View Full Version : Ah, Spring!

May 16th, 2018, 10:39 AM
... when a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love! More from DD's Kindergarten class:

"All right, students, time to put your drawing pictures away!"

C: "Oh, come on! I was just about to make a boyfriend!"

"You what?!"

C: "I was just about to make a boyfriend for Eliana!"


C:"Because I just wanted to!"

E: "What?? It was his idea, not mine!"

C: *aside to E* "I was just about to give your boyfriend curly hair .... Your boyfriend is ME!"

E: ".....Good grief."

May 16th, 2018, 02:26 PM
Don't you wish we could go back to being that young for a while?


May 16th, 2018, 04:29 PM
I'm not sure I ever WAS that young.