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May 4th, 2018, 07:22 AM

Good morning friends. I have been up and about for a while now. I usually try and wait for Blondie but decided to go ahead this morning.

Still no sandwiching for me yet. Maybe today. Went to town as I had a few things to drop off at the church. I did find a new dishtowel with a saying on it, a fold out laundry laundry basket, a magazine called "Handmade" with some cute things in it and a sleeveless dress for the summer. I also had a visit with Bonnie. Her daughter is coming to visit with her sometime today. Still no word on when chemo starts. She will be in hospital all next week.

Tomorrow I am meeting my friend Lynda for breakfast and then we are headed to the Fabric Flea Market in Ottawa where I will hopefully get to meet Suzanne. I am so excited to be able to attend this sale. Looking for deals and fabric I don't need but will WANT!! LOL!! Like I really need more, right?

Sunday is all mine as hubby took an extra shift.

Well happy weekend everyone.

Star lover
May 4th, 2018, 07:30 AM
Good morning Monique and everyone!!!

Oh Monique, I'm thinking your going to have one great weekend! Enjoy the flea market......and meeting Suzanne! How grand!

Love and hugs to Bonnie!

Well, today's the big day for Barb....Sugar and Maggie come home. I hope Dottie adjusts and they have one big happy family!

More rain today. Thankful I cut the lawn a couple days ago.......ya can't even tell I did it.....the grass is up with all the rain. But wow, the grass is so green, it almost hurts my eyes......been brown and crummy for so long, I guess I forgot what green looked like!

And.....I saw buds...leaf buds are springing and I saw some really small buds on the lilacs.....oooooo, happy days are ahead......spring can't be afar off!

Hope everyone has a glorious weekend! Love and hugs!

May 4th, 2018, 07:36 AM
Good Morning Monique....I hope you have a wonderful day and that you get to meet up with Suzanne. Forum friends are awesome.

We will be leaving soon to work at the apartments. We will get back home just in time to pick up the Sugar and Maggie. Dottie knows something is up. She is sitting on my lap while I type this (she never sits on me unless we go to the vet). Jeff just left to do a little hunting. He got a gobbler call in the mail this week and he's so excited to try it.

We had storms all day yesterday and lost our power for a few hours. All of our lines are above ground and a tree fell on one of the lines.

I feel sick today. I ate about 3 Tbs of rice with lemon chicken and steamed fresh green beans last night and my sugar is over the moon today. I don't know what it is with me and rice. Eating brown rice makes no difference at all. I know I've had more carbs than normal this week. I need to get back to the way I know I need to eat. Sometimes I need to splurge a little. I will drink extra water today for sure. I need Joy to kick me in the rear.....

Wishing everyone a great Friday. The new tutorial is really interesting. I think I will give it a try.


May 4th, 2018, 09:13 AM
Good Morning, All ~ It looks like clear skies out there this a.m. Only 40 deg. Yest. it rained most of the day. Everything is soaking wet, but we sure needed the moisture. We're supposed to have 70's for the next few days.

A robin has taken a notion to build a nest in a narrow gutter above our kitchen window. I noticed a robin flying up to the edge of the roof repeatedly yest., then I see weeds, grass, etc. hanging down over the window. Both DH & I have been out there repeated times dragging stuff off of there. Persistent bird!

I actually got some FMQ done yest. I'm working on the table runner. I'm using Glide thread & using one of Angela Walters' designs. Making progress.

The dental work went okay yest. The dog bone pillow behind my neck helped. He ended up doing fillings on 3 teeth. #4 in the middle needs a crown. The next appt. There are 2 more crowns needed after that. It's going to be an expensive year for dental care.

Barb, thinking of you as you get the pups today. I like rice once in a while, too, either with Mexican food or Chinese. Hope you feel better soon.

This a.m. I need to make DH's salads for the next 2 days & mix up my turkey patties. Time now for his breakfast. I hope everyone has a good week end.

May 4th, 2018, 09:34 AM
Good Morning All,

Yesterday was.... well it was. I love my grandkids, but man oh man, babysitting then home schooling all in one day took it's toll on me! I told Mike when he got home that all I'd done was cook and wash dishes all day. I was done in the kitchen. We went to a wings place that's close to the house. They have really good wings, sandwiches and salads. As tempted as I was to be good and have a salad, I went for the BBQ chicken sandwich with waffle fries. I deserved that treat!

My MIL has a friend that wants a quilt. I asked him what his favorite color was... Purple, for a guy, uh I've been looking and all the fabrics with predominately purple seem really girlie. So I thought, maybe black and white with a purple highlight. Well, there must have been some divine intervention because as I was looking I remembered I have a patriotic layer cake that I'd bought a while back for some dresden plates. Since I hadn't used it for that, guess what it's going to go for now! Since this friend is a vet it makes much more sense to me. Now to finish (start) Mike's quilt so I can get this second one whipped out.

Monique, have a great time this weekend. Lifting prayers for Bonnie. I know her family visiting will be a blessing for her.

Barb, I hope you feel better. Rice, anything white really, would do a number on mom's sugar... but Key Lime Pie would leave it close to normal. I never could get anyone to explain that one to me! But, have mercy, she surely did enjoy her KLP! (Not those made with sweetened condensed milk... the real kind).

Joy, I've been putting off dental work since we've moved. DS#1 has less than 3 weeks of school left, so I'm going to ask him if he'll be my driver. My dentist in Charlotte recommended 2 dentist here, so I thought I'd look them up first. They may be too far out of the way, we'll see.

Well, once the sun moves away from the window in my sewing room. I'll be heading in there to work on Mike's tiger lily and black quilt. I'm kind of excited and kind of dreading all of those half square triangles! I've already told him, if I pay to have it quilted it's going to be his Christmas present. That didn't go over real well, but I meant it.

Prayers for those in need for healing, strength and wisdom. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

May 4th, 2018, 02:14 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

This afternoon is my only sit and rest time. It's been a whirlwind this week. Wednesday I went with my daughter to volunteer for a huge clothing sale. With the hours she volunteers, she will get 80% from the sales of her items, plus she will be able to shop day before sale opens to public. It was hard work as they bought out baby items from Sears when they closed in Canada.

Yesterday I picked up my friend for whom I was finishing quilt top for her daughter. It was raining and lots of accidents. A one hour drive took 2+ hours. I was exhausted when I got there. My friend insisted on coming, but she just got out of hospital. I had to keep encouraging her to snack and drink water. She is diabetic in addition to being in end stage liver disease. The quilt top was wonkier than what I realized on Tuesday, when we repaired open seams. It looks good. We got home an hour later than her next meds, and I was worried I would have to stop at a hospital. She is strong willed and wanted to be there. She wasn't strong to try the long arm. I will pick up the quilt from her and the binding so I can square the quilt and attach the binding. I am going to organize a hand-sewing bee of her quilt friends to help with the finishing. Then we can celebrate. Now to find a date where she is strong enough.

Tomorrow is the fabric sale. We are setting up tonight. We are in wind warning and expecting thunderstorms. Go figure. I am excited to meet Monique. It turns out we have a few mutual friends. Small world.

Won't this be an exciting weekend Barb, bringing home the babies. I hope everyone adapts well. I hope our storms today don't take out power.

Katrina. I hope you can take a break and rest from the GKs. I found that being close by is nice, but they (our kids) can be imposing. My daughter knows I will be there to babysit when the kids are older and walk/talk. For now I prefer to help in other ways, make ahead meals, prep veggies for lunches, laundry folding, mending clothes and putting labels in kids clothes. I let the other 2 grandparents take them for sleepovers and babysitting. I just can't lift them without hurting my back.

This morning DH wanted to pick electric lawnmower from Lowes. It is self-propelled. We have used a manual old fashion lawn mower, but it hard on his back. He is not ready to fork over some $$$ to have lawn mowed. Went out for breakfast and the bank for change for tomorrow. I did order the DD as I was missing a few of those Block magazines. I also order some yardage for border on two quilts, before they run out of that collection. I have also started quilting my friendship braid on Sweet 16.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Ginny B
May 4th, 2018, 10:53 PM
Good evening everyone. Well dh and I had a wonderful time away. Had a nice day of browsing in antique shops on Monday because it was a drizzly, cloudy day. We found a couple of gifts for Christmas and a couple things for ourselves. :) The next two days were sunny and warm and we spent some time in Mystic and then just relaxing and lounging in the Adirondack chairs watching the boats in the marina. Came back home feeling totally refreshed. DH had the rest of the week off but I went back to work yesterday. It was a busy two days but here we are at Friday. :)

Tomorrow our eldest grandson makes his First Communion so we will have a nice day with family and then Sunday maybe we will get to play in the yard a bit - weather-permitting.

Monique, have fun at the Fabric Flea market tomorrow. Hope you find some treasures. Barb, can't wait to hear about the puppies and Dottie's reaction to them.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll probably get to check back in on Sunday.