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June 8th, 2018, 07:18 AM
I woke up this morning trying to figure out which day it was. Now I know, it's a work day.

It was a busy day yesterday with laundry and washing floors. Van is now fixed. I left early yesterday for my dr's appointment. I bought some flowers and treated myself to an Annabelle hydrangea and a hanging strawberry plant along with a few others. I haven't quite decided what I am taking with me today yet.

Dr's appointment went well. Blood pressure is excellent but I am going to start taking water pills because I retain water. This usually happens once the warmer weather starts. But other than that all is good. We went through my list of medications and scratched off most of it. I don't take them anymore and some I take as needed. He was actually happy to see me maybe because I am an easy patient.

Bonnie had her second chemo treatment yesterday. She continues to do well. Still not sure if we will make our trip or not but it is not looking good for this year at least. It is a waiting game for now.

Tomorrow night we have a stag to attend, Les golfs in the afternoon. Sunday we are leaving Dodge as there is a motorcycle club coming to town for a swap meet. Takes place right next door to me. Hubby says we have to leave. It doesn't bother me but it bothers him. So we should be outta here by 8am or so. Lord help me!!

So that's it for me. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone.

Star lover
June 8th, 2018, 07:25 AM
Morning everyone!

Monique, so happy you got a good report for your doc.......always a great thing!

Sounds like your busyness continue through this the Weekend. Hope you bet the chance to relax and enjoy!

Yesterday was just about perfect, weather wise. It was 80 and sunny! Worked in the hard and am sooooo sore this am. Didn't sleep good. Shoulders just ache. Ah well, the front looks so much better....but the back....oh my, what a mess from the maple and cottonwood seeds. Maybe today I'll do some.....maybe not. I heard rain for today.....if they're right, it's a great excuse use not to work in the yard,

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend. Love and hugs!

June 8th, 2018, 08:42 AM
Good Morning All,

It was busy here once Mike left for work. I finished Mel's quilt. I'll be looking forward to see when he wants to come pick it up. Since his favorite color is purple, I'm going to give him the quilt I made for the camper, too. I don't really need it and it's a constant reminder of our plans that won't be happening.

I need to do the deeds- dust, vacuum, clean all the finger and nose prints off the windows. I might as well start today, before I start a new project.

Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, wisdom and hope. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

June 8th, 2018, 09:06 AM
Good Morning ~ Whew! It was a hot one yest. Our high (at our house) was 100 deg.! It didn't cool off that much the night before, so it heated up quickly. It's supposed to be hot all week end. In the afternoon I had time for sewing. I clipped threads on the quilt top, cut/starched/pressed the backing. I also made a sample block sandwich; I'll finish it off as a small table topper. After DH went to bed, I got the quilt sandwiched, pin basted, & the edges machine basted. I use a serpentine stitch to do that. IMO, that stitch works better than either a straight or a zig-zag stitch. Before I start the FMQ, I need to clean my machine, wax the table surface, & change the needle.

No more time now.

June 8th, 2018, 09:12 AM
Morning Everyone...I have a short morning today. Jeff is coming home at 10 so we can go to his doctor appointment.

The furry ones are napping so I will be brief so I have time to shower and wash my hair.

I tried taking pictures of all the Girls yesterday and couldn't get them to stay still long enough. They are a perpetual motion machine. Dottie is beginning to relax about them a little. We now go outdoors as a 'family' and she helps watch them. For the most part she won't let them jump on her or toward her but she will let them sniff her and she sniffs them in return. She makes gestures of getting to know them as long as they behave. She naps next to their crates when they are napping and she checks on them several times each night. We are making progress slowly but surely. Dottie amazes me sometimes. I understand why she feels as she does.

It was brutally hot and humid yesterday and we have more in store over the weekend. Tomorrow we have to take three major appliances to the apartments along with all of us. We are trying a new strategy for confining the Girls while we work, so they aren't under foot and so we don't have to use the baby gate to separate Dottie away from Sugar and Maggie (Shugie and Magger). It's going to be a real fun time. We just need to figure out a system that works for us so we can get our work done. Several of our tenants found out we have pups and they come by to play with them.

Monique, glad to hear Bonnie is doing well so far. I remember all the hours Mike and I spent at the chemo lab. The people there became family and I keep in touch with a few of them even now. One of the nurses from the lab changed jobs and was one of the nurses who cared for Jeff when he had his hip replaced. I made 40 fleece throws for the patients to snuggle under during treatments or naps. I also crocheted and knitted some turbans and hats.

It's time for me to get moving before the pups wake up.

Have a great day everyone. Hugs.......

June 8th, 2018, 09:30 AM
Ran errands yesterday. Got my hair cut in a new style (layers). Did grocery shopping and took truck for a diagnostic check. They couldn't find what was wrong. Said I should drive it more. Not that many places to go.
big plans today. Going to clean the refrigerator.. yuk.

June 8th, 2018, 10:11 AM
Good morning ladies,

It's going to be sunny today and same forecast for a few days. Yeah. I will drop off a batch of the baked beans to my daughter.

Yesterday I picked up the rain liner for the canopy, so it's time to get it set up for shade. We also got a new cover. The other one was getting tatty, but it was a Sunbrella fabric one and lasted 15 years, so it doesn't owe us anything. Last year I made curtains for the sides, so really nice when it's not humid outside. We are really behind getting the yard summer-ready. Michael still has not set up the fountain or opened the pond. Hopefully over the next few days, as the birds have been looking for a swim. I also love to hear the gurgling water when we are sitting outside. I noticed that there are trucks and activities being set up in the school yard behind us. School finishes Wednesday, but they always do a year end party. It's going to be noisy and it's a school that has a strong music program.

We are planning a road trip to the quilt store where I won a gift certificate. Michael wants to check out a glider club nearby. This is his latest fascination, from his bucket list. I'm not that keen on him learning to fly, but maybe as a passenger, I might be ok - maybe, she said.

Monique - I hope Bonnie will be ok. I would also be leaving town with all the noise of motorcycles. There are a few on the neighbourhood, and although they try to creep along, it's still noisy.
Katrina - I saw your post on your recent finish. Beautiful.
Barb - it seems like Dottie is warming up to the girls. Once they calm down a bit, you might be able to get some pics for us.
Joy - I would probably retreat indoors with that kind of heat.

I got a package from CT yesterday. Here in 10 days. That's average for them. Still waiting for 18/5 order from M*. Ordered yesterday and will follow the order and delivery. Tempted by today's deal, as shipping is lower and I could add other items, but I will probably pass. I love the new tutorial - it's cute, and I would probably make it with larger squares to use up some layer cakes quickly.

Have a good day everyone

June 8th, 2018, 11:59 AM
Good morning!

Puppy Ryker went to be neutered yesterday & did great. I stayed awake all night since he's a chewer & I wanted to make sure he didn't try to eat the "cone on shame". The vet gave him some anti-anxiety pills to keep him from climbing the walls since he has to be crated & calm for 10-14 days. Luckily I have anti-anxiety medication myself so things should go smoothly. DH is taking the next 10 days off work to "help" me with Ryker. I explained last night he's doing all the care of the puppy during the day. Since he doesn't hear well I'll keep an eye on Ryker at night.

Worked on the quilt cave some yesterday but didn't get as far as I'd hoped. I keep thinking of just sending out little boxes of fabric to random people:-) After I get a nap today I hope to work a little more so I can feel I've accomplished something this week. The days go by so fast! It's already June & I haven't done half the quilting I had hoped to do.

Well, time for a little nap!