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July 21st, 2018, 09:09 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ It was another hot one yest. High temp. was 102. My gr. dau. lives in the Dallas area, where they've been having triple digits temps. & all that humidity. Ugh.

I finally started the FMQ on the Bloom Bouquet panel quilt yest. About 30 min. is my limit at one time till my L. hand starts to get numb. So I have to rest & come back to it. I really think my problem is in my neck. I have some degen. discs going on, I think. It's frustrating. I'm using Angela Walters' meander feather design, but mine look more like flowers.

I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do today, other than work in more FMQ. Have a great week end.

Claire Hallman
July 21st, 2018, 09:29 AM
Flowers are good, too. I saw a quote this morning about a 3 foot rule. Stand back three feet and if you can't see a mistake then things are good.
I am headed back to a sit and sew day today, lots accomplished yesterday and I hope to get more done today.
My DH picked up my sewing machine from the repair shop yesterday, gggrrrrrr, I took it in because the upper tension was wonky, they adjusted the lower tension and cleaned it. I hope that fixed the problem, I have things to FMQ and time is a'wastin'.

July 21st, 2018, 09:38 AM
Good morning Joy and Quilter's who follow.

I cannot imagine that kind of heat in Texas but I might experience high heat next week. DH had many trips to Houston, and he said that his glasses would fog up when he would leave his hotel in the morning. It looks like we have rain in the 7 day forecast. We need it. We are drought 1 class. Vegetables are smaller than normal in local farmers market. I picked up some local corn yesterday. It was good and sweet, but much smaller than normal.

Yesterday I hand sewed the binding on a twin quilt. I am definitely getting faster at this. Since I went for an osteopath session, it's recommended to take it easy. So I set aside hand sewing for those days. I also folded the fabrics I got in the past week from M* and LQS. I have more than enough fabrics for a few dozen quilts. I just need to quilt faster and everyday.

Michael has gone gliding today, and hopes to get in a few lessons. So I am free to organize my thoughts for this upcoming trip and maybe get to my sewing room. I have to figure a way to let me mom know that I am away. My plan is to go Monday for her laundry and bring it back Tuesday. I have to let the staff know, as my daughter is my back-up but they are on vacation at family cottage. Third back up is my son but he is rarely available during the day as he works night and sleeps days. I debated not telling her as she gets anxious when I am gone, even if only for a day. It doesn't help if I have people call her, as she calls me every time someone calls her and she likes to have news. I can't keep this up as I would like to travel more now and DH is not getting any younger, and I can see that he may be more limited in the next 10 years.

No big plans for the weekend. Enjoy it. Stay cool, stay dry and stay safe.

July 21st, 2018, 10:34 AM
Good Morning All,

I'm sitting here enjoying my coffee and getting caught up on things happening. MIL's friends, Mel (Melvin) and Cheri are stopping by on Monday. Naturally the house is still on the disaster side of cleaning out.

I picked up smaller sized storage boxes to transfer some of my stash so I don't have to dump a whole box to get to the pieces that are naturally on the bottom of the big boxes. I went through my odds and ends box yesterday and sorted it more by colors. Today, I'll hit the batik box and sort those too. I'm hoping my 'sewing box' will fit in these shorter boxes, too. I may need to order more boxes or a bigger house, lol. It's a good thing I'm in the donate it frame of mind.

Planning on calling Russell and Melinda later today. Mike M. is home from the hospital, I know he's glad. His was the first prostate surgery I'd ever heard of that took 7 1/2 hours. I imagine his insides feel like they've all been poked and prodded. His daughter, Tammy is home and taking it easy for a few days and should be back to her fast paced lifestyle by Monday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. It looks like mine is going to be a squirrel chasing day. lol, I'm feeling like it's a losing battle with that little stinker! He'll win, once I go into the sewing room.

Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

July 21st, 2018, 11:04 AM
Good morning all. I'm on the deck with my breakfast enjoying the 70 degrees. It's headed up to 89 degrees later so I'm going to open all the windows for a while. It looks like we'll have a little much needed rain so no laundry on the clothesline.

I'm coming to the end of the clean out of the quilt cave. I am so excited to know that I can now get moving & quilt the three tops I have ready & waiting.

DH is home today & tomorrow so he gets dog duty. He's also replacing the deck steps that needed replacing last summer. I noticed half the deck boards are really bad & need replacing so I hope he'll need to do that before putting the house up for sale.

On to start my day!

July 21st, 2018, 11:34 AM
Happy Saturday Morning!

It's a soggy start here in Northeast Ohio, rain has let up for now but there is rain in the forecast through Wednesday. I hope my sister has some clear skies and can enjoy her time away.

Mom sent me home for a little while -- good thing I live across the street. I will go back at lunchtime to fix her lunch, and hang out for a little bit. I think we'll have Panera sandwiches for supper tonight.

Suzanne: I understand what you go through with your mother's anxiety. My sister (Mom's primary caregiver) is Mom's "anchor," or as we like to call her, "security blanket." Mom started to get anxious about my sister being gone last night before bedtime, then again when she woke up this morning. She keeps asking when my sister will be home (tomorrow morning) and why no-one told her (she's been told a million times).

I'm off to do some laundry and cleaning before I head back over to Mom's. Enjoy your weekend!

July 21st, 2018, 11:45 AM
Good morning everyone! It's going to be a beautiful 73 degrees, dry and sunny today. I might pull a few weeds since it's so nice out.
Last night I finished paper piecing last week's Blockhead block, so I'm all caught up until Wednesday.
I decided to start a quilt with some Nana Mae fabric that's been on the shelf a while. I'm going to use an Eleanor Burns traditional 1930's pattern that she called Ruby's Treasure. The 1930's name was Beggar's block. Eleanor's is made with a jelly roll and uses all the strips which is nice...nothing to add to the ever-growing scrap bin once I'm done.
Hope everyone has a super Saturday.

July 21st, 2018, 01:28 PM
Good morning all! So nice to have the chance to sleep in this morning. If the rest of the summer weather would be like yesterday's I would be such a happy camper - high 70's with relatively low humidity. I'm going to enjoy it while it's here because it won't last.
Sticking close to home today to do all those "fun" weekend chores like cleaning, laundry and weeding. Tonight hubby and I have our Dinner Club. Tonight's theme is Indian food and I'm making a vegetarian Korma. It's basically potatoes, carrots, peas mixed with crushed cashews, curry and tomato paste. Something different. The folks who are hosting have a gorgeous backyard so it will be fun to dine out under the stars.
Must get going. Have a great Saturday all!

July 21st, 2018, 02:29 PM
Yesterday day was a busy one.
At 10 to 3 something was in the chicken coop trying to get a snack. I didn't really go back to sleep after we ran it off. Early chores and out the door to judge a county fair a couple hours away.
A long day of evaluating showmanship and conformation of all breeds of goats. Had a couple of nice visits between classes with folks I knew. I started counting, and realized I have been showing (as a FFA kid) or judging there for over 30 years. Yikes!
Left there about 8. Stopped to pick up Em from Nanna's where she spent the day helping. Swung by my sister's to drop off her ticket to tonight's ball game, then headed home. By the time night chores were finished and the milk was done pasteurizing on the stove, I rolled into bed about 1AM! Ugh!

I slept in a bit this morning. Now that I have at least one cup of coffee in me I'm ready to get things going for today.
I still have about 70 bales of hay to unload into the barn, then I need to get things lined out for the new farm sitter to come on Monday to go over how things run. I should also get some photos taken, and post some of these goat kids for sale. They are coming up on the weanable age, and a few less to feed would be nice!

We are taking Mom & Dad out to the triple A ball game tonight. That ought to be fun, unless they sit and snipe at each other all night. Maybe I should have bought tickets in separate rows for them....

Have a great day and sneak in a few stitches if you can!
Hugs, Cathy