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August 26th, 2018, 09:05 AM
Good Morning ~ Wow, we had a heat wave yest. It got up to 98 deg.! It didn't cool off as fast last night. The skunk was in the neighborhood again. The stink woke me up at midnight.

I spent yest. a.m. in the kitchen making DH's chicken soup. It made 14 qts. I won't have to make soup again for 28 days. In the afternoon I sewed the label on the Bloom Bouquet Quilt; it's ready for gifting. I'm picking up my friend this a.m. to take her to church. It will be her last time to attend here before she moves the end of this week.

I was sorry to hear about Sen. John McCain's death. I would say he beat the expected prognosis for a glioblastoma. Usually it's only ~ 6 mos. That type of tumor sends out tentacles; even surgery isn't able to get it all. My sympathies to his family. He served our Country well.

I hope our Hawaii gals are ok. I saw clips of the devastating flooding on the news. So much rain in such a short amount of time.

This afternoon, I hope to get that Noah's Ark panel quilt sandwiched. Have a good day.

August 26th, 2018, 09:26 AM
DH & I went to the firehall car show yesterday. Entered the old Falcon convertible. It didn't win but people had fun looking and DH had fun talking about it. It was just a group of the locals who brought their old cars. They had bar b que to sell and we caught up on what has been happening in the community.
I came home and finished the flying geese quilt and did a little weeding (very little)
Don't know what I'm up to today. Something will turn up that needs doing. The weather has been fall like and crisp in the mornings but they are telling us we are back to the 80's today. Suits me.
Praying hard for all the sorrows and devastation but also thanking God for all the wonders he has bestowed upon us. Everything has a reason.

Ginny B
August 26th, 2018, 09:36 AM
Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful morning here today. We decided to stay home instead of going to the beach. We will sit and enjoy our backyard. I had a nice couple of days with my two eldest sons welcoming Rob's new dog Auggie to the family. We introduced him to my son John's dog, Booda, and things went well. They live in the same house but they are separate areas so they really won't be with each other much.

Not sure what I will do today. Dh did a lot of trimming and mowing yesterday so maybe I will do some weeding in a couple of beds that need attention. Have a good day all.

August 26th, 2018, 10:28 AM
Good morning ladies,

DH went gliding yesterday, so I got to do my own thing. That works well for me. I dropped off a new house key to my daughter and pulled out a bunch of old keys out for the 2 older GKs. I also picked up ice cream treats for DH & me. We were completely out, and we do enjoy our ice cream. Then I worked a few hours in the yard on the side yard street-side. I swear the weeds were 3' tall. I filled 2 bags. I wanted to spread the last few bags of black mulch, but It was too hot & humid to do more, so I came in to cool off.

I cooked 18 Vision corns I picked up at he local farm. We had some for dinner, and I removed the kernels for freezing. I will have to get more, but if I do a bit at a time, I won't wear myself out. I think my energy has been drained from the past month. I noticed I'm not up as early and take longer to get going, and less energy. I hope it comes back soon. Next week will be busy.

It's supposed to rain today, and it's overcast, so not sure I will do yet.

Have a good day, stay safe, stay dry.

Claire Hallman
August 26th, 2018, 11:04 AM
We have a painter coming Tuesday so I spent part of my morning removing knick knacks and pictures from the living room/entry hall. When DH gets going I will need his help to move three pieces of furniture. We have the world's smallest living room, probably should just call it the entry.:icon_hi:

I have every intention of doing some more criss cross with my walking foot later today. I would love to hang this project this fall, not next year.:icon_heh:

cv quilter
August 26th, 2018, 11:53 AM
Claire, we have a pretty small living room, too. Our home is only 1240 SQ, so furniture size and placement is an issue.

Saddened by the passing of John McCain. He was a brave and courageous man...throughout his entire life ...and fought hard for the Veterans and all whom he represented.

So very sad for the devastation all around. Prayers for all who need them.

Cool, foggy morning here. We have had beautiful rains for monsoon season this year. What a blessing. Everything here is green and vibrant. The nights are getting cooler and we know that fall will be here soon, but we are enjoying the moisture we are blessed with. Going to work in my sewing room today putting the binding on my Boots and Bandanas Table Runner. Actually think I am going to use it as a bed runner, as I am also going to make the Boots and Bandana Quilt. It's a Lunch Box in the hoop embroidery applique design. So cute. I'm also going to start on some Bear Paw quilt blocks for a swap I'm in on another forum.

Wishing all of you a happy Sunday and hoping only good things coming your way.

August 26th, 2018, 12:33 PM
Morning ladies! Was up early for on a Sunday morning as hubby flies out today for an extended work assignment. He'll be in Wisconsin this coming week and then Maryland for the next few weeks. Will miss him terribly but this job is paying very well and I'm also coming up on my extremely busy time at work. We will get through this. Three years ago he did a two year stint in Las Vegas and we survived. After I take him to the airport I will do some grocery shopping and then come home and try and finish some Halloween table runners i have been working on for gifts.
Have a blessed Sunday all!

August 26th, 2018, 04:18 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone,

DS#1 taught Equipping hour (Adult Sunday School) today. He'll teach again next week. He did a good job introducing 2 Timothy. Preaching was about the church, then their was lunch and a seminar about Gender. I didn't stay for that. I figured if I didn't understand gender by now, it was a lost cause.

Mike and I just got back from lunch. I wanted a steak, don't ask where that idea came from because I already had meat in the refrigerator that I got out last night for lunch today.

I'll have all 3 kids tomorrow, Nandy is having surgery so I'm the back up plan. Now to see how home school goes. ;-) I already know, it's not going to fly. The soon to be school room is all spackled and sanded. I taped half of it. Once we finish that half we'll move the furniture and do the other half. The toys are all in the sewing room, so one drawer will come out tomorrow and both of those rooms will be off limits.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.