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Ginny B
July 30th, 2018, 07:57 AM
Good morning all. Here we are at Monday and I will not be heading to the office. Instead I will be heading to the airport to pick up #4 son, Tim, who will be here for a few days visit. :icon_happy:

Starting on Friday evening, I kept thinking about things that needed to be done at work that I hadn't gotten to do or stuff I forgot to tell someone. :icon_doh: So since my e-mail account hadn't been deactivated yet, I wound up sending e-mails to people to let them know about things they needed to know. I think I'm actually done now.

We had a nice weekend, a kiddie birthday party on Saturday and then some nice yard-sitting when we got home. Yesterday morning we headed to the beach for a few hours. It was really nice there yesterday. No sand blasting wind like last weekend. Then we had a nice eggplant parm dinner. Then I got the guestroom ready for Tim's visit. After dh went to bed, I stayed up and watched a Hallmark movie ! It was lovely.

I still got up early so that I could have a nice relaxing morning and not be rushing around to get to the airport on time. Now it's time to take a morning walk around my garden. Love mornings in the garden.

I hope everyone has a great Monday.

Star lover
July 30th, 2018, 08:17 AM
Mornin Ginny and all......!!!!

Congrats on your retirement. All that free time......will go poof! When I quit I was as busy as ever.....still am. How did I do all that and work? Stuff just didn't get done. But you're gonna love it and enjoy it loads!

Hope Monique is having a grand time!
Hop on Suzanne's trip is going smoothly with no hiccups!

We finally got some rain......it rained for 20 minutes Friday. Saturday we had a birthday party for our grandson. The weather was perfect!

Finished....or so I thought, hand quilting a quilt. Got to looking at it.....needed something, so I had to use some brain matter.....think there was some smoke ..... now onto some more quilting.......gonna be gorgeous. It's a gift for my sweet, wonderful, loving mother. Cant wait to give it to her!

Hope everyone has a great Monday.....might not be as great as Ginny's....but great! Love and hugs to all.

July 30th, 2018, 08:41 AM
Happy First Freedom Monday, Ginny!

Yesterday was a blur, no Sunday School, but my oldest preached at Church. He did a good job. He didn't ask for critiques so I won't give any. He certainly has many talents and this church has encouraged him to stretch and grow in all areas. On their Fifth Sunday's they have a covered dish and support a local charity. This time it was an adoption agency and the kids held a lemonade stand with cookies and cupcakes.

Morgan is still really swollen. She was in a lot of pain yesterday. She's still in the 'don't brush your teeth' phase and it's starting to drive her nuts.

Mike and I got home and chilled out watching the storms in the distance get closer. Then back to church for the last week of bible study. I know where the videos are now so I can do the weeks I've missed.

The backing and batting for the tranquil triangles will be here today. So tomorrow, after the dentist, I'll be working on that.

The coffee is ready. I hope everyone has a great Monday.

Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

July 30th, 2018, 09:08 AM
Good Morning, All ~ A bit chilly this a.m. Only 59 deg. It's supposed to be only in the 70's today, but the 90's are coming back before the week is over. Yest. was cloudy & coolish, but it made it up to 82 in the afternoon w/sunshine.

It was so nice to have a working TV to watch the news yest. eve. & my weekly church program, Rejoice in the Lord, from Pensacola, FL. This loaner has good pic quality & adequate sound. I understand some of the new flat screens have poor audio & low volume. That's a feature I'll be checking out, since both DH & I are getting hard of hearing. He's worse off than I am. He always had our old TV on max vol. He refuses to get hearing aids.

The 5 a.m. news on my clock radio reported another death in the Carr Fire in Redding, CA, which brings the total to 6 & >500 structures destroyed. Three of the deaths were a grandma & her 2 pre-school great grandchildren. She was found with her body covering the kids. So sad.

Ginny, enjoy your retirement & your son's visit.

July 30th, 2018, 09:47 AM
Congrats Ginny. With your Son coming to visit you'll just feel like you've taken time off. The reality will take a little while I imagine. After 8 months I'm starting to wonder what to do. I don't feel like cleaning all the time. I am going visiting with the children later this week. Hunting season will start in 5 weeks according to DH so I guess he is looking forward to a new view too.

July 30th, 2018, 11:58 AM
Morning all! Ginny - I'm so jealous! It's back to work today for me since my short but very wonderful vacation is over. Humidity is way up today - UGH! Should be helpful for the firefighters, but oh so sticky for the rest of us.
Made lots of progress on handstitching projects while I was gone and a dear friend has asked me to make a bee quilt for her which she will pay me for.
Have a wonderful day all!

July 30th, 2018, 12:26 PM
ENJOY Ginny!

July 30th, 2018, 12:36 PM
Congrats Ginny. When I first retired last year, it was just a blur since I had so many things to do for me, and then started watching the new grandbaby a month later. Well it's still been a blur. I miss the adult interaction a lot, but not the daily grind of the job and definitely not my boss! Son moved in and now works from my kitchen area. It puts a cramp in my style, but I know I'll miss him when he moves across the country again in March of next year. So enjoy your time, and make the best of it. Before long you'll be wondering where your time went.

July 30th, 2018, 01:16 PM
My big news is I finally got old enough for a smart phone. I have been fighting against it since I am definitely not a techy but we have been having so much trouble with Hughes net internet that it made since to get a phone that could be a hot spot too. So between DH's phone and mine we have plenty of gigs (?) Since we use Consumer Cellular it isn't very expensive
The weather is beautiful, coolish and not to much humidity. The windows are open and today is the day-I am washing the inside windows. DH gets the outside job. NOT my favorite job but if I want to see the birds it has to be done.
DH gave his sisters the family tree book and picture thumb drive I just finished and of course the first thing said was, "This date is wrong". He came home and told me and I said too bad, they were given a chance to proof their families info so now they can just write it in.
Hopefully, I will get to have time in my sewing room tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

July 30th, 2018, 01:33 PM
I'm trying to get everything lined out so I can be out of the house for 4 days. I have a convention to attend. It's the first time I'll be a delegate for our union chapter. I'm trying to find some hand work to play with during the business sessions. I have heard that parts can get pretty slow, and it's better to have something to do with your hands to pass the time.

Yesterday we pulled our third load of hay for the summer. According to the thermometer on the truck, it reached 127 degrees in the middle of the field. Ugh. It was unpleasant, even with slight breeze that puffed occasionally. Our hay growers were thankful that we came, even in the heat. They loaned us one of their farm hands to help load. They have had problems with people stealing hay if they leave bales near the road. When we left, thieves were going to have quite the hike across the fields to get to the road.

My sister still has the headache from her first chemo treatment last Wednesday. I'm badgering her to call her oncologist about it. She's due for her next dose next week. I'm really worried about her. They can't seem to figure out what is growing in her chest. They have been working on identifying it since October, and still nothing. I think this is just a best guess on their part. I'm not sure what they have left if this doesn't do something to stop or shrink the mass.

Well, I had better go swap the laundry and dig out the suitcase. The vacuum cleaner probably should be released to terrorize the dust bunnies while I am at it.

Find a smile to share with somebody today. It will do both of you some good!
Hugs, Cathy

July 30th, 2018, 02:23 PM
GINNY Doesn't it feel good to be free to do or not to do whatever you want? Enjoy the rest of your first retirement week and your son Tim's visit. Reminds me that my son Tim hasn't visited in awhile. He's in CA but that's not a problem as his DW works for an airline and he can fly free whenever he wants.

Day is going a bit slow but at least I got the rest of my summer clothes out of storage. Another cup of coffee should give me a bit more energy, want to join me?

July 30th, 2018, 02:23 PM
Cathy give your sister a big hug from me. I know what chemo is all about & it does a number on your entire body, Maybe the headache is related to that. Prayers for the doctors to finally get an answer for her.


July 30th, 2018, 02:24 PM
Congratulation on day one of your retirement Ginny. Prayers for Megan & Cathy's sister. Here's hoping Monique & Suzanne's trips are going well.
Terry, I went thru a phase of what do I do now at about year one (on year three now). I know you'll figure out the answer soon. For me it was relaxing on the deck every morning, meeting a friend for lunch once a week & taking some classes. I haven't been quilting as much as I would like but that come from purging & painting the house to get it ready for sell. After cooking meals for 48 years I have really cut back on that duty!!!

Joy, we have one very large flat screen that has terrible sound. The 36" flat screen has excellent sound & I only turn it up a little. I would test it in the store before I took it home. My baby sister who's 12 years younger was over to watch Downton Abbey with me.
She gave me a puzzled look & asked why there were words on the screen. I explained close captioned then explained I got tired of DH constantly saying, "Uh, what, what did they say?".

I know the day is half gone but hope everyone is having a good one.

July 30th, 2018, 02:33 PM
Hello everyone! Gosh, is it really July 30?? Kids are back in school in our public system already this week?!

I have my 2 littles (who are not so little anymore) in camp this week at a nature center, and then next week I start my new job. As they will be going to school where I am working, they will come with me next week and be in camp with all the other children of faculty all week. I think it will help them to have some familiar faces once school starts the following week.

I wanted to say congrats to Ginny on her retirement. I'm sorry that my usually summer mojo of drinking coffee on the patio and catching up with you girls is just not how it's worked out this year. I'm beginning to wonder what new routines we'll settle into now that we are back in the USA.... it's still surreal and overwhelming.

Cathy F
July 30th, 2018, 07:10 PM
Congratulations Ginny on your retirement, enjoy!