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Carlie Wolf
May 28th, 2018, 08:24 AM
This is a recurring question that comes to mind several times a year and did again this morning at about 4:30AM while I was having coffee on the porch. (Who knows why!)

Doggie doors. They look so neat and convenient. If those flaps are handy for the dog to go in and out, do they also cause a cold draft in the house in the winter? I can't figure out why the flaps don't cause a draft even when the dog isn't using them? Anyone have experience in this???

May 28th, 2018, 08:44 AM
Good question. I don't have a dog, but always wondered how they kept stray cats, raccoons or other critters from entering this way.

Reminded me of a funny thing I did as a young child. An older couple a few doors down had a doggie door. Curious one day, I crawled in to find the couple having lunch in the kitchen. They explained to me that I shouldn't do that, and sent me off after having cookies and milk. Now I think of that incident, and think break and enter. Funny.

Sandy Navas
May 28th, 2018, 08:49 AM
The one we had had a metal shield that you could slide into place so you could prevent your pet from going out or coming in if you didn't want them to. That would prevent drafts and loss of heat in the winter. Also prevent wild animals (and curious children) from entering - definitely not 100% effective.

K. McEuen
May 28th, 2018, 09:11 AM
There are really strong magnets that hold the flaps closed when not in use. We never experienced drafts. No extra critters either. The dogs were deterrents there, I guess.

May 28th, 2018, 09:37 AM
LOL, this reminded me of when I was staying with my oldest brother and his wife. She had a giant Doberman (size of a great dane) and was the sweetest dog. She would try to come inside the house through the cat door! She could get her head and one paw through. I never knew about that large breed until I saw her.

May 28th, 2018, 10:09 AM
Worse than the cold drafts are the other critters that can come through. Like raccoons and snakes, feral cats....

Judy, USMC
May 28th, 2018, 10:36 AM
You have to teach your pet to go through those doors. I highly doubt a wild critter would see it and say "Hey, there's a way to get into the house."

And the ones with the secondary slider or the ones with the magnets offer enough resistance to deter an accidental entry. Again, how would they know they have to push harder to get those magnets to release?

Claire Hallman
May 28th, 2018, 10:42 AM
We installed a cat door into our basement at our old house. We went on vacation one time, our neighbor was feeding the cat for us in the basement. Local cats got the word and were having a big party in the basement at feeding time. We decided to close that door permanently.:icon_heh:

May 28th, 2018, 10:47 AM
We have a cat door in our bedroom sliding glass and yes...It is drafty in the winter. You could close it up but then the whole point of the cat coming and going would be defeated.

May 28th, 2018, 11:09 AM
In my area pets must have a microchip inserted under their skin to be identified when lost or causing any damage. My sister has one of those cat Doors with a sensor so it will only open if it detects her cat's microchip.

May 28th, 2018, 12:25 PM
I know for sure raccoons and opossums have no problem with pet doors. I would much rather get my lazy butt up and let the dog out. He has a special bark when he wants to come in.

Granny Fran
May 28th, 2018, 12:25 PM
We have a door that fits into the sliding patio door (top to bottom). The patio is screened in so the cats can't roam out or other creatures roam in. We take it out in the winter time, but it does a great job in the summer not leaking our A/C out.

May 28th, 2018, 12:54 PM
My neighbor has a cat door that has a sensor for the cat's ID chip. Their cat's chip electronically unlocks the door. Keeps other cats and raccoons out.

Snip Snip
May 28th, 2018, 01:46 PM
I was thinking if there isn't some special locking device for pet doors, I should invent one! Responding to the pet's microchip is a great idea.

May 28th, 2018, 03:11 PM
I heard of one incident where a raccoon entered someone's house through the doggie door & raised havoc in the house. I think I would nix the idea of a doggie door unless you have the chip-only means to acces it from the outside. Not sure about the draftiness & cold of having one. Depending on the size of a doggie door, it could also be an access for people to enter. Our neighbors have large 4 dogs & put in the panel in their sliding glass doors with the doggie door. The dogs go in & out at will, including in the night when they sometimes bark! I've often wondered how much dirt & wet the dogs track in during the bad weather with no one waiting at the door to wipe off their paws.