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July 14th, 2018, 11:04 AM
Good morning everyone,

I don't see a thread going yet. I don't have much planned this morning, just a few loads of laundry and help DH clean the pond. There must be some gunk blocking as the water is not coming out of the rock. The little birds have been going on the rock, and are disappointed. I've kept the bird bath filled, but they prefer running water. So I may actually get to my sewing room.

Thursday and yesterday, I cooked food for prepped meals for my daughter and myself, chopped veggies and filled her kiddos'snack packs. This process is repeated every 3 days. Then folded her laundry, emptying dishwasher is daily routine. Her MIL came to sit Cedric while we worked.

We got rain during the night, not a lot, but enough to wet things. More rain expected today but not a lot. I watered flowers and garden yesterday. An hour & half of deweeding, and I was sweaty. It's still very humid.

Oh today's Daily Deal is oh, so tempting, but I will try to resist.

Praying for rain and relief from the heat for those needing it. Have a good day.

Ginny B
July 14th, 2018, 11:35 AM
Good morning Suzanne. It is a beautiful morning here. 80 with a slight breeze and the humidity isn't bad. We have a few things on our to do list that are outside activities so that's good.

Yesterday after work th and I headed over to my sister's to find some important paperwork that her hubby Larry forgot to pack. It looks like they will be staying in GA for the time being. They were thinking they would trade off with other family members every few weeks but sadly my bil's brother Scott is deteriorating much faster than originally expected. It's Larry's only sibling and he needs to be with him at this time. Prayers for the family would be appreciated.

Time to move this day along. Suzanne, I used to prepare a few meals at a time too. I'd like to get back into that habit. We do plan our weekly meals on paper so that we know we have so the ingredients. I hope you get a break from your best soon.

Have a wonderful day everyone

July 14th, 2018, 12:17 PM
This has been a migraine morning so I've staggered around feeding & playing with the puppy. It takes a while for the medication to kick in & then I get really sleepy. I'm hanging on until noon when I can put puppy in his kennel with a frozen Kong & then go sleep for a couple of hours. I will be overjoyed when DH retires & he can take care of Ryker when I can't manage.

Well, that's all the chat I can manage for today.

Hope everyone has a good day.

July 14th, 2018, 12:27 PM
Morning all! Up and ready to go visit my cousin in Claremont, east of Los Angeles. My daughter is driving with me and we are stopping on the way at one of our favorite fabric stores.
Lats night I finished the top of a baby quilt I needed to finish for one of my daughter's friends.
Carol - my best to you and your migraine. My son suffers from those and I know they are no fun.
Enjoy the day everyone!

July 14th, 2018, 12:58 PM
My kind of summer day, sunshine without the heat. I'll also be preparing a meal or two, some chicken parisienne for tomorrow's dinner when DS#1 visits and chopped veggies for meals during the week. I'm so tired of planning meals, food shopping and cooking, do you think getting tired of eating will solve the problem? Fat chance I think.

Enjoy your day whatever you plan to do. 153808

July 14th, 2018, 01:04 PM
Good morning all. Ginny, prayers for your sis and her extended family. I started off the morning with the 3 mile walk (going to be tough when we get to the longer mileage), followed by breakfast with the group. That's the best part. Had my phone call wi the help mom on the way home followed by edging and mowing. The batteries on the weed Wacker died, so the back yard will wait until this evening. It's a bit overcast so not as hot as normal. Shower done, next is dry hair and drive to DD's apt. I forgot I had the car seat and came home with it last night. I need to go to container store for some of the spice rack liners for drawers. Use these for keeping my cones of thread from slipping all over in the drawers. I wait until I have a coupon. Hopefully I'll get some stitching done later.
Thoughts and prayers for all, and may everyone have a great day.

July 14th, 2018, 01:11 PM
I'm packing up to head home, 500 miles away. I've been staying in the home we just bought to rent to one of our daughters. There were a number of repairs that needed to be done, so I've been here to arrange for them. It's a cute little home, and about three times the size of the granny flat they've been renting. Our daughter's family moves in today!

July 14th, 2018, 02:15 PM
Hope you feel better soon Carol. I'm a long time migraineur so I can relate.
Quiet Saturday here, low 80's and cloudy. Might do a little weeding...some giant crabgrass has taken hold in my rose bed under the mailbox.
The farm stand has native corn and tomatoes today!! This means lots of caprese salad, tomato soup and salmon with tomatoes...a great recipe I found on Allrecipes.
I got my Deb Tucker flying geese trim tool this week. This is a great tool and made the task fun. I'll finish up my Blockheads block from last week and get started on this week's. Still trying to decide which quilt I'm going to tackle next.
Hope everyone has a relaxing Saturday.

July 14th, 2018, 03:08 PM
Morning chores are done. I'm going to have to go back out and brave the heat to pick more blueberries. They are coming on strong right now. We love them all winter in breads and muffins. I should also head out back and weed the raspberries, but I'm not feeling that chore today either.

We have tickets for the triple A baseball team tonight. We invited another family to go with us. They used to live out here and our kids went to school together. They moved over near my parents, so we have kept in touch. It will good to visit and catch up with them. First pitch is at 7, so that will make it a late night getting home.

Today is the baby goats first try on grain. They have been working on hay and grass, but they will need to transition to grain over the next few weeks. Hopefully we will be able to send them off to their new families with them being completely weanable. Some folks want to give them a bottle for the first few weeks after they bring them home to help with the bonding, so that is OK. I prefer to know that the kiddos can make an easy transition to their new home even if there is no milk involved though.

The second cup of coffe is done, so no more putting off the berry picking!
Share a smile or two and make someone's day!
Hugs, Cathy

July 14th, 2018, 03:24 PM
Good Afternoon all

We started off pretty gently around here. Jim called and we met his family at the beach and spent the rest of the morning playing in the sand and water. Those three grands have no fear when it comes to water. I didn't realize I donated my bathing suit last fall as it was too tight. I knew in the back of my head I needed to get a new one, but I just hadn't gotten around to it since I thought I still had the old one and it should have fit fine now since I've lost 20 lbs. Oh well, I guess I'll have to go buy one along with some skorts to replace the ones that are hanging on my hips now.

Jonathan came up and asked why I wasn't getting in the water. I told him I didn't have a swim suit, which he said, OK and went back to the water with Uncle Mike. I do wish Howard could have seen Zeke (2 yrs) riding on the boogie board. He has no fear! Esther stayed closer to an adult. She could feel the water pulling on her, but she got over her nerves rather quickly. Thankfully, it wasn't too hot. We could see rain clouds blocking the sun over the horizon. All in all it was a very peaceful day. lol, I know why Jim keeps teasing he wants to find a senior condo for me to live in at the beach. I think I would love it, except during hurricanes.

I've filled my bobbins for Kalyn's quilt, and that's as far as I got. Mike's got to go back to work so I can get some stuff done around here. The fabric for Hope's quilt arrived yesterday. I realized this afternoon, I'm 3 weeks behind on the ladies Bible study at church. I best get started on this weeks lesson and then pick up the other two next week.

Prayers for those in need, for healing, wisdom, hope and strength. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

July 14th, 2018, 03:25 PM
Hi, Everyone ~ Noon ~ I'm just now getting here. I had no time this a.m. I'm baking DH's spelt bread today; the 2nd loaf just went in the oven. In between, I've been doing laundry. Yest. I did 5 loads of laundry. I figured since I was staying home all day to be with DH on his BD, I'd wash up some bedding (1 blanket, 1 quilt, & several fleece throws). I dried them on low heat, then finished line drying them so they smelled of fresh air & sunshine.

I had almost all afternoon to sew. I wanted to try Jenny's new tut. from yest. -- the English Wedding Ring. The wheels began to turn as I reviewed in my mind the various fabrics I have in my stash. I wanted to try something patriotic & make just 1 block. I have a whole drawer of patriotic fabrics, but I didn't want to start out with my expensive Henry Glass fabric left over from the Freedom Star quilt, so I used some FQs & other items I had. I used Jenny's method for the 8 HSTs from 10" squares (I cut my own). Some of those HSTs were just barely 4.5". Next time I'll either sew a much more scant 1/4" seam, or I'll cut my 10" squares 1/8" larger to give me some wiggle room for trimming. That method does work great. Anyway, the block is assembled with a 1" border. Now I'm considering the fabric for a wider border. I hope I can finish it up today. I'm very pleased with the way it looks. I'll probably donate it to the guild for the fall show's auction.

DH had 3 long distance phone calls from family & a friend & got more cards for his BD. He was glad to be remembered. He got out some of his photo albums & took a walk down memory lane. Even though they've been gone many years, he still misses his parents & other family. He hasn't traveled out of state since 2001, 1 mo. prior to 9-11. He gave up driving 10 yrs. ago. The multi-tasking & concentration required got to be too much for him.

Yest. our high temp. was 96 deg. It's already 94; it will be hotter before the day is over. We're still getting some haze from the wildfires, but it's not as bad as it was several days ago. Most days there are ozone alerts.

Well, I'm ready for some lunch, then sewing.