 11:34 AM
Morning all,
A grey and gloomy looking day here, I thought perhaps the sun would ha e poked it's head out by now.

Hope everyone that is in the path of Florence gets through it safely.

Did get in the sewing room for a bit yesterday, I finished another wreath for the craft fair. Still have a ways to go with items I want to make.

I had a very special surprise last night at our Pilot Club meeting, I was named a 2018-2019 Pilot Club International Ambassador. I was shocked when they announced it. I was presented with a framed certificate and a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Housework is calling so I should get moving or it just may not get done! Wishing everyone a good and safe day!

cv quilter
September 13th, 2018, 12:01 PM
Congratulations, Cathy!!

September 13th, 2018, 12:18 PM
Good morning everyone. Was sick last night with chills, sore throat, congestion, you name it. Praying this is one of those 24 hour bugs, since I still feel bad. Would love to get in the sewing room and quilt the mini quilt that is waiting. I spray basted it yesterday, but I know if I touched feeling the way I do, the end result would not be pretty. So, I think I'm going to go back to bed and read. Had dinner last night with two former neighbors. It's been almost a year since the 3 of us got together, so there was lots of catching up to do. Praying for everyone in the path of this hurricane.

Cathy F
September 13th, 2018, 02:06 PM
Congratulations, Cathy!!

Thank you!

September 13th, 2018, 03:58 PM
Late to the party but wanted to post.

My friend called this morning & suggested we get out of the house before the bad weather came in. We went to eat breakfast & then by the storage unit to check to see if they were going to close the next few days like everyone else. We stopped by Walmart for a hard case for one of my sewing machines & ended up picking up some snacks. After that we hit the wine store & of course I had to buy a new opener since I packed the one I have:( On to Home Goods to find a table to go under the living room tv for staging purposes & found one for under $100. After that we hit Starbucks to get DH a pastry & Chai, stopped at his job to drop it off, then headed home.

It's been a good day!

September 13th, 2018, 07:21 PM
Joy, the main reason I bought the new Viking was the 10 inch throat. I loved the old 715. It sews strong. It does have a bit of computerization but not like the new one.' So, if the new used one is as strong and will zig and zag I'll be really happy.
Now, the foundation makeup...hum...mil thought it helped a lot. It evens out the colors on my fair skin. However, $50 whopping big ones for a little jar. Then, (and remember, I told you she looks terrific for 82 yrs old) she needed some more day cream and just told the lady she wanted it and then I heard them ring it up....$125...no wonder she looks so good. I cannot justify spending these outrageous sums of money on make up. Heck, does she know how much fabric that would buy? lol.
Congratulations on the award Cathy.
Carolyn, sounds like the house is getting right ready to sell.
JudyUSMC, stay safe with those surges.
Joy, good luck at the dermatologist. (I've been thinking I might need to go see one and get checked over too)

September 13th, 2018, 11:18 PM
Terry ~ Update on dermatologist -- all is ok. I get skin checks annually; Medicare & my supplement ins. pay for it. Oh my, all that $ for skin care! Of course, we pay through the nose for our supplement! But we can go to any dr. or provider we want to without going through a PCP gatekeeper.

Virginia Beach - I called my former BIL this eve. All is ok there. Just some breezes, not even any rain yet. We hadn't talked for a long time, so we had a good gab for >1 hr. I caught up on the family news.

I didn't get any sewing done today, but I decided on the border fabrics & got part of them cut. I hope to resume sewing tomorrow.