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May 11th, 2018, 09:12 AM
Good Morning ~ Well, I'm glad it's supposed to be cooler the next few days! Yest. was a scorcher! It got up to 96 deg. at our house. Not sure what the official reading was. Denver hit its first 90 of the spring, which broke a record.

The irrigation guy came yest. a.m. right on time. He ran through how to operate our new timer control box in the garage. That was helpful. He needed to replace 1 head, which was an original, & didn't adjust well. Our sprinkler system is 25 yrs. old. The head I thought I had broken last fall just needed the riser replaced; the head itself was ok. So ... the system ran last night for the first time. Glad to have that up & running.

I spent most of the afternoon sewing the charms on point quilt. I got it all put together, but at 37.5" square it was too small, so I added a row of charms to the top & bottom to make it rectangular shape. I used the last of the charms from both pkts. & added a few from my Grunge charm packs. Now it just needs a border.

I'm still feeling sad about the baby bunny getting caught by that cat yest. But I guess it is what it is. I saw that cat again at dusk sitting out there by the shed. As soon as I made a noise at the window, it slunk back under the shed. We have a cage that DH used to use to catch roaming neighborhood cats & take them to the animal shelter, but he's too weak to do that now.

Well, time to get on with my day. I hope everyone has a good day & week end coming up.

May 11th, 2018, 09:28 AM
Good morning Joy and all that follow.

It's been a whirlwind of activities this week, I hope the weekend slows down.
Wednesday, I dropped by my mom's garage sale and picked up some clothes for GKs and then drove DH to work for an hour meeting. Then we went to a new Portuguese restaurant for dinner that features beautiful fish, seafood and other dishes. I had lamb shanks and He had the sea bass. He didn't like that it came with the head, but some people eat this, apparently. Not him.

Yesterday, I drove east one hour for hair cut, then had to go home to change top. My back was soaking wet. First time this happens. IWhen had to drive west to go help set up the members market at our quilt show. It's a new venue, and I find much smaller, so it was challenging. It looks good, but most of the quilts and items for sale were provided by 4-5 people. I didn't put any items for sale or for show. Just don't have time to prep all. Then we were invited for dinner at my step-son and family. dH didn't get invite correct - he thought it was for after dinner. Unfortunately, it was for dinner 5pm. I drove an hour cross town to pick up DH and a rocking chair we were giving them, and drove 45 mins south end. Needless to say, we were very late and the Grand daughters were eating and got cranky very fast. I had not seen DIL since Easter, and boy, is she big. She is not due for c-section until August. She is going to be off next 3 weeks, and back for last 3 weeks of school, then off until baby arrives. I really do not find her calm. Step son is leaving tomorrow for 10 day business trip to Germany, but her parents have delayed their trip to June so they can help her manage.

Today, we will go to quilt show and hopefully slow down for the weekend. I am literally exhausted and drop into bed around 9pm. I need to recharge so that I have energy to start on yardwork. My son will drop by for lunch, and I can unload all the items I have been saving for him.

Have a good day, and I hope everyone has a productive day.

May 11th, 2018, 09:46 AM
I was up until 2am separating material that cme in my big find. These were salesman samples and they are 5x6 inches but 1 inch has to be cut off because they had hole punched thru the ends to make them into booklets. I removed all the brads and papers from two boxes full yesterday and separated the cotton from the corduroy. Today, I will cut off the ends with the holes and make that box into charms. My oh my its a lot of work to get a bargain. I'd say I have 10 more boxes to go but I may have to put them away for a few weeks. My back is killing me
Joy, so sorry about you losing your visual pet rabbit. But, think how happy the cat was and rabbits...as they say...breed pretty quickly and need natural predators and they can carry some devastating diseases . Our cat was in the habit of robbing rabbit nests when he was little (10 yrs ago). He is a vegetarian...he only plays with them and when they die he is so unhappy. Well, anyway, one day he thinks he has found a baby rabbit but its a baby kitten and she doesn't die. We had that little cat for 6 years. (shes the one that was missing when we came home from the beach last fall) After he brought little cat home, he never brought another baby rabbit.

May 11th, 2018, 10:16 AM
Morning Everyone...

I'm waiting for the Girls to wake up again. I was up at 4:30 with them. The coyotes were real close and the pups got scared so after their potty break and a snack they went down for a nap. Yesterday was a pretty good day for them but I felt sick all day. My blood sugar is quite low again today and I feel queasy.

Joy, sorry about your bunny. We have a lot of bunnies around here and cats kill them whenever they can. I love the little cottontails and so do the dogs! Dottie didn't have a good night and first thing this morning she ate the Girls' two bowls of food while I was rounding the Girls up to eat. I guess that teaches me a lesson....lol Dottie is warming up to the Girls a little, very little. She now will walk into the room when they are free but she expects me to rescue her from them. That is easier said than done.

It's time for me to take the Girls outside. Have a great day everyone.

Jeff wants me to make him a quilt from todays tutorial, Amplify. He has yet to tell me what color. It looks simple to make. Thanks, Ron! This project will have to go onto my Waiting List for a bit.

Jean Sewing Machine
May 11th, 2018, 11:21 AM
Good morning all! I read you all each day, but need to put the wheels in motion to get the jobs done under deadlines. Besides being a quilter, my time in the sewing room is making costumes for various community theatre groups. I'm on my third for 2018, which will open a week from today. Last night, we had our "costume parade" for " You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". The boys and girls in the showad tried on their things in previous weeks, but I was fitting the SECOND ITERATION of my Snoopy guys fur suit. I made the first one out of flannel, it didn't fit right and it didn't stretch. He is a very gymnastic dancing dog, needed a garment that stretched or he would rip it every night!. He tried it out on some of his more active parts, and it survived! Nearly! One little dirty spot on the knee, which we will cover with a black doggy spot. Got all of my accessories made, so this morning, I'm feeling quite relaxed! Want to put these costume gigs behind me to get back at quilting and bag making.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

May 11th, 2018, 02:36 PM
Good Afternoon all,

Home school, a day late, went well today. No dawdling, or whining about stupid work sheets, even though he did almost half of a series of assessments for me. He did rather well, all in all. Nana will continue on Monday.

All of the chemical stuff is out of the house and in the truck for delivery. After DS #1 left with it, he offered to take Nana and Nandy's stuff, (it's not this weekend, but next weekend). lol ask me if I care! It's out of here and it won't go into the dump but into appropriate recycling!

I worked on DS#2's quilt yesterday, woke up this morning all stuffed up again. I'm beginning to wonder if sewing is making my allergies act up more than normal. I took a Zyrtec this morning and feel much better already. I guess I'll see what happens tomorrow. I have 3 more diagonal blocks to sew and that will be 3 of the quadrants done! I'm hoping to have all the blocks ready for him to layout tomorrow.

DS#1 started his summer break today. He's starting to relax a little and realizing how tired he really is. He'll have logic classes in three weeks, then his plans are to take the money from that job and redo the floors in the kitchen and foyer. They're going to investigate going solar next week, I hope the sticker shock doesn't scare him off. In the long run, it really does pay for itself.

Time to get DS#2 out the door for work. Toys R Us in Orange Park is reaching the point where they're transferring people over to his store. He built 12 bikes yesterday alone. The liquidator is keeping him really busy. That guy wants one of every bike they have built and on the floor. Unfortunately, they don't have room for that many bikes out at one time. It's frustrating when someone comes in and wants the impossible.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Prayers for those in need, for strength, healing and understanding. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.