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May 16th, 2018, 08:12 AM

Good morning everyone. It is a beautiful blue sky this fine morning. Yesterday was a cooler day but nice just the same. I did manage to get a baby quilt sandwiched yesterday. Made lunch plans with my partner for retreat week, work is booked, and made a bunch of stilettos to take with me to retreat. Now I just have to decide what projects I am going to work on. I will be giving a tutorial on how to make the Keyhole Quilt at retreat.

So I think today I will install the second clothesline. One more load of laundry and then I am all caught up.

I will try and get the other quilt sandwiched today as well so I can get these out of the way.

Tomorrow I take Bonnie to get her picc line inserted as she starts chemo next week. From what I understand, it will be 1 treatment every 2 weeks for a month. We will wait and see how she feels because our trip falls in this time frame.

It's a long weekend this weekend, and I am hoping Les will go to camp for the weekend. He probably won't just because I want him to go, LOL!!

Have yourselves a grand day everyone and SMILE, it's free.

May 16th, 2018, 08:50 AM
Well that caused me to spit coffee all over my computer screen and keyboard. I'm not sure what a mimsy is, but I sure hope I'm keeping mine clean - wouldn't want it smelling like an old kipper - LOL. Do you think that was really ad ad????

Off for my yearly skin check and bi- annual dental check up today. Don't mind the skin check, but I really really hate the dental check/cleaning.

I finally got the star quilt/wall hanging done, it's very uneven, but it's going on the wall anyway. Most of my friends don't know how to thread a needle so they'll ooh and aah over it as if it would win first place in a at the National Quilt Show - LOL.

Have a great day everyone.

May 16th, 2018, 09:10 AM
Good Morning ~ Hey, Monique, my mom used to use Lux soap. Yes, Carol, I think that must have been a real advertisement. My mom also used Fels Naptha bar soap. She used a brush & would scrub my dad's collars & cuffs on his white shirts before putting them in the washer, which of course, was the old wringer washer type. How well I remember those wash days, rinsing in 2 square galvanized tubs of water. Certainly better than in the "old days" of using a wash board, which was before my time.

What a beautiful day we had yest. Sunny. It got up to 84 deg. -- just very pleasant. The lawn service came to mow the lawn.

I had a productive afternoon of FMQ. First I used up part of a FQ sandwich practicing Angela Walters' feathers. Well, that needs more practice. Then I made good progress on the current quilt. I'm motivated to get this one done & get on to another project.

No more time now. DH is waiting for breakfast. Skies are clear & it promises to be another good day.

May 16th, 2018, 09:22 AM
Good Morning All,

It's sunny here this morning. We've had a good amount of rain the past two days and supposed to get more this afternoon. I'm glad. I don't want to get fussed at because the owner of an irrigation system won't run it because DH put a cabinet in front of it.

I worked on Mike's quilt yesterday, almost have the last quadrant worth of blocks done. Depending on what he'd like to do today I may get that one finished today.

Prayers for those in need for healing, strength and wisdom. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

May 16th, 2018, 09:24 AM
Good morning ladies,
It's a sunny day here and same forecast for the next few days. Since it was raining yesterday I decided it was a good time to keep sewing my block pieces. I have been working on the xmas Quatrefoil, and have 20 blocks done. I think I will aim for a 6x7 quilt, so another 22 blocks to go. I have a good rhythm going, as I cut for about 8 blocks at a time. My ironing board is lowered next to my cutting and sewing machine, so I don't have to get up.

I feel strangely guilty sewing, when I had the cleaning lady working her butt off. She gets where I don't enjoy cleaning. House is all fresh. Today, DH goes to doc for follow up on his falls. We are still waiting for MRI and his progress is not as expected. This is frustrating for him as he has altered everything he used to do - now can't do as much and some things, can't do.

Gotta run.

May 16th, 2018, 09:45 AM
We had a bad storm pass by last night around 8pm, glad it passed quickly because it created havoc on the commuter rail lines coming from Manhattan to Jersey as they were shut down for awhile.

JCY, My mother liked her wringer washer that is until she got her arm stuck in the wringer. Speaking of laundry I have 2 loads of clothes and one of linens all folded neatly and ready to be put away. I better get going on that ASAP before DH is asking where his undies are. Have a good day everyone.

May 16th, 2018, 09:58 AM
Put one coat of poly on the kitchen floor yesterday. The humidity made it sticky and it was so hot it set up to fast and so I need to sand it back down and try again. Not today. Today I need to start painting the livingroom ceiling. DH is working hard and fast on the drywall and will need help carrying the boards and putting them up on the wall. He does the plastering...he doesn't like my skill level for that. Then on to the painting..thats my job and then we'll lay down the hardwood...that one is the easy part...we bought that engineered hardwood and it goes to gether in a snap...pun
Raining hard...suppose to do that for three more days.
Got one more crib quilt quilted and bound yesterday.

Carlie Wolf
May 16th, 2018, 10:24 AM
We had a bad storm come through early evening. The wind was strong and fortunately I only heard a few small hail hit. They were predicting roof and car damage. The only damage was to my computer mouse when Carlie made a beeline to lay down under my computer desk. It looked like the wire was chomped through but I suspect it was one of her toenails that did the damage. Hummm, time to get the clippers out. I ordered a new mouse immediately on Amazon and it's suppose to get here tomorrow. In the meantime I have a wireless mouse I don't like that I'm using. Twelve clicks later it might do what it's suppose to do. Very annoying.

I've decided it's time to get my "stern" face on. Lawn guy is two weeks overdue now and he said he'd come Monday, Tuesday at the latest. So here we are with the grass so high it's ready to creep in the house I believe. For me the backyard is more important because I don't want it to become a tick palace. I like to make sure that I clean up after Carlie twice a week minimum, at this point I couldn't find the poops if my life depended on it :-( Part of me is hoping he slips and slides all over the place while he mows. I know that's bad. I'm going to have to tell him that it HAS to be done once a week this time of year. Did I mention I prepaid him the that next cutting? Does he think I'll forget and pay him again for what he was suppose to cut? NOT. (End of rant :-)

May 16th, 2018, 12:49 PM
Bad storms last evening here too. The sky got black and the thunder was right on top of us. It settled down into a nice rain eventually. I ended up running errands yesterday then tried to work on this fat-eighth blunder of a quilt top. Sewed a big 9 patch with my 4.5" squares thinking of a D9P but I just couldn't bring myself to slice it. So I broke down and ordered another layer cake so I can go back to my original plan, the Plus Sign.
Monique, I used to be an IV nurse. PICC lines are a pain. She will probably need help to wrap it up so she can take a shower...you can't get the insertion site wet. You're a wonderful friend to take such good care of her.

May 16th, 2018, 02:24 PM
Almost swallowed a mouthful of grapes over "mimsy" & then read about my "flaps?" Do I want them clean or maybe removed? Decisions decisions... what to do. Monique you are too funny today. Hope Bonnie goes thru her chemo okay. Chemo is the pits.

Was working on my string quilt & decided to stop & spend a while ripping paper for a bit.

Raining here & it can stop anytime now. About to get mildewed.