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June 28th, 2018, 07:52 AM

Good morning dear friends. It is a cloudy and wet start to the day today. We are headed for a heat wave with terribly high humidity for the next week or so. Not sure yet if I will melt or not, hahaha. I will let you know about that.

So I had a terribly busy day yesterday. I left early to get some shopping in before my appointment. I looked through the online flyers and made a list. The grocery stores are fairly close together so there was not that much travelling in between. Stopped at a clothing store and bought myself 3 tops. Returned my cpap machine. I may give it another try in the fall. I may.

I have to tell you my story about Walmart. I saw this screenhouse that was on sale and decided to get one. When we go on our trips, we sleep in the van BUT if it rains we have nowhere to sit. I go to one walmart and they can't find them, don't have a clue where they are but they are supposed to have 4. The first salesclerk I spoke to was very difficult to understand. French/english were not her first languages. So I find another clerk. She has no idea either but at least she was able to find out which other store had them. There is another Walmart just up the road so I head there. The screenhouse is there, ask a clerk to check the price. No that's not the one on sale. She leaves and comes back with another model. But I tell her that the one I am looking for is this one and it is on sale. Nope!! I call Phil and get him to give me the product # and I find a nice young man to check the price for me. Yes, this is the one that is on sale (the first one I asked about originally). Are you sure? Your scanner has the sale price? Yes m'am. So off to check out and use the self checkout because I only have the one article. Scan price is the original price. Call the lady over and tell her that the sale price is not coming up and explain about JUST speaking with the nice young man. Call out for help but no one arrives. Okay I will go find that nice young man, but he is nowhere. Go back, and this poor lady is trying very had to help and it is busy as heck. So she decides to take care of it on her own. Trying to switch prices and it doesn't work. Come up to my cash and we will do it from there. She ends up giving me a $10 rebate for the price mixup. So my $119.95 screenhouse becomes $88.97, the sale price was $98.97. I was in the store for a good 20 minutes I would say. I wasn't walking out there without paying the sale price. So it turned out all good in the end. But what an ordeal.

I was so tired when I got home. I had 'food' to put away, meat to separate into smaller packages, food to cook ( I dropped eggs so egg salad had to be made from the cracked eggs).

So for today I have nothing on the schedule, believe it or not. Les couldn't believe it either. I may try and get into the sewing room in a while.

Have a great day everyone.

Ginny B
June 28th, 2018, 08:15 AM
Good morning Monique and all to follow. Wow, you were definitely determined to get them to honor that sale price. Good for you. Yes, that would have tired me out too. Glad you have a day today with a free schedule. You deserve it.

Rainy day here with some rumbles of thunder happening out there. Then the heat is supposed to arrive. I am hoping that we can get to the beach one of the weekend days. Probably will be Sunday since we usually get our errands and shopping done on Saturday and use Sunday for the relaxing day.

One more day until Friday. :) I really like Fridays. But in the meantime, hope you Thursday is a great day.

June 28th, 2018, 08:47 AM
Good morning all. I'm here in my MILs den while everyone else is a sleep. We must have done something right when I printed off our bording passes. We got to go through the short line!

We just made our second flight and arrived in IN with out any difficulties. Traffic from the airport to her house was a nightmare! I'm glad we weren't driving!

Have a wonderful day!

June 28th, 2018, 08:48 AM
Morning Everyone,

We are under a severe heat weather advisory through the weekend. The Girls and I won't be outdoors much today. I guess I will have to let them romp in the house.

I got a call yesterday from our local grocery store to tell me I had won a Blackstone Flat Top gas grill in their customer appreciation drawing. I had one ticket in the drawing and had just put it in the box yesterday am when I ran in for some green onions. I guess you would say I was one of the grand prize winners. Why couldn't it have been fabric!! We will give it a try. For now it's tucked in the garage in front of my car. Jeff and a friend brought it home for me and Jeff's picture was taken for the newspaper.

The Girls are taking their morning naps after eating breakfast. Dottie is with me...my little shadow.

Monique, one of our tenants uses one of those tent rooms on her patio and it makes a great place to hang out, especially when it's raining. She pays about $200 for hers. She had to replace one that was torn up in a storm with hail.

My BLOCK magazine came yesterday. Lots of pretties in it this time.

Have a great day everyone....with hugs.

Star lover
June 28th, 2018, 09:03 AM
Good morning everyone!

Monique, happy you're sompersistant....hate it when they can't figure their own stuff out. Years ago we went to purchase a gas weed walker. Got to the check out we too went through self check, one item. It rang up at $80 more.......talked to the woman working the check out and she tried....still off. Then she took it to another register and it rang the same.....she looked and the tag was the shifter price.....my DH was going to pay, figuring we had it wrong. I looked and saw another tag.....the price we thought. She called a guy and said the higher was the right price.....it wa marked wrong. But since the label was on it, give it to them at the lower price. He immediately called someone on his phone and said get over there asap and change them all to the right price!

Made my day...happy camper!

Hope you have a great day....whatever you decide to do.

Ginny, yup, your getting what we got....rain......I mean it poured buckets here yesterday.....and now the humidity dance begins! .......I hate humidity..... the beach sounds wonderful. .......no one wants to go to Detroit area beaches......unless you like pollution!

Katrina.....to happy and thankful you made it safely! HVe a peaceful, happy visit!

Oooo Barb, congrats! The only thing I've ever won was a manicure kit.....at a quilt show....years ago....how fun is that! Stay cool!

Well I hear the construction trucks starting their work. The city is having sections of sidewalks and roads repaired......and ours has one with a giant orange x on it. The day before yesterday (rained yesterday, so no work) all I heard was concrete being smashed and a constant high pitched beep, beep sound......sigh.....well it'll be nice when their done and move on.

Yup, here goes the beep beep, they've arrived.......not sure if I'll get much sewing done. It's right outside my sewing room window.....maybe some music?......or videos!.....mmmmmm

Hope everyone enjoys their day! Hugs to all!

June 28th, 2018, 09:07 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ Well, we're having a big heat wave here, for sure! It was 107 at our house yest. afternoon! It's supposed to be even hotter today, then a bit cooler over the week-end. For the first time, I left the swamp cooler running when I went to bed. It still was 88 deg. outside. I turned it off at 2:15 this a.m.

I was pleased to finish up the FMQ on the Bordered 9-P yest. (2 sessions). I managed to break 2 needles, which means I went through 4 on this quilt, which is unusual. Of course, there were lots of seams which are hard on needles. I trimmed it up & have the binding mostly sewn on the first side. I messed up the last corner, so need to go back & rip out a few stitches & re-do that one, then join the ends. I was tired last night, & I needed to do the hand watering before it got dark.

Today is a dental appt. to get the "treatment plan" & cost estimate for DH. I know he needs considerable work done, but I'm not sure how much he'll be willing to have done. It's hard for him to sit in the dental chair for very long.

No more time now.

Cathy F
June 28th, 2018, 09:10 AM
Morning all,

Well I won't have to water the flowers today, it is pouring and throwing in some thunder just for the heck of it!
Thankfully no errands to run today so it may be a good day to get up in the sewing room and do some more stitching. My fabric order from M* is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I'll be able to finish a small project I started.

My sister sent me news of another new baby in the family this morning. Her son gave her another grandson. They live upstate so no cuddling that one for a while for me but she sent pictures so I could see him.

Barb- congratulations on the grill!
Monique- glad you were able to get the sale price, way to go!

Hope everyone has a good day!

June 28th, 2018, 09:57 AM
Good morning ladies,
It looks like most of us are getting the same weather - rain, thunder, heat and high humidity. This is good sewing weather, as I will retreat downstairs where it's cool. I have to throw on some socks and light sweater.

Yesterday was non-stop. We were up at 5am. DH was in pain from his fall and cracked rib. Grass needed cutting, and decided that I would try the new lawnmower before the rain. I got the front and side yard done, along with the trimming in about an hour. I decided the back yard could wait, as there is not that much actual grass. Most of the yard is taken up by landscaping, garden pond, pergola and patio. I have been seriously thinking of removing the 2 grass areas (12x14) and adding artificial turf. This may happen sooner than later. Michael has been using a small pillow to hold his chest when he coughs. Unfortunately, he didn't have it when he sneezed and was in pain.

Then my daughter picked me up with Max and Cedric and we went to Costco. She was looking for pants for when she goes back to work in September. She bought size 4, tried them on and they were floating on her. She will have to go to petite store, maybe size 2. Before she had the 3 kids, she was a size 0. I can't remember that size. They kids were cranky, so shopping was fast. On the way home, we stopped at a basketball court, where 5 year Max challenged me. Boy, it's been awhile and that kid is fast. She dropped me off, so I went to my mom's to pick up her laundry. She was asleep in her wheelchair (11am). I stayed for a bit, but had to get back home as my son was coming for lunch. He had an interview for a job on Parliament Hill. He thinks it went well. It's a multi step process, and so far he has passed 5. Then I went grocery shopping for my step-son who hurt his back, and had a short visit. He is getting better and may go towork on the weekend. On the way home, I stopped for DairyQueen ice cream and a basket of oh-so-fresh strawberries from the farm. I saw 3 of 4 kids and mom in 1 day. That's a lot, even for me.

Then I finished sewing the blocks together and added border for one of DH's aunts when we visit this year. Today I plan to finish quilting one of the Victoria quilts. I have 4 to do over the summer, but I feel life will be on fast speed.


DH's dad is expected to be moved end of July. Last night his niece sent a video of the inside of he house. We will have work cut out for us. Neighbourhood kids got into the shed and spread garbage all over the yard. Frankly, I couldn't tell the difference from the inside of the house. Sad to see the state of a once beautiful home. I may go down alone for a week before the move to help with setting him up. I am just not crazy since I saw a tornado hit a nearby KS town. Niece assured me dad's area has never been hit, but her's in on the path. Still not very comforting. I will check out nearby hotels as I want to get away from mess and rest up at end of day.

Nothing planned on today's agenda, except bring mo some strawberries and laundry. Then retreat indoors.

Have a good day everyone.

Navy Wife
June 28th, 2018, 11:52 AM
Today I am on baby watch. Granddaughter will have labor induced this morning, so we will all be on pins and needles! DS and wife are in Atlanta with her. This will be her forth, but one is our little angel, Grace, who died shortly after birth.

I will finish the quilt for the baby. I have 2 more squares to quilt and binding. I would have had it finished, but I had a big problem after my Tuesday dental appointment. I decided to eat something for lunch, but my lip was still numb. I bit right through it, and didn't realize it until I started to wipe my mouth and came away with blood. I have not had much pain, but it is swollen and very uncomfortable. I look like I lost the fight!

June 28th, 2018, 12:40 PM
Torrential rains here too...our neighbor's Sunsetter awning collapsed under the weight of the water. Hubs, who is home from work today thank goodness, put the corner of our awning down a notch so the water will roll off a little faster.
I think I'm all caught up on sleep after my hospital scare. I had slept a grand total of 1 hour in a 24 hour period.
Yesterday was Blockhead Wednesday so a new block came out. One lady commented on the BH facebook page "do you realize we're acting like children at Christmas" hahaha...exactly. It is so addicting and I've never had such sewing fun in my life. I got my block all finished last eve. It's posted in Groups. Today I'll work on a Secret Santa project.
Hope everyone stays cool and dry today!

June 28th, 2018, 12:52 PM
Suzanne, it sounds like you have your work cut out for you. I've helped clean out mom's house once (after a flood). What a mess. we ended up tearing down frame and all in the end after moving her "valuables" to storage". She is now in a brand new home, and is still collecting junk/clutter. I guess it comes from growing up in the depression when you had nothing.

Yesterday was a fun day. I delivered some completed quilts to the charity bee of my guild. Then came home to pick up DD and DGD and off to downtown Houston for DGD's first Astros baseball game. It was a great game. We were losing and pulled out a win in the bottom of the ninth! The place went wild. After the game, we stayed for a showing of "Sandlot" on the big screen. This is the 25th anniversary of when the movie first came out. DGD finally fell asleep about an hour into the movie. It was heavy carrying her the 4 blocks to the car afterwards while trying not to awake her.

Now that the fun is over, I'm starting today with mowing the grass. Let me promise you it is HOT outside. Had been on the fence about doing a 5k next week to celebrate the 4th of July, but this heat has convinced me to not do it. (at least as of now). OK. enough of my break, need to get back outside. At least I can look forward to a cold shower afterwards to cool off.

Have a great day.

June 28th, 2018, 02:30 PM
Last night's thunder storm isn't over as I hear thunder again. Storms knocked out our power a few times overnight and this morning so I'll make my post short and sweet before it happens again.

Tried to order some bras on line, very frustrating as sometimes the sights lose what I've put in my cart. Finally got it done and will turn computer off until storm passes.

Congrats to NavyWife with the new great grandchild arriving today. Reminds me that I need to quickly finish great grandson Drew's quilt as DGD and family will be visiting in mid July (only a week or so) before they leave to live in Amsterdam for a few years.

June 28th, 2018, 06:01 PM
Well, the internet has been down for almost 24 hours...no phone...no computer...ugh
So,...the lucky winner is...Congratulations on that grill
Rain, thundershowers and lightening for the last few days. Its getting soggy here too.
Yesterday, I had to go to town to buy a new light fixture for the kitchen because the socket was burned out. I had planned to do this trip on Friday but the light cinched the day of travel. Went to three grocery stores to get what I needed for Camp Gramma. Lots of juice boxes, hamburger, steak, wings, cereal, fruit...and of course snacks, ...chips, cookies, cakes....I remember when my children were little, my mom would get boughten snacks and my kids were fascinated that they weren't homemade and of course, they never got sugar cereals...so I thought I would continue the tradition .. lol.